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In-home care assistance can help those who want to remain in their own homes even if they need additional care through their daily activities. This might happen because of medical conditions or just age. In many cases, people wind up doing better when they can stay in surroundings that are familiar with them, being among people who love them. In-home care services provide a number of services, not limited to but including the following:

Elderly And Senior Care

The elderly and seniors have increased risks of injury as they get older. Having an in-home caregiver to assist them with their daily activities is helpful in enhancing their quality of life.

When a caregiver works closely with the broader care team, they can perform many daily tasks that a person might have used to do on their own. This way, the person can stay in their home, enjoying time with friends and family in an environment that is safe and clean.


Whether it's a break or light housekeeping, the patient and the entire family benefit.

Parkinson's Disease

We understand that living with Parkinson's disease can be difficult, both for the patient and the family. As a chronic, neurodegenerative disease it can be emotionally difficult to handle.

At Home Care Assistance, our philosophy is based on a “family first” approach to the way we treat and serve our clients.


Alzheimer's is something that impacts every patient differently. An in-home caregiver can work alongside both a family and a care team to improve the quality of life for the patient in question.

Some patients only really need some companionship. However, others might need personal care assistance and light housekeeping in order to live better.

As part of the Alzheimer

As part of the Alzheimer's Workplace Alliance, we are a leader in the fight against Alzheimer's and provide support to caregivers.


Dementia is very similar to Alzheimer’s. It can steal away a person’s memories and their very lives. Caregivers are very highly trained professionals that work closely with the care team and the family to ensure quality care for the Dementia patient.


Regardless of the services required, there are many in-home caregivers who can give the compassion and assistance that they require.


The very word strikes fear into the hearts who hear it. Many patients diagnosed with a form of cancer make the assumption that they're going to die from it. It's not always the case, but any patient battling cancer might need assistance, either temporarily or in the long-term. A good caregiver can help a patient with daily activities, companionship, and transportation.

Caregivers should be trained and ready to work well with a patient's care team so that they can offer extended care to anyone who needs it. A lot of cancer patients might need additional care or services during or after radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Extended care services aren't always required though. A lot of cancer patients recover fully, eventually able to resume their normal life following treatment. Caregivers can step in to provide the needed services which bridge any gaps between medical care and any in-home services that make sure a patient is cared for well during treatment.

Stroke Patients

When someone has suffered a major medical event like a stroke, they may not be able to carry out important daily tasks. That's why we provide patients with essential care in the comfort of their own homes. Our in-home caregivers have plenty of experience and can do a lot to assist people that are recovering from strokes.

We work with patients to ensure that their care needs are met. Our caregivers are knowledgeable, caring, and professional. You can count on them to go above and beyond for the sake of their patients. They can drive patients to doctors appointments, help patients with basic hygiene, and provide other types of care as well.

Having this kind of assistance allows patients to fully recover without having to leave their homes.

Having this kind of assistance allows patients to fully recover without having to leave their homes.

We offer high quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

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About Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are all highly trained professionals who go the extra mile to ensure that their clients and the client’s families are all treated well during any situation. Not all clients require personalized care, but when they do, the personalized care that a caregiver can give will give them a higher quality of life and help them to transition through the various phases of their particular medical condition. Caregivers are able to manage the various tasks to ensure that these families are all well cared for regardless of the diagnosis and the services that are needed by any particular client in Falls Church, VA.

Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own home in Falls Church Virginia

What criteria do you use when evaluating the quality of a person’s life? This is a challenging question, but it’s also an important one, particularly if you or someone close to you is struggling to complete basic tasks.

It’s easy to overlook how much our ability to care for ourselves impacts the quality of our lives. This is why Home Care Assistance chose to start providing in-home services. We believe that people deserve to receive essential care in an environment that they are comfortable in.

We have plenty of experience, as well as access to cutting-edge technology. We want to use this to allow people to maintain a high standard of living regardless of their circumstances. Of course, we do more than help people with basic tasks. We can provide a wide range of assistance to individuals. Regardless of your needs and requirements, we should be able to give you what you are looking for.

Elderly & Senior Care

As people age, it often becomes more difficult for them to live independently. While these changes can be difficult to adjust to, it can be even more difficult to adjust to living in some sort of home setting. There are many individuals that can’t feel comfortable in a home setting. Home Care Assistance is ideal for them.

Our experienced and caring staff can provide care at your house, in a setting that you are comfortable in. If your age is keeping you from living on your own, you don’t necessarily have to relocate. Instead, you can take advantage of our excellent in-home care services. Our services are an excellent alternative to living in some sort of long-term care facility. Learn More

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s is an extremely debilitating disease that can be a challenge to control, particularly if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge and expertise. It can be difficult for family members to understand what a loved one that is suffering from Alzheimer’s needs.

That’s why it’s important to hire a professional that can provide medication and support as needed. The caring staff at Home Care Assistance will be able to do exactly that.

Parkinson’s Disease

People don’t necessarily have to move into a facility because they have a Parkinson’s diagnosis. With appropriate treatment and the right kind of support, you can continue to live at home and maintain your quality of life.

The staff members on our team fully understand the stages of Parkinson’s disease and the way it impacts your body. They have the training needed to confront these challenges alongside you. Best of all, the staffers at Home Care Assistance will provide care in your home. Learn More


The symptoms of dementia can be traumatic for many families. It’s important to find a way to keep this condition under control, and it’s also essential to avoid triggers.

The team at Home Care Assistance understands what is needed. Our professional caregivers are equipped to provide support. We’ll do everything we can to reduce the severity of dementia symptoms. Learn More


A cancer diagnosis is scary, but it can be beaten! When you hire someone to provide care for you or a family member that is fighting cancer, there are specific things you’re want to keep an eye out for.

Cancer requires medical care, but you also need to maintain a positive attitude. That’s why you’ll want to work with a caregiver that is upbeat and pleasant.

Home Care Assistance provides caregivers that have extensive training and medical knowledge. However, our caregivers are also positive people that are incredibly friendly. Learn More

Stroke Patients

A stroke can cause a great deal of discomfort, and it can be extremely traumatic. That’s something that our caregivers completely understand. If you’ve suffered a significant medical event like this, you’ll want to have optimal care during the recovery process. We instruct our caregivers to provide the kinds of services our patients need. We offer all kinds of services, including meal prep, personal care assistance, errand running, and transportation services.

If your stroke has been preventing you from accomplishing the things you need to do, get in touch with us as soon as you can. All of our staffers have extensive training, and they truly care about their patients. You can trust them to provide you with the level of care that you need. Learn More

Our Caregivers

Each person has their own strengths. Once you figure out where your talents lie, you can work to improve those skills until you’re at the top of your game.

The people that work for Home Care Assistance are naturally nurturing and supportive. Our caregivers know that dealing with chronic health conditions can be complex, but they also understand why someone would want to stay in their home while receiving care. Learn More

Our team will meet those expectations and will even exceed them. They will provide you with knowledge, excellent care, and a friendly and positive attitude. Proudly serving Falls Church VA.

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