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Congratulations to Our Winners!

We only hire 1 in 25 qualified applicants, and look for employees who share our belief that the lives of our clients should be enhanced, not just maintained.

Most of our employees have worked for other companies or senior care facilities but have found a "home" here where they are treated with respect and encouraged to be an active member of the entire team that is caring for your loved one.

As a way to give back, we celebrate exceptional caregivers employees once a month at the local and company-wide level. Read on below to meet the committed, passionate caregivers that have won our company-wide “Caregiver of the Month” award.

September's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Roshel Anthony - Home Care Assistance of Charleston

We are so excited to introduce Roshel Anthony as our September 2021 Caregiver of the Month. She has been an exceptional employee and caregiver for her clients. Her compassion and devotion to caring for our clients make us wish we could duplicate her a hundred times over! Her down to earth personality is exactly what we look for when hiring our caregivers. Roshel treats each client and her coworkers like they are family and we feel the same way about her! We are so lucky to have you Roshel, congratulations!

August's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Georgina Oppong - Home Care Assistance of Princeton

We have an exceptional caregiver that we are excited to highlight! Georgina Oppong has been with Home Care Assistance since 2017 and she has shown hard work and ongoing compassion to every client. Georgina approaches her daily assignment with unbroken enthusiasm and she is deeply loved by her clients as well as the families who immediately connect with her warm nature.

In addition to being an extremely caring and compassionate certified home health aide, Georgina is a mom to 3 boys all under the age of 10 years old. Although we are grateful for our many outstanding caregivers she definitely stands out and we are proud to nominate her!

July's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Akosua Markose - Home Care Assistance of Mountainside

Akosua Markose has been a CHHA with HCA since 2009. She has an abundance of experience working with clients living with dementia, parkinsons and many other challenges. She has worked for the agency as both a live-in and hourly caregiver. Past and present clients have described her as being professional, warm, caring, patient, and attentive — making her well-known and well-respected within the Warren office.

A long standing client and their geriatric care manager commented on Akosua as being diligent, trustworthy and a pivotal part of their client’s care experience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Akosua's client contacted COVID-19 while residing in an assisted living facility. Akosua continued to provide care, regardless of the client’s diagnosis. With all appropriate PPE and support from the agency, she went on to provide 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week. The client, family, facility, care manager team and HCA was undeniably appreciative of Akosua's enduring dedication and commitment during that challenging time. Akosua is truly a shining star at the Warren office and we are lucky to have her on our roster! She is without a doubt our Caregiver of the Month. We are so proud of Akosua and are thrilled to honor her!

June's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Simon Matere - Home Care Assistance of Tacoma

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s caregiver of the month for June 2021, Simon Matere! Our clients adore his kind and calm personality. We are constantly impressed by the care he provides and his ability to go above and beyond to put people first. Simon worked with a client who would dance every time she saw him because of how happy he made her feel.

Simon never hesitates to help out his office team and has truly shown his dedication and passion as a caregiver at Home Care Assistance. He continues to do a stellar job with a go-getter attitude -– no matter the task. Thank you, Simon, for all that you do for Home Care Assistance and your clients!

May's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Medii Belay - Home Care Assistance of Seattle

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s caregiver of the month for May 2021, Medii Belay!

Medii has a very calm and sweet personality that all clients adore. She is not only a star caregiver but truly shows what it means to be a team player and put people first. Our clients are always over the moon and impressed by the care she provides. We receive countless stories from clients and their families praising her quality of care.

Medii has truly shown her dedication and passion as a caregiver at Home Care Assistance. She is flexible, reliable, and dependable — and we are extremely grateful to have her on the team. We are so proud of Medii and couldn’t be more thrilled to honor her!

April's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Delrose Henry - Home Care Assistance of San Francisco

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s caregiver of the month for April 2021, Delrose Henry! Delrose has been with Home Care assistance since April 2020 but she has been a certified home health aide since 2015. During her time with us, she has proven that she has all the tools, knowledge and heart of what an amazing caregiver represents. She is always dependable, consistent, and works hard to help her clients live their best lives independently at home.

Delrose is a valuable member of our team and champions the needs of her clients. It brings us such a comfort in knowing that she will always bring a sense of peace into our clients’ homes. We are so proud of Delrose and couldn’t be more thrilled to honor her!

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Tracy Njeri - Home Care Assistance of Bellevue

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s caregiver of the month for March 2021, Tracy Njeri! Tracy is a consistent powerhouse in our Home Care Assistance team.

She has worked with a client whose dementia often proves challenging and who lives in a community with very high expectations. To meet these needs, Tracy constantly evolves her care strategy to match what is needed in each situation. She communicates any changes with us, both in the office and the community the client lives in as well, to keep everyone apprised of the current condition.

Tracy trains new caregivers and shows them the best ways to communicate with their clients. Everyone that trains with Tracy sings her praises as well! Tracy has truly shown her dedication and true passion as a caregiver and she is always able to help when needed.

Tracy advocates for herself and fellow care team members and we are so proud to have her on our Home Care Assistance team!

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Lailalyn Pineda - Home Care Assistance of Beverly Hills

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s caregiver of the month for February 2021, Lailayn Pineda! Lailalyn truly has a passion for assisting and supporting daily needs for clients, and she genuinely brings a positive attitude to everything she does. Lailalyn is great at communicating and documenting when providing care to her clients and takes initiative by anticipating care needs.

Lailalyn has a great rapport with her current client with an authentic dynamic that captures not only her skill set but also a smile that validates the client and creates a sense of security. Thank you Lailayn, for all that you do for Home Care Assistance and your clients!

January's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Nelly Barrena - Home Care Assistance of Pasadena

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s caregiver of the month for January 2021, Nelly Barrena! Nelly is truly a diamond in the rough. She has been an active HCA caregiver since March 2017 and has worked with several clients for many years.

Nelly is easy to work with and is always ready to help the team or any client in need. Nelly has also been with the same client since September of 2017 and continues to provide excellent care to them to this day. Our clients have said, "It's Nelly or no one!" because they love her so much. Nelly has truly set the bar as one of our A+ caregivers.

Not only does Nelly provide good quality care but she truly cares for all her clients she assists. Nelly even goes out of her way to ask for an update on her clients when she is not working and requests to visit on her own time even when a client is in the hospital or rehab.

Nelly has truly shown her dedication and true passion as a caregiver and we are forever grateful for having her on our team, as she has been nothing but a gem to our clients and team. Congrats Nelly!

December's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Jheanell Daley - Home Care Assistance of Nassau County

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s Caregiver of the Month for December, Jheanell Daley! Jheanell juggles being a mom to her six year old daughter, completing a double major in Health Psychology and Health and Human Services, and also working two jobs. We are so grateful for her unwavering dedication to the seniors she works with!

Jheanell has been a great asset to our team. Jheanell excels in every situation where she is assigned to a client. Several clients and their loved ones have called and attested to Jheanell as a highly experienced, knowledgeable, caring, reliable, and helpful caregiver. They also expressed that she is someone who overall has a great heart.

One family stated that Jheanell is an angel on earth due to how happy her mom is when Jheanell is the caregiver on schedule. The daughter stated they are so comfortable leaving Jheanell alone with their mom for a full shift because they know she is in great hands. She shared that her family wishes they could have her around all the time, but are grateful for the time they have with her. We are beyond grateful and honored to have Jheanell as a caregiver of the month. Congrats, Jheanell!

November's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Tina Harrison - Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati

Tina Harrison has been a caregiver with Home Care Assistance since 2016. From day one, Tina has embraced her role with unwavering compassion, heart, and dedication. Tina has worked with one of her clients for all four of these years and is the perfect example of the consistency we strive for with all of our clients!

With over 20 years experience working with older adults and currently working toward her nursing degree, Tina is highly skilled and also has her heart in the right place. She truly enjoys seeing the smiles of gratitude on her client’s faces as she helps provide high-quality care and loving companionship for them.

When asked for feedback on Tina’s care, a family member of her current client said: “Tina Harrison has been my mother’s caregiver for almost four years. She is loved and appreciated by our entire family. My mother’s dementia is such that she can be negative and rude to her caregivers. As embarrassing as this is for our family, Tina always puts us at ease. She is professional, accepting, patient, and always in a sunny mood! Her gentle nature and kindness towards our mom provides us with great peace of mind. We feel fortunate and blessed to have Tina in our lives and will always be grateful for her loving care of our mom.”

Thank you, Tina, for being such an integral part of our Home Care Assistance team!

October's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Venita Shipman - Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati

Congratulations to Home Care Assistance’s Caregiver of the Month for October, Venita Shipman!

Venita has been with HCA for three years and has brought many years of experience with her, being an State Tested Nursing Assistant for over 25 years! She provides superb and consistent care with every client that she meets. Venita’s bright smile and charm have made her a favorite with many of our clients. Many clients have given praise to Venita for her work ethic. Her clients look forward to seeing her, and love her “pleasant aura.” Many have expressed appreciation for the “little extras” that Venita does without skipping a beat, and they say she is “always with a smile.”

One client’s daughter called us to express: “Venita knows what she’s doing and she does it well. I appreciate that she takes the time to slow down and chat with my Dad within the time she is there. She works fast, not that she is rushing, but to do as much as she can while she is there. She is just wonderful.”

Venita has proven her dedication year after year and we look forward to having her on our roster for many years to come! We are truly honored that she is a part of our winning team! Thank you Venita, for all that you do for Home Care Assistance and your clients!

September's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Charity Kinuthia - Home Care Assistance of Seattle

Congratulations to our September Caregiver or the Month, Charity Kinuthia! When Charity was first hired, there weren’t any ongoing clients available for her immediately. We offered her fill-in shifts as well as supplemental staffing, and she accepted all of these options without hesitation. When her primary Staffing Manager would call her and ask her to help, she would say yes immediately. She is truly a caregiver who is always there for her clients and her office staff to make the team work fluidly together.

When COVID first broke out in the Seattle area, her client was in our first affected community. While the client or Charity did not contract COVID themselves, Charity remained steady and calm on her schedule and never called off. One day she finally requested a day off, but due to COVID and cross contamination protocols, her Staffing Manager was unable to replace her. The client still needed care, so when Charity heard this, she rescinded her time off request and helped her client and office selflessly.

Charity emulates “people first” in everything she does. She thinks about others before herself and we couldn't do what we do without her! Thank you Charity, for your commitment and selflessness to your clients, and for all of the great work that you do with them.

August's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Ligia Harris - Home Care Assistance of Walnut Creek

Congratulations to our August Caregiver or the Month, Ligia Harris! Ligia represents Home Care Assistance in an exemplary manner. She has been assigned to work with a client, Mrs T, who has some cognitive impairment, is very hard of hearing, and has had a history of falls. Ligia has established great rapport and trust with Mrs T, who is a fiercely independent and intelligent retired professional woman who is not used to relying on others.

One evening, Mrs T panicked after Ligia ended her shift. Soon after, the family realized that their mother would benefit from more care. They worked with their Client Care Manager and decided on a plan of 24/7 hour care.

Ligia has been a lead caregiver on this case, and has reported consistently to the team. She has been a great team player, working well with her care partners and sharing ideas about what works best in helping Mrs T, who can't always express herself through language.

Ligia is creative in figuring out what Mrs T wants to eat, and always sets an attractive table for her. Ligia has brought in puzzles to work on with Mrs. T, has painted with her, and takes her on walks twice a day for fresh air.

Ligia remains calm and professional when Mrs. T becomes upset, and is understanding and creative when this occurs, redirecting her and finding pleasant activities to distract from any confusion. The family has great peace of mind thanks to Ligia. Thank you Ligia, Home Care Assistance appreciates your dedication and commitment to all of the great work you do with your clients!

July's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Rosita Castillo - Home Care Assistance of Beverly Hills

Congratulations to our July Caregiver of the Month, Rosita Castillo! Rosita has been a caregiver since 1989. Her aunt mentored her during the beginning of her caregiving career by introducing her to her first client. This inspired Rosita to attend nursing school and commit to a career as a caregiver. She continues to learn and develop her skills with each client she cares for.

Rosita's favorite part of being a caregiver is "learning from and overcoming new challenges" with each client she works with. Rosita appreciates the journey she takes as a caregiver. She states, "The more you interact with your clients, the more you get to know about them."

Her key to caregiving is patience! Rosita gave this piece of advice, "Whether you are just starting out or an experienced caregiver, if there is someone in your client's house explaining how to do something, just LISTEN!" Rosita believes there is always something to learn, especially from those closest to our clients.

Thank you, Rosita, for your dedication and commitment to our clients in caring for them each and every day!

June's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Faith Jockisch - Home Care Assistance of St. Louis

Congratulations to our June Caregiver or the Month, Faith Jockisch! Faith is an amazing caregiver and a great representative of Home Care Assistance. She has worked for HCA for two years and has made a huge impact in the lives of every client she has cared for.

Faith is a dependable and patient caregiver who always provides the best care for every one of her clients. The client that she recently worked with had many reoccurring health problems. Faith always knew how to put a smile on her face. Some of the activities they did together were painting her nails, taking walks around the neighborhood, going for drives, and doing arts and crafts. Faith took pictures of her client having fun while doing these activities and shared them with family.

Faith is also a great advocate for older adults. Every time her client visited the hospital or rehab, she went with the client and made detailed notes of the conversations held with the medical team. She also made sure that her client had activities to do during their stay. Thank you, Faith, for all that you do for our clients in bringing them joy each and every day.

May's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Arretha Cole - Home Care Assistance of Atlanta

Congratulations to our caregiver of the month for May, Arretha Cole! When Arretha interviewed with one of her first clients, they loved her immediately. Arretha liked the family so much, she did not want to let us know that she had to walk 4 miles from the bus stop to the client's home! Arretha said that she likes her clients so much that she would get up early enough to walk 40 minutes so that she would not be late. That’s just one example of the dedication she shows her clients and how willing she is to go above and beyond for them.

Another client of Arretha’s had a bad experience with a previous agency, so Arretha wanted to calm their fears. The client is fiercely independent and exerts her independence daily. Knowing this, Arretha respectfully gives the client her space and steps in when necessary with the family's support. Because of Arretha's compassion and patience, she has won over the client along with the daughter.

Thank you, Arretha, for all you do and your commitment to the clients you care for!

April's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Nida Abon - Home Care Assistance of Palo Alto

Congratulations to our caregiver of the month for April, Nida Abon! Nida is a great caregiver who is always willing to go above and beyond and is loved and adored by her clients. Nida is Home Care Assistance’s "lifesaver" in Palo Alto.

Nida joined HCA in November 2018. She always helps out and responds to all calls and text messages, even if they come in late at night. Nida never complains and always had a positive attitude. She has always been professional while interacting with her clients and her team.

Once Nida accepts a client, she always follows through. On September 6, 2019, Home Care Assistance provided one day services for a client in San Francisco. The caregiver that was confirmed called to be replaced, as the client needed help with a task not originally in the care plan that was against the caregiver's religion. The client's wife needed to leave for an appointment, so a replacement was needed as soon as possible. Nida, who is very passionate about what she does, rushed to San Francisco during commute hours and arrived within the hour. After her shift, Nida called the office to share her feedback and to reassure us that everything went well and there was nothing for us to worry about.

Thank you, Nida, for your dedication and commitment to Home Care Assistance and for providing such excellent service to the clients you care for.

March's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Esperanza Bermeo - Home Care Assistance of San Dimas

Congratulations to Esperanza Bermeo for being selected as our Caregiver of the Month for Home Care Assistance San Dimas! Esperanza has been providing excellence in client care with Home Care Assistance since 2012. Esperanza has always been extremely conscientious, caring, and always doing her best for her clients. Her clients love her for all that she does! The word that best describes Esperanza is loyal. She has had the same two clients since she started working as a caregiver in 2012! Her clients and their loved ones now consider her a part of the family. They said, [Esperanza is] not just a caregiver but a part of the family. Esperanza cares for her clients deeply and her clients for her. She holds a special place in our hearts.”

One of her clients is a stroke survivor and states that Esperanza was a true gem and she does not know what she would do without her! She always knows what to do and exactly how to do it. Her other client is a young man with Cerebral Palsy and she has been instrumental in assisting him with his daily exercises. His family is so endeared with her.

When asked about her caregiving passion, Esperanza explained what she loves most about her job. She said, “What I love most about my job as a caregiver is the opportunity that I have to give one-on-one attention to the people I care for. I am able to listen to them, help, and support them, laugh, and even cry with them. Together, we get to know each other and enjoy a trusted relationship, a special connection that makes a very positive impact in their lives as well as in mine. I also love the self-awareness I have refined to take care of myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally, so I can take care of others. It is a rewarding and self-fulfilling experience.”

To decompress, Esperanza loves going on hikes, spending time with her family, and doing breathing exercises like meditation. She recognizes the importance of relieving stress to help prevent caregiver burnout. Esperanza is definitely a wise and intelligent woman that chooses to give herself fully to others, a true altruistic spirit. We are truly blessed to have her represent our caregiver family!

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Julia Davis - Home Care Assistance of Atlanta

The caregiver of the month for February 2020 is Julia Davis. This caregiver is wise, experienced, and compassionate, which is why she has been chosen for this accolade! Julia worked in technical support prior to switching her career to the home care field.

Working in technical support allowed her to develop hands on experience with equipment and software, but her work was lacking human connection. Thus, she found the human connection she felt was lacking through beginning work as a caregiver.

One of the things Julia enjoys about being a caregiver is talking with her clients and their families to understand what is needed and expected. However, Julia’s favorite part about being a caregiver is helping clients overcome a challenge or health issue they couldn’t have conquered on their own.

Julia has found that for many of her clients who stay in their homes, convincing them to get out and about really improves their attitude and quality of life. Not only is Julia adept at giving the client positive experiences, but she is also excellent at taking on any challenges a client might throw her way. When dealing with a stressful situation with a client, Julia validates the client’s emotions without feeding into agitation or anger. To do this she takes a deep breath and allows the client to express his/her feelings, which requires great patience.

When asked if she had any advice for caregivers entering the field, she said, “they should maintain their patience in all circumstances.” Julia is a talented caregiver who always gives her all to her clients. Home Care Assistance thanks her for her dedication to a high caliber of care!

January's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Delisa Washington - Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati

Home Care Assistance is happy to announce Delisa Washington as our Caregiver of the Month for January! Delisa provides excellent care and fantastic consistency for each client she works with.

Delisa has been honing her skills as a caregiver for many years and has been with Home Care Assistance since 2015! Over the years, she has been able to find ways to connect with not just her clients, but their family members too.

We reached out to her current client’s family about their experience with her care and this is what they had to say:

“We would like to give kudos to Delisa for her attention to detail and willingness to ‘pinch-hit’ in the chaos of all that pertains to our father’s care. She is exceptional and we appreciate having her on our team. We feel lucky to have her. It is a big comfort to know that our father is never alone at night and is instead in the care of someone who understands the personality traits that make him an individual.”

Thank you, Delisa, for all you do and congratulations!

December's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Felicia Greymountain - Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque

We are proud to honor Felicia Greymountain with our Caregiver of the Year award! Very seldom do we see someone so young nominated for such a prestigious award. Felicia Greymountain turned 33 years old this year, however, she has already dedicated over 13 years of her life caring for the aging population in a professional setting.

Felicia has been assigned to 33 different clients while employed with Home Care Assistance. She has the ability to turn any home into a calm surrounding. Felicia possesses the innate ability to communicate by her caring touch and calming words with those who have lost their voice and identity to Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Felicia is outgoing, adaptable and intelligent. The trait that stands out most to all that know Felicia however, is her dedicated, dependable, hardworking ethic! Felicia has worked a total of 1,855 shifts (and counting) in her eight years with Home Care Assistance! To put into perspective how dependable Felicia’s work ethic is, 63% of her time the last eight years was spent on shifts with her clients.

If asked, her mom (a former Home Care Assistance New Mexico caregiver) will tell you Felicia was born with incredible respect for her elders. As a young child, she decided she wanted to grow up to help others. Her grandparents were the first individuals to experience the gentle, compassionate care Felicia naturally radiates.

On April 28, 2014, Felicia met a very special family, the Matsubaras. Five years and 1,281 shifts later, Felicia continues to serve this family in an incredibly angelic manner. Every night, Monday-Friday, 8pm-8am, Felicia tucks Mrs. Matsubara into bed and every morning Felicia wakes her up to an already prepared breakfast. The Matsubara’s POA/niece cannot say enough kind words about this amazing young lady and the great care she has provided her family with.

Each year when the anniversary passes in which Nancy’s family met Felicia, she sends a thank you card to the office to give to Felicia as a token of her “forever gratitude”. Below is an excerpt from a letter from Nancy:

“I had no idea what to expect [when we first became clients]. In walked… Felicia Greymountain. She moved my aunt with ease. She was efficient and knew exactly what needed to be done. She could cook, which made my uncle very happy.

When I told Felicia my mission was to have my aunt and uncle have the care to provide them with the best quality of life possible, Felicia quickly said she would help me with my mission. I feel very grateful that Felicia continues taking care of my aunt, who is 97 years old.

Felicia is a person with great integrity, compassion, honesty, kindness, thoughtfulness, dependability and humility. She is the person you would want taking care of your loved one. I am forever grateful to have met Felicia.”

Felicia is a gem in this industry! We hope this recognition motivates other young people like herself to strive for greatness and to care so compassionately for the generations before her and that it gives her the honorary recognition she deserves. Thank you, Felicia!

November's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Diana Njonjo - Home Care Assistance of Seattle

Diana Njonjo has shined through every possible situation and shown that no matter, her clients come first. She always finds a way to elevate her client’s quality of life and put a smile on their face and dance back in their step. Diana is flexible, a team player and most of all genuinely kind and attentive to her clients and their needs.

The client Diana is currently with used to sit in her house every day, 7 days a week, for close to a year. She hated to exercise and really didn't do much more than watch tv or play her piano. Since Diana started with her, she has started going back to church after being absent for a year. She attends physical therapy, local dementia day activities and camps, and is singing and dancing. Her client's smile and laughter is now more contagious than ever.

When asked about working with clients and managing their homes, Diana reported back:

“The first impression with the client is very important. [It’s important to pay attention to] how we dress and speak to the client the first time we meet.

Other things I find [important when] working with clients is making them their favorite meals often and giving them little treats of their favorite desserts. For those who don't struggle with dressing, dressing them up even if they are not going out raises their self-esteem, especially if they receive compliments from family or guests. Last Sunday, my client was complimented by some young ladies who said she was dressed so well she should appear in Vogue magazine and she was over the moon!

Treating a home like it is my home ensures that I keep it neat and clean. After all, it's my home while I am there. It's a reflection of me.”

You continue to raise the bar, Diana, for all care given to our clients! Thank you for showing us every day what it means to put sunshine into other people’s lives.

October's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Latarsha Lawrence - Home Care Assistance of Grand Strand

Latarsha Lawrence is known as the go-to gal in the Grand Strand office and has been with Home Care Assistance for almost two years. She is dedicated to her work and gives 100% on every shift. It is safe to say that it is difficult for the staffing team to know who to place Latarsha with because every client she supports wants to keep working with her!

Our Grand Strand office recently began staffing two Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and Latarsha is requested quite often by the staff and residents. She is familiar and loved by everyone there.

When she is not working with us, she is providing assistance to her family at their funeral home. She balances her life and work like a professional and always has a positive, can-do attitude.

Thank you, Latarsha for being a superstar!

August's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Monica Walker - Home Care Assistance of Atlanta

Home Care Assistance is happy to present Monica Walker with the accolade of Caregiver of the Month. Monica is reliable, compassionate, and professional. She was inspired to be a caregiver by her mother whom she witnessed helping the elderly, not as a formal job, but because she wanted to.

Monica saw how the elderly and people living with disabilities responded to her mother and knew that caregiving was the field she wanted to work in. What Monica finds the most rewarding about caregiving is being able to help seniors live with dignity.

Monica became a CNA in 2008 and says she loves working with Home Care Assistance due to the respect and affirmation she receives from the office team, as well as the clients she has been able to work with, whom she knows have changed her life.

This month’s spotlight exemplifies the importance of loving the work you do and caring for yourself as well. Monica loves her work and treats herself to foot, neck, and back massages to keep her feeling refreshed. This helps her stay fully present and engaged during the time she spends with clients.

For new caregivers, Monica suggests showing love on a daily basis, placing yourself in your client’s shoes, and being kind even when it’s hard. We are lucky to have such an exemplary caregiver on our team. Thank you, Monica, from everyone at Home Care Assistance!

July's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Desiree Swing - Home Care Assistance of Alamo

Desiree Swing is a sweet, caring and easy going person who is incredibly patient and loving with the older adults she serves. She takes a lot of pride in the care services she provides and has great respect for this work to ensure each client’s needs are met while in the comfort of their home. She is reliable and always there to lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. Home Care Assistance is grateful that Desiree is a part of our family.

We asked Desiree why she loves being a caregiver. Her answer truly reflects the amazing attitude she brings to work every day:

"Being a caregiver is such an honor! It’s all about putting away my needs to assist someone. Knowing that a smile on my face can bring joy and happiness to someone else is priceless. The moments when I can reflect back and see how I’ve helped someone is what caregiving is all about." - Desiree Swing

Thank you, Desiree, for all of your hard work and dedication. Everyone at Home Care Assistance thanks you!

June's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Sedzida Dzajic - Home Care Assistance of Edmonton

Sedzida Dzakic is a true inspiration. She is originally from Bosnia and traveled to Canada in the late 80’s to escape the war and turmoil in her home country and create a new life for herself and her daughter. She spoke minimal English and had no support from family or friends.

Having worked previously as a registered nurse, she followed her passion to provide care to others as a healthcare aide. For the past 14 years, Sedzida has developed a diverse skill set, from working with those seeking a valuable companion to those with advanced dementia.

Sedzida enjoys learning about different cultures, especially cooking styles and techniques! She puts what she learns into practice through our Balanced Care Method™ and making healthy meals for seniors. She now speaks five different languages and takes great pride in the services she offers to ensure each client’s individual needs and expectations are met.

Sedzida makes a huge difference in the lives of our clients and all of us here at Home Care Assistance! She is reliable and always willing to lend a helping hand. Every client Sedzida works with appreciates her relaxed attitude and attention to detail. We are so proud to have her as part of our family.

May's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Ana Torrez - Home Care Assistance of Riverside

Ana Torrez has formed long-term relationships with several seniors in the community. During her two years with Home Care Assistance, her clients have adored her. We’d like to highlight a few reasons why.

Ana is dependable, consistent and very in-tune with her clients’ needs. She has been working with one senior, a woman who has been bed-bound for almost two years and very particular about the tasks that she has her caregivers do. Because of Ana’s ability to engage with her, she has learned how to meet her client’s very precise needs, specifically with personal care and organization around her home. Eventually, she became her full-time caregiver. It’s easy to see that Ana cares about her client’s personality and what they need to thrive.

Ana worked with another senior to promote physical exercise. She took initiative to find an exercise routine that matched the senior’s capabilities. She printed the instructions, brought it to her next visit and participated with her client in doing the exercises.

Ana has also worked with a couple of seniors who had diabetes. For one of them, Ana figured out exactly what portions she needed and monitored her sugar intake. She prepared healthy, balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ana managed the diet so well that the senior’s family no longer needed to give her extra insulin. Ana also trained the other caregivers working with this senior on how to monitor her diet properly. This way, the team of caregivers were on the same page and knew exactly how to check and monitor her blood sugar levels.

Ana is a huge asset to our team at Home Care Assistance. Her dedication and compassion toward older adults in her community inspires us every day. Thank you, Ana!

April's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Samantha Spanbauer - Home Care Assistance of Oshkosh / Appleton / Neenah

This month, we are excited to feature Samantha (Sami) Spanbauer with Home Care Assistance - Oshkosh.

Over the course of Sami’s employment, she has provided care ranging from companionship to hospice to multiple families. The common feedback we hear from both her clients and her clients’ families is, “We love her.” We at Home Care Assistance do too!

Sami has been a caregiver with us since March of 2016. One of her many strengths is flexibility. For example, if a family needs to make a last-minute change to their care plan, she is willing to switch her schedule around to make sure her client receives the best care possible. If we receive a call from a family that needs a caregiver immediately, Sami is the first to volunteer.

Besides being very flexible, Sami completes her care with positive energy and a smile on her face. In fact, her smile makes her clients’ smile too!

On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we want to thank Sami for her passion for delivering the best experience and care to her clients!

March's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Cassandra Pointer - Home Care Assistance of Bethesda

Cassandra Pointer has been a caregiver with Home Care Assistance since November 2016. Since then, she has worked with a long-time client whose family adores her. They are especially appreciative of her hard work and reliability. She has been their saving grace and is always there for them when they need her.

Recently, Cassandra was asked to work with another client for a few days. This senior recently lost her husband and was struggling to perform daily tasks like bathing and grooming. Thanks to Cassandra’s encouragement, the senior began doing these activities and more in a matter of days! This included making and committing to doctor’s appointments, which the senior had not attended in a long time. Cassandra not only coordinates these appointments with the senior but escorts her to them as well. Her top priority is making sure her clients always feel safe and comfortable.

Words cannot express how wonderful Cassandra is in her role as a caregiver. She is humble, modest, and always does her best. She takes her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) very seriously. After supervisory visits from a nurse, Cassandra was repeatedly complimented on her communication and documentation skills, which are both essential in her role.

Cassandra does an amazing job with her clients. So much so that her office often receives calls from clients and their families thanking and praising her profusely. We are proud to celebrate Cassandra and give our thanks for her persistent and consistent effort to change the way the world ages.

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Jacqueline Rivera - Home Care Assistance of Lehigh Valley

Jacqueline (Jackie) Rivera has provided exceptional care to our clients located in Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities since 2014. During this time, Jackie was able to identify her true passion - working with older adults who have advanced care needs, like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Her knowledge and compassion, not only with seniors but also their families, makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Recently, we received an appreciation letter from our client’s daughter. She described how blessed she felt with having Jackie as a caregiver for her mother, who is battling the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease. During this difficult time, Jackie provided her father with support as well and was described as a "gift" to their family.

Thank you, Jackie, for making our clients and their families feel special and valued. You truly are a gift to us and everyone around you. We are honored to award you as our February Caregiver of the Month!

January's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Julie Ann Mbuki - Home Care Assistance of Seattle

Our spotlight this month is Julie Ann Mbuki. She is genuine, kind and caring. Julie Ann wears her heart on her sleeve and is a valued companion to many.

Julie is flexible, reliable and dependable and interactions with clients make it seem as if she has been friends with them for years. Julie Ann is truly one of a kind! The seniors she has worked with are always quick to request for her return. They feel at home with her due largely in part to her gentle, compassionate nature.

One of her clients was struggling with depression and loneliness, but quickly found comfort with Julie Ann and the two became best friends, engaging in various activities together. Another senior who recently lost her husband found joy and laughter in Julie’s presence.

Thank you, Julie Ann, for bringing joy, comfort and a sense of family to all you work with at Home Care Assistance!

December's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Adelina DiLeo - Home Care Assistance of Broward County

Adelina DiLeo joined our North Broward, Florida office in 2016. Since her first day, she has embodied a passion for providing care to those with advanced care needs. Many of the seniors she works with have Alzheimer’s disease. Their safety, health and well-being is Adelina’s highest priority.

Adelina exerts a high level of professionalism. She is hands-on, proactive and hard-working. Her strong work ethic and thoughtful nature are praised by many of our seniors and their families.

One of Adelina’s best qualities is her ability to adapt her care style to meet the needs of her clients. The senior she currently works with, who needs substantial care, raves about Adelina’s abilities and often calls the office to talk about their wonderful experiences together.

Thank you, Adelina, for carrying out our mission to change the way the world ages one senior at a time.

November's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Almaz Gebre - Home Care Assistance of Annapolis

Almaz brings a critical eye to her caregiving duties. She has strong judgment and the ability to act fast on the information at hand. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, Almaz has experience in handling high-stress situations.

She understands the value of attentiveness. Almaz pays close attention to body language, speech and movements. She specializes in proper assessment and observation of the seniors she serves. For instance, one of the seniors she works with is a diabetic. Almaz is an incredible advocate and clinician. She caught the symptoms of hypoglycemia her client was having and acted fast. Her keen instincts prevented an acute and serious event from becoming far worse.

Almaz remains proactive in ensuring the wellbeing of her client, who adores her. Diabetes can be a threat to one’s safety and sense of security. Almaz’s skills and TLC instill the confidence her client needs to keep fighting through the disease and take each day one at a time.

Thank you for your detailed approach to care, Almaz!

October's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Pamela Rafter - Home Care Assistance of Waterloo

Pamela (Pam) Rafter is always learning. She has a range of experience and true excitement for the caregiving profession. Pam is willing to expand when challenging situations arise. She sees them as opportunities to expand her skill set and make a connection.

Pam has been a wonderful addition to our team. She has the desire to form long-lasting and meaningful relationships with seniors. She is a great source of joy for those she works with.

Pam is willing to work with any senior, no matter what the situation is, thanks to her ability and willingness to do what it takes to provide the best level of care. Her goal is ensuring everyone’s comfort, dignity and safety.

Pam’s care is marked by her compassion and dedication. Wherever she goes, positive feedback from clients and families follows.

Thank you Pam! Your unwavering work ethic and dedication to the quality of life for aging adults is an inspiration to us all.

September's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Julie Thompson - Home Care Assistance of Corona Del Mar

Listening to elders share stories is Julie’s favorite part of her job. She believes that each person imparts wisdom during their time together.

Julie is patient and loyal. Since she was hired as a caregiver, Julie has formed strong relationships. Three clients, in particular, are very special because of common interests or experiences and the fun they have together.

One client, Emily, lost a sister in her late 30s. Julie went through a similar experience so she understands this kind of loss. Julie puts her good listening skills to use and has been able to connect deeply with Emily’s perspective.

Ray and Julie listen to music in the car while going on grocery store runs. One day, Ray surprised her by turning on the car stereo. Julie learned that he has a varied taste in music like she does. They sing along to Ray Charles, rock out to Led Zeppelin and snap their fingers to jazzy Larry Coryell. Sometimes Julie and Ray sit listening in the parked car with music on after the groceries have been loaded. They enjoy spending time talking about his music collection and all of the positive memories that come with it.

Julie also brings a sense of humor to her career. Another 99-year-old enjoys watching game shows with Julie. They laugh when someone on TV wins a big prize and Julie dances around the living room in celebration.

Thank you, Julie, for bringing a sense of understanding, joy and laughter to those you work with!

August's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Maria Zuluaga - Home Care Assistance of

Maria Zuluaga is a caregiver for the Pembroke Pines, Florida office. Maria has shown great success ever since she joined the team in December 2016. Her work is exceptional and she has a strong sense of compassion when caring for her clients.

Maria was the first Spanish speaking caregiver to join the team and since then has formed strong bonds with seniors of many different nationalities.

One senior she worked with, Miss Z., constantly told us how wonderful Maria was and how compassionate she was every day. Maria has perfect attendance and goes out of her way to ensure the seniors in the community receive the specialized care they deserve. She has an amazing attitude and sense of humor, and always goes above and beyond for the seniors she works with.

Thank you, Maria, for your hard work. You are a shining example of the high standard of care that Home Care Assistance strives to provide to every senior, every day!

July's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Cecilia Cortez - Home Care Assistance of La Jolla

Cecilia Cortez was the first caregiver hired in the La Jolla office. The fact that she was hired on her birthday was a happy coincidence! Known fondly as Cece, she has been with us for eleven years now. In that time, she has worked with seniors with a range of needs and has formed bonds with each one.

She has also given us her unquestionable loyalty. Although Cece has a day job as well, she’s always available to help during her off hours. She makes sure the seniors she cares for get the attention they need. Cece also has a degree in physical therapy. This helps her assist clients with any physical exercises prescribed to them. Thanks to her coaching and support, they feel an increased sense of confidence.

We receive positive feedback from seniors she cares for and their families. Recently, Cece took care of a woman for over three years. Upon her passing, her family retained our services even though the husband does not need as much care. Cece was such a great fit with the family that they asked her to stay on to support this well-being.

We would like to thank Cece for the dedication she shows to the older adults in her community. We look forward to working with her for many years to come!

June's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Kiara LaMark - Home Care Assistance of Huntsville

Kiara LaMark was one of the first people hired at the Huntsville, Alabama office. She has a bright personality and willingness to fill in for others to meet client needs. Not only can seniors rely on Kiara to assist them with their daily routine, but they can also rely on her to be an advocate for their needs.

Earlier this year, she arrived at an assisted living community ready to visit one of the seniors. The community was experiencing an outbreak of the flu - and denied entrance to Kiara. Visitors were not allowed on the premises.

Kiara understood their wariness. Still, she was determined to carry out her caregiving responsibilities. She convinced the community’s staff that it was important for her to be there to assist the senior during this difficult time. She covered her hands in sanitizer, then gloves, put on a face mask and went in. Kiara spent the day with the senior, who was appreciative and impressed.

Moments like this are why Kiara receives verbal accolades from clients and peers alike. Clients describe her as caring, loving, attentive and a perfect fit for the family. These are just a few of the characteristics that make us proud to honor her as our June Caregiver of the Month.

May's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Renee Kruger - Home Care Assistance of Atlanta

Introducing our Caregiver Spotlight for May 2018: Renee Kruger from our Atlanta, GA office. Renee has worked with Home Care Assistance for three years and has been a caregiver for over four years. Prior to becoming a caregiver, Renee worked in an office but felt that she had a higher calling. Putting the corporate world aside, Renee chose to become a caregiver to make a true difference in her community and in the lives of others.

Renee’s biggest strength is her ability to provide consistent, high-quality care to clients and their families. Clients rely on Renee in times of need. For example, one of her clients, whom she worked with for several months, calls Renee every time he is admitted to the hospital to help make his return home safe and comfortable. Another example of Renee’s high caliber of care is with the families of her clients - one family trusts her so much not only do they treat her as an extension of their own family, but they also ask for her opinion on major care decisions.

Home Care Assistance is lucky to have a caregiver like Renee, who chose to work with Home Care Assistance because of the culture of the company and the unrelenting support of the office staff, who provide her with the tools she needs to successful in the field. Thank you for being an individual whom our clients and staff can rely on, Renee!

April's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Kelli Paige - Home Care Assistance of Winnipeg

April’s Caregiver Spotlight features Kelli Paige from our Winnipeg, MB office. Kelli is an experienced caregiver who joined the Home Care Assistance of Winnipeg team in 2017. During initial caregiver training, Kelli demonstrated a high level of leadership and immense enthusiasm for serving older adults within the community. Kelli has made a profound impact in the lives of her clients by consistently using our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ to improve brain health and boost longevity. When Kelli identifies a need for the program, she takes the initiative to adapt the activities or create additional activities to meet the needs of her clients.

Overall, Kelli is a passionate and dedicated caregiver. She serves her clients in a cheerful, professional and kind manner. She does whatever it takes to make sure they thrive in their own homes. Her clients are always excited to see her and view her as an extension to their family.

Kelli is as an excellent role model to all caregivers and we are proud to have her on our team!

March's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Angelika Wolf - Home Care Assistance of Rockwall

March’s Caregiver Spotlight features Angelika Wolf from our Rockwall, TX office. Home Care Assistance Rockwall has been lucky enough to have a staff full of special caregivers, but Angelika stands above the rest. She has a unique way of becoming familiar with clients quickly, enabling her to build trust almost immediately. Angelika has worked to win over each client with her grace and compassion.

Most recently, Angelika worked with a client named Laura. Laura suffered from CBD (Cortical Basal Degeneration). This disease caused Laura to lose the ability to speak and communicate effectively and eventually to lose all control over her body. Through this journey, Angelika was able to be a voice for Laura. She was able to provide Laura with a safe environment that allowed her to retain as much independence and dignity as she could until the last day of her life.

Angelika is a stellar example of a compassionate and hardworking caregiver. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to improve the quality of life for seniors in Rockwall and surrounding communities!

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Edith Mendez - Home Care Assistance of Santa Barbara

Edith Mendez started working at Home Care Assistance of Santa Barbara in 2015. Since then, she has worked with many long-term clients who have always adored and appreciated her compassionate, caring nature and attention to detail. She is reliable, consistent and dedicated to her job. Recently, Edith showed her commitment to her clients’ well-being when she was trapped with a client in a mudslide zone in Montecito, CA.

It was Tuesday, January 9th, 2018. The weather channel was reporting some rain, but Edith arrived at the care community where her client lived without incident. She even remembers thinking that they were blessed to have rain after the fires around the area. But around 4:00am, one of the resident’s sons came to inform everyone that the facility was flooding. It was covered in mud, water, debris, and even fallen trees, one of which fell right on top of Edith’s car. Shortly after, they found themselves with no electricity, no phone service and trapped in the complex.

They realized the full scope of the tragedy when they were informed that no one would be able to rescue them since a huge mudslide was blocking the roads. Edith knew she and the other two caregivers in the facility had to take care of the residents and make sure they were safe. They took care of the whole floor, making sure the residents were not panicking or frightened. Of course, everyone was frightened, including Edith, but she knew her priority was in giving aid to the residents. Edith persevered until everyone was finally evacuated on Thursday afternoon.

From the bottom of our hearts, we at Home Care Assistance would like to express our gratitude to Edith for her strength, perseverance, and dedication during this trying time and for the hard work that she shows every day.

January's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Selamawit Desalengne - Home Care Assistance of Palo Alto

January’s Caregiver Spotlight features Selamawit Desalengne from our Palo Alto, CA office. Around the office, Selamawit is known for keeping an open line of communication, being a team player and providing excellent care to her clients. But what makes her stand out the most is her dedication to her clients, no matter how challenging their needs may be, and her ability to create meaningful bonds with them.

Recently, Selamawit was working with a client who required minimal assistance. During her time with him she noticed his behavior and communication style changed. She immediately reported this to the care manager and the client ended up in the hospital with an infection. While the client was in the hospital his health declined; he could no longer walk, his behavior became challenging and his dementia progressed. While many caregivers could have had a difficult time, Selamawit never wavered, she understood her client was going through a tough time in his life and she wanted to be there to provide the best possible care and comfort. Selamawit was also able to provide the client’s wife with much needed emotional support. She noticed slight changes in the wife, which she immediately reported back to the entire team and the client’s family.

Thank you for your exemplary work, Selamawit! We are proud to witness your unwavering commitment to your clients and your team.

December's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Rebecca Walter - Home Care Assistance of Cleveland

Rebecca Walter was the first caregiver hired when the Cleveland West office opened in November 2016 and she has shown great success ever since! Rebecca is very personable and caring towards everyone. Every client that she cares for loves having her around for her upbeat personality and contagious laugh. One of Rebecca’s many strengths is connecting with her clients in a fun-loving way.

One of Rebecca’s clients is named Carol. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and often has difficulty walking. In an effort to help her, Rebecca was able to get Carol on her exercise bike three days a week for therapy. After a few weeks of Rebecca’s encouragement, Carol decided to make a goal for herself, which was to walk again by the end of the year. Because of Rebecca’s compassion and encouragement, Carol has changed her outlook on life and is now focused on the positives.

Rebecca is currently in school and taking classes to become a physical therapist assistant. She has two children and expertly juggles her home, school and career responsibilities. On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we would like to thank Rebecca for all of her hard work, the compassionate care she provides to seniors in the community, and her dedication to bringing joy and comfort to her client’s lives!

November's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Aleksandra Marzec - Home Care Assistance of Charleston

This month we are excited to feature Aleksandra Marzec, recently named Caregiver of the Year, with Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago. There are many caregivers who are reliable and go above and beyond, covering shifts at any hour. They are flexible with their schedules and provide home care services for multiple clients who adore their care. Caregivers who possess these qualities are truly wonderful, but Aleksandra Marzec (Aleks) is a different kind of wonderful, and that is why she received our Caregiver of the Year award.

Aleks has been a caregiver for Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago for over seven years. Over the course of her employment, Aleks has provided care to the same family. Her caregiver journey began with taking care of a woman named Betty Lou. Betty’s husband, Joe, and her children needed extra help. Since Betty’s passing six years ago, Aleks, Joe and his children have counted on Aleks and she has never let them down. She now cares for Joe and provides love, care, attention, stability and so much more. She is creative, takes initiative and is truly part of the family. If she sees that something is amiss, she takes action and calls the right people so that advanced care is provided immediately.

Aleks’ bond with Joe is best summed up in his daughter’s words: “Each time I visit I am happy to see that the bond between my Dad and Aleks has grown even stronger than before. They are sometimes like an old married couple: both strong willed and not afraid to raise their voices, just a little, to get their own way. What continues to amaze me about Aleks is her ability to know when it is best to yield to my Dad, and when she must, for his own good, continue the discussion. She has an uncanny ability to read him, to respect him, to know his needs. She has become ‘his person’.”

Aleks was also the recipient of our Caregiver of the Year award for her excellent service. Watch the video of the awards ceremony to hear more about Betty, Joe and Aleks’ heartwarming and incredible story. From all of us at Home Care Assistance, thank you Aleks for the wonderful work you do and for showing us what beautiful relationships can form through the caregiving process!

October's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Nancy DeParga - Home Care Assistance of Houston

Nancy DeParga has been an exceptional, compassionate caregiver for the Houston Office for over two years. Clients praise her for her organizational skills and attention to detail.

Recently, Nancy went above and beyond to protect and serve a client in a suburb of Houston during the flooding from September 25th, 2017 to October 1st, 2017. Nancy was covering a weekend 24/7 assignment shift. Prior to covering the shift, weather reports indicated that Houston would be experiencing heavy rain and possible flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Despite the weather reports, Nancy acknowledged that the safety of the client could be in danger and she proceeded to provide the client with care. On September 28th, Nancy noticed that water was beginning to rise outside of the clients condominium. To take action, Nancy grabbed an emergency kit, took her client to the second floor for safety and called 9-1-1 who told her that she and the other residents would be rescued as soon as possible. Nancy had cell service so she kept in touch with her client’s son and grandson and emergency responders as she waited. They were eventually rescued by boat and First Responders carried the client and other elderly residents to safety. They were transferred to a holding area before being sent to a school in Humble where the client’s grandson picked up the client and Nancy. They arrived at the client’s son’s house, where they both stayed until the water receded enough for Nancy to go home and for another caregiver to arrive. Nancy stayed with the client for a total of seven days, ensured the client was safe, removed her from a dangerous situation, and even lost her personal car during the flood.

Nancy is a stellar example of a caring and dependable caregiver. From the bottom of our hearts, we at Home Care Assistance would like to thank Nancy for her courageousness, ability to think quickly, and devotion to her client’s safety.

September's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Brianna Wallaert - Home Care Assistance of Portland

Brianna joined our team in May and shows her dedication and compassion every day. She currently works with one of our residential community partners in Oregon to connect with residents in the community and promote our Wellness Program, which is designed to keep seniors active and engaged at home. Brianna has perfect attendance and goes out of her way to cover any shifts necessary to ensure our clients receive the specialized and high caliber care they deserve.

Brianna has shown leadership skills by helping orient oncoming caregivers at Home Care Assistance. She takes pride in her position and is a great representation of our values and mission.

On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we would like to thank Brianna for all of her hard work and dedication to taking care of our clients!

April's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Marina - Home Care Assistance of Santa Rosa

This months Caregiver Spotlight features Marina with Home Care Assistance Sonoma County. Marina has been with Home Care Assistance since July 2016 and has worked with a variety of clients, making excellent use of her valuable skills and experience. Marina is dependable and reliable when providing care, consistently going above and beyond expectations. She completes care tasks with a positive energy and a smile on her face. She has provided compassionate and mindful care to seniors with advanced dementia, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and other challenging diseases.

She is a warm and nurturing caregiver that makes her clients and families feel comfortable with her presence. As one client shared, “Marina understands the physical environment and is an essential part of healing.”

On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we want to thank Marina for her passion in delivering compassionate and loving care to our clients!

March's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Diana - Home Care Assistance of

Diana joined Home Care Assistance in early 2016 and brought incredible skills, experience and an always positive attitude! Diana is always available for fill in shifts, immediate coverage and is willing to be on stand by for any case in any city, anytime! Diana has travelled across the state to provide exceptional care for our clients. When Diana walks into a client’s life, we are told after the first shift what a difference she made in their lives, and how excited they are to have her come back. Diana’s clients benefit from her diligence in providing the best care focusing on strengthening the brain, eating healthier, preparing balanced meals and completing physical activity during every shift.

Diana has taken the toughest cases at the toughest times, doesn’t call in, and answers the call to serve with aplomb. In additional to being incredibly reliable, she is always asked back even when filling in, and makes a concerted effort to communicate with management, both directly (communicating with her supervisor) and indirectly (excellent note taking during shifts).

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Shelly Decker - Home Care Assistance of Waterloo

This months Caregiver Spotlight is Shelly Decker. Shelly has been with Home Care Assistance since December 2015. With over 30 years in the caregiving field, Shelly has developed an amazing ability to keep her clients happy and healthy. She is very intuitive and understands her clients need even before the client does. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Shelly understands her clients overall welfare stems from having an environment that supports both mental and physical well-being.

Shellys devotion and passion for work not only comes from her professional background as a Social Worker, but also comes from who she is as a person. She truly embodies the philosophies of the Balanced Care Method when working with her clients; she creates a comfort zone where clients can flourish and have purpose in life. We are privileged to have Shelly as an employee and thank her for her continued dedication towards our goal of changing the way the world ages.

On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we want to thank Shelly for her passion in delivering the best experience and care for her clients!

January's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Qualonda Harris - Home Care Assistance of Dallas / Park Cities

This month’s Caregiver Spotlight is Qualonda Harris, “Q”, who works for Home Care Assistance of Dallas. Qualonda attended one of the company’s first caregiver orientations and has been working with several clients since this time. When you meet Q, you are immediately put at ease by her warm demeanor and sweet smile. She has been with the same client for ten months, but has worked with other clients when a well-seasoned, compassionate and joyful caregiver is needed.

Q is like that incredible flight attendant you always want working on your flight; she is upbeat, fun and efficient, however, if an emergency ever arose, she is calm, directive, level-headed and very knowledgeable in choosing the best course of action to ensure everyone’s safety.

Q embraces our balanced care approach and has a great sense of humor. One especially memorable day was when Q’s client had an upcoming birthday about two months after she started working with him. She was going to be working with him on his actual birthday and was pondering over what would make his day especially fun and memorable. At the time, the client was falling frequently and was very anxious about leaving the house and being with crowds of people. She thought about the conversations they had about when he was a star football player in high school, his love of loud, unique places and his passion for food (lots of it). With that in mind, she decided that a local dinner theater called Medieval Times was just the place for them to spend his birthday. She called ahead and verified valet parking and handicapped seating. He used his wheelchair instead of the walker on that night, and off they went to enjoy a hands-on feast and thrilling swordplay!

On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we want to thank Q for her passion in delivering the best experience and care for her clients!

October's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Karen Pappageorge - Home Care Assistance of Arlington Heights

Karen is a caregiver who takes the Balanced Care Method, our company’s holistic approach to care, to heart even in the most difficult situations. After joining Home Care Assistance, Karen was introduced to her client Jackie who had aphasia. Speaking was such a challenge for Jackie that she would sometimes bang her fists in frustration at trying to form any words. Her frustration, glares and folded arms did not faze Karen — she knew she could make a difference. Jackie and her family soon came to trust and rely upon her new friend, caregiver and advocate, Karen— and Karen was able to establish a close bond with Jackie that enabled her to communicate.

Over time, Jackie had isolated herself in her home, and Karen encouraged her to visit friends again. She also learned that Jackie loved to needlepoint and had owned and operated a needlepoint business. Often Karen joined Jackie in needlepointing and had their joint artwork framed. Karen supported Jackie for many years and also was a comfort to her grieving family following her death.

Karen utilizes that same spirit and creativity now with her client, Anne. For the past three years, Karen has worked full time with Anne, who values her as a member of the family. When Anne received news of the death of a close family member in a different state, Karen put her own life on hold to travel with her so she could attend the funeral.

This year Anne sold her home and is moving to to an apartment. In addition to performing regular caregiving duties with dedication, Karen has also been helping Anne with every task that is associated with downsizing; from cleaning up water damage and renovating the kitchen to sorting, staging and selling the home, Karen has been by Anne’s side every step of the way.

"Karen goes above and beyond what I would expect from a caregiver,” Anne says. “She makes an impact on everyone she meets and is an asset to Home Care Assistance. She is more than a caregiver. She is a good friend to me."

Karen attributes her success in the field to this motto: helping her clients feel as relaxed and carefree as possible, however they may define it. She uses humor and calmness to diffuse the usual and unusual stresses of life.

Thank you, Karen, you are a true gem! No job is too big or too small when it comes to the clients you serve. We are so privileged to have you as part of our Chicago team since we opened doors in 2009!

August's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Tina Bailey - Home Care Assistance of Dayton

Tina joined the Home Care Assistance team in January. Her journey as a caregiver began years ago at a nursing home, as well as when she cared for her grandparents who had cancer. In addition to her passion for the elderly, Tina works as an early childhood educator and immediately fell in love with the company‘s Cognitive Therapeutics Method™. Over the past few months, Tina has delivered exceptional care for her clients and continues to do so today. She provides a fun and engaging environment for her clients and helps keep their minds sharp and active through the activities and interventions found in our Cognitive Therapeutics Method.

Tina‘s energetic and compassionate approach to care makes her unique, which is something we look for when building our team of Professional Caregivers. It is no surprise that Tina has already received our coveted Caregiver of the Month honor earlier this year. We truly appreciate her devotion to providing the highest caliber care to our clients and commitment to changing the way the world ages!

July's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Monique Williams - Home Care Assistance of

The Ft. Lauderdale Home Care Team is excited to spotlight Monique Williams. Monique is a compassionate and trustworthy caregiver who is concerned with the quality of her work and the complete well-being of her clients. She has excelled with every client she has cared for and she carries out her responsibilities without hesitation; Monique is one of the most reliable caregivers – and is always willing to help. The Team can honestly say that they would hire Monique to take care of their personal families without hesitation. Monique was also recently awarded Caregiver of the Month in office.

Home Care Assistance of Ft. Lauderdale is lucky to have such a star on their team!

June's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Adeluisa Cruz - Home Care Assistance of San Francisco

Adeluisa is our unsung hero this month. Since 2013, Adeluisa has worked with Home Care Assistance in caring for a client progressing through the advanced stages of Alzheimer‘s disease.

The client‘s family wanted to keep mom at home and with Adeluisa‘s help, they were able to do just that. While her client is no longer communicative, Adeluisa still treats her with the respect she deserves and sees her for the person she is.

Even when the client‘s husband began to need care himself, Adeluisa never once hesitated to assist other caregivers in caring for him. She is a calm, professional and steady presence in the life of this family and we thank her greatly for all that she does.

The San Francisco Care Team said, "Adeluisa has been a major part of our team. She is caring, reliable and trustworthy. Very energetic and always willing to help, including her coworkers. Having a caregiver like Adeluisa has made our lives much easier and we are so appreciative. Thank you Adeluisa."

May's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Vickie Dunlap - Home Care Assistance of Placer County

Vickie was one of Home Care Assistance‘s first hires and has been in the caregiving profession for 14 years. "I remember being so excited as I knew we had the best of the best and knew we could take on any client because we had Vickie with us now," said Debbie Waddell, owner.

Vickie always go the extra mile for her clients. One example of this is that she often will bring her keyboard with her to her client‘s house and play music or have a sing-along with him or her. One of her client‘s daughter said, "Vickie has worked hard to establish a positive relationship with my mom and clearly understands the needs and concerns of the elderly. She definitely enhances my mom‘s life, and for that, I am very grateful!"

Vickie‘s passion and commitment to the seniors she serves has made her a champion of our mission to change the way the world ages. She is a great asset to our team and we are so appreciative of all that she does for each of her clients, which helps make our office the best of the best when it comes to home care!

April's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Katherine Smith - Home Care Assistance of Fairfield County

Katherine joined Home Care Assistance this past year and has consistently received high marks from clients; she is dependable and always on time, qualities that her clients truly appreciate. Kathy brings a creative energy to work, engaging her clients with a variety of games, crafts and a positive attitude. She recently helped her dementia client make a string bead bracelet for his wife who commented: "I was so surprised with his gift for me. I love it! It has been quite some time since he has given me a gift."

Kathy also loves to cook, delighting her clients with scrumptious, healthy foods. Last week she shared, "I just made lunch and dinner for a client today using five different Super Foods!" A client recently commented on Kathy‘s performance as a caregiver, stating: "In a nut shell, the entire family feels very lucky to have her caring for my mother. Jokingly, I think of Kathy as a hybrid between a Martha Stewart and Mary Poppins!"

We agree. Kathy sets the bar high for caregiving and allows us to carry out our mission to change the way the world ages here in Fairfield, Connecticut!

March's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Erica Hines - Home Care Assistance of Cleveland

Erica became a State Tested Nursing Aide (STNA) in the year 2000 and worked for many years in nursing homes before joining Home Care Assistance in June 2014. Since she started, she has been working full-time with Mr. C, a World War II Veteran, who will celebrate his 97th birthday in April. The two enjoy spending afternoons sitting on the front porch talking about Mr. C‘s youth and wartime experiences. Though he doesn‘t see or hear very well, Mr. C. enjoys a high quality of life largely due to Erica‘s companionship. To watch them together is truly heartwarming. Erica shared, "When you are around a man of that age, you learn so much about life."

Erica is very patient and enthusiastically helps Mr. C with his personal care every morning saying, "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and up you go." Employing the tenets of our Balanced Care Method™, she prepares his favorite nutritious foods and ensures his safety as he exercises by walking around the table eight times per day with his walker. She also acts as his advocate at doctors‘ appointments. Mr. C.‘s two daughters trust Erica completely and speak very highly of her, which is a true testament to her character.

Not only is Erica a wonderful and compassionate caregiver, but she is also a great trainer and mentor. She has shared her routine with Mr. C. with many caregivers so that they can provide the same high caliber of care. Her dedication and professionalism are evident in her frequent communications with the Cleveland office, as she provides regular updates on Mr. C‘s daily activities and abilities to ensure he receives the most comprehensive care.

Erica is blessed with three sons, a daughter and five grandchildren. Between working 40 hours per week with Mr. C. and spending time with her family, Erica has a very busy schedule but she wouldn‘t have it any other way.

Erica is the model caregiver and someone who is compassionate, trustworthy, reliable and diligent. She is a valuable member of the Home Care Assistance team in Cleveland and she goes the extra mile in everything that she does. Erica puts the "care" in caregiver.

Thank you, Erica, for all of your hard work; you are a shining example of the high standard of care that Home Care Assistance strives to provide to every client, every day!

February's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Karina Leonard - Home Care Assistance of Palm Beach

Karina has worked as a caregiver for over five years. Ever since Karina joined Home Care Assistance, she has been an exemplary employee, offering her time in any way needed. Karina‘s caregiving style is marked by grace, kindness and consistency – traits that foster genuine, long-term relationships with the clients she serves; it‘s not uncommon for clients to say that they think of her as a daughter.

In addition to her compassionate spirit and charisma, Karina‘s attention to detail has earned her accolades. Not only does she initiate fun and engaging activities with her clients, but she also heavily promotes positive lifestyle habits such as healthy diet and exercise in line with the Balanced Care Method™. Karina‘s dedication, leadership, kindness and commitment to changing the way the world ages make her a great asset to the Home Care Assistance team. We truly appreciate her devotion to providing the highest caliber care to our clients!

January's Caregiver of the Month Spotlight

Heather Theisen - Home Care Assistance of Douglas County

Heather has been with Home Care Assistance since March 2015 and she is a fantastic caregiver. Heather is passionate about helping others and it warms her heart to see her client‘s smiling faces when she arrives at their home.

Heather has been working in the healthcare industry for several years and she couldn‘t imagine being anywhere else. She loves working for Home Care Assistance and shared that she truly looks forward to going to work every day because of the strong support system that Home Care Assistance offers.

As Hope Freeman, Home Care Assistance‘s Care Coordinator put it, "Heather has a smile that reaches her eyes. I know that our clients are in the best of hands with her; I can always count on Heather to cover emergency shifts. I would love to be able to clone her. It‘s caregivers like Heather that help us accomplish our mission to change the way the world ages!

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