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Testimonials | Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

Many clients enjoy adding the Cognitive Therapeutics Method in their daily routine. See what our clients have to say about our proprietary program.

Last year my mom fell and received a new diagnosis of dementia in addition to her mild Alzheimer’s disease. She required a caregiver while I worked, but had multiple problems with those sent to us by various agencies because of her dementia diagnosis. Daycare programs were too lengthy and boring for her. After further inquiries, I was directed to call “A Place for Mom”. They connected me with an agency called Home Care Assistance. In addition to caregivers, they also have a division devoted to The Cognitive Therapeutics Method. My mother was interviewed as to her interests and abilities and matched to a therapist (whom they call interventionists) who developed a program especially for her. She enjoys the stimulating puzzles and word games, in addition to music and physical exercise. This service has been a godsend for both her and me. She is calm and content when I return home from work. I have not had calls from caregivers, police, firefighters, or EMT’s at work to intervene with my mom’s behavior. She accepted the therapist from the start and works with her without problems. These people are true professionals and I cannot thank them enough for being able to handle her care while I am at work. – M.F., Client’s daughter

When I approached your service my wife had declined mentally and physically to a near sedentary state. All she wanted to do was just sit in a chair or lie down and sleep. She would help me with cooking and watch three or four television programs with me each week. I was unable to get her engaged in doing anything requiring cognitive reasoning on her own. I commend Sheryl for the valuable time she spent with my wife… She has begun reading the newspaper on occasion, loves working on jigsaw puzzles again, spends time actually preparing meals by herself, does most of clothes washing on Monday and has started picking out the clothes she wants to wear plus more too numerous to mention. She also enjoys the activities with Sheryl and likes playing the games that require thinking. Sheryl has helped my wife improve significantly in many aspects. I fully appreciate her care and concern for my wife and wish to thank her for helping my wife return to a better life. – G.D., Client’s husband

My late husband and I were some of the first clients of Home Care Assistance to be given the opportunity of working with Marcky using Cognitive Therapeutics. My husband had Parkinson’s Disease so cognitive exercise was extremely important to him. He had always been a writer, but he became unable to do so anymore. After he had developed trust working with Marky, he was able to follow her directions and write a paragraph with words she provided him. Next he wrote two paragraphs. Then she told him to compose 3 paragraphs on his own about the person he most admired. It took him all weekend, but when he finished he had summarized our 72 years of marriage in three very, coherent paragraphs. I re-read those paragraphs frequently; each time I express thanks to Marcky and Cognitive Therapeutics for the gift she gave us by working with my husband . It continues to be an invaluable gift to me. – F.V., Client

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method has been a wonderful addition to our mother’s life. The interventionists are lovely people who are sensitive, kind, intuitive, bright, and well trained. Our mother has truly enjoyed working with them and they have done an outstanding job of making her feel comfortable and drawing her out. The program provides mental stimulation, companionship and opportunities for her to engage in a wide range of activities, all of which are tailored to her needs. We feel that this program is the most critical activity our mother participants in since it has such a positive impact on her day and gives her important targeted cognitive stimulation. – N.R., Client’s daughter

Home Care Assistance also offers the Mind Fit Series, a group presentation series, in partnership with selected residential communities and senior centers. Read what participants had to say about the series.

The sessions were fun and I learned a lot. The activities were very fun and appropriate for me even though I am the youngest of the group. I feel it helps me remember faster as that is a problem I have, I can’t think fast enough but this helped me be more comfortable. I would like to attend sessions again because it helps me learn and there is a lot to learn. – J.L., Participant

I felt the Mind Fit Series sessions were excellent. I was fearful at first that I might be embarrassed about getting the questions incorrectly. But it was comfortable, and it didn’t feel like a competition since we were all working together. I learned a lot from the sessions and they felt like a refresher from what I already knew. I am looking forward to the next one. – M.S., Participant