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Home Care Assistance of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

For over fifteen years, Home Care Assistance and our experienced caregivers have served seniors and their families with exceptional home care.

We provide older adults in Santa Barbara and the broader community with one-on-one support that allows them to live safely and independently at home.

As the premier home care provider in Santa Barbara, we have the deepest employee roster of skilled and compassionate caregivers. As a result, our Client Care Managers are able to match our clients to caregivers not only based on their home care needs, but also their personalities and interests. We offer high quality assisted living where seniors most prefer: at home.

Our 24/7 Guarantee means that we will be there when you need us – days, nights and weekends. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in Santa Barbara.

We offer high quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

Hourly Care

By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines.

24 Hour Care

Those living with dementia or who are homebound due to physical limitations benefit greatly from 24 hour care.

Specialized Care

Our caregivers have experience with advanced care needs and training in the more complicated conditions that affect older adults.

Free Consultation

Your local team of Client Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan.

Concierge Support From Our Care Team.

Our Care Team members make all the difference. Each client and his or her family works with a Client Care Manager who is available to answer questions, help with care transitions and ensure our high quality standards are met throughout the length of service. We also offer clients full staffing support and community liaisons to ensure we are there to help no matter what our aging clients may need.

VNA Health's Preferred In-Home Care Provider

Home Care Assistance and VNA Health have partnered to support the evolving needs of older adults in Santa Barbara. Whether your loved one needs a little extra help at home, 24 hour support or home health and hospice, our team is here to help.

Call us today at 805-253-1589. We’re here for you 24/7.

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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Home Care Assistance

I work frequently with older adults. Many need help with activities of daily living, especially meal preparation, so I am excited to learn about the Balanced Care Method™ for caregivers. The information in the training manual about a healthy diet reflects the latest research, and the fact that it is based on the habits of the long-lived elders of Okinawa is very inspiring.


I just spoke with his resident advisor and he just raved about how well he has integrated into his dorm and life on campus. The RA said that he has made tons of friends, and "just knows everything that is happening on campus." Physically and emotionally, he is the strongest he's ever been. The doctor he saw on Saturday also agreed how well he is doing. Yesterday, he walked from the parking lot to his dorm room without his walker. His power chair skills have improved tremendously. His caregiver said that he can safely drive to the cafeteria without any assistance. Personally, I've seen him become much more responsible for himself. This leap has led to much emotional growth. I think your caregivers are doing a terrific job of providing support, without hovering. Thanks for all of your help.


I honestly do not know how I could have made it through these past weeks without all the support from you and the wonderful caregiving team you put together for me and my beloved husband. These words do not express fully my heartfelt thanks to you for all you did to make this difficult time a blessing to me.


When the floods kept our regular caregiver from coming to assist my 96-year-old mother in Ojai, Home Care Assistance provided a new caregiver who was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Marilyn, the Director of Client Services even took the train from Ventura and an Uber from Santa Barbara to make a personal visit and assessment with my mother. I can only begin to tell you how professional, efficient, and courteous these people are. Can't sing enough praises.


Home Care Assistance takes care of everything for me so I don't have to worry. They make my life easier by helping me out with things that I cannot do on my own.


After researching different companies, I found three that provided services in the Santa Barbara (and surrounding) area and interviewed all of them. The company that stood out the most was Home Care Assistance based upon their detailed responses to my page-long questions, ability to provide a customized care plan for my parent and the reasonable price for their outstanding services. It's been close to a year since I hired Home Care Assistance to provide 24/7 care for my parent. I've been extremely happy with the caregivers and, more importantly, my parent has had the same staff the entire time! The management is always more than willing to work with you to 'tweak' your client care plan based on current realities. They ensured that the staff communicated potential risks and issues that my parent experienced without hesitation. We devised a communication strategy between our Care Manager, the caregivers and my brother and I. If something happened, it was quickly communicated to the family. I was able to actively participate in the interview process for my parent's caregiver position. The Care Manager did the initial 'vetting' and let me ask a number of poignant questions. Through good times and bad, I could be assured that HCA would respond proactively and meet my family needs without hesitation. I can literally say that HCA has been there with my parent through fire, floods, family legal challenges, my parent's health problems and so much more. With all the problems I have dealt with in the past year, Home Care Assistance is the one constant I can count on. It's stressful enough to need to hire 24/7 care for a loved one. I cannot emphasize enough that hiring the right company can help alleviate some of that stress. Give them a call, it's really worth it!


I found Home Care Assistance at a time in my life where I was no longer able to do the little things that I once was able to do. They provided a caregiver that was sweet and very hardworking. She got me out of the house and has helped me to enjoy life in ways I wasn't motivated to do before. I could not recommend them enough! Thank you so much!


Home Care Assistance has been there for last two years of my life and honestly, I do not know what I would do without them. My caregivers drive me to appointments and help me understand what is going on during the appointments. My Client Care Manager is the sweetest and has been there with me for the last nine months. I would recommend this company to anyone!


Two months ago I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital and could no longer drive. My granddaughter found Home Care Assistance for me and found a very sweet young man to help me run errands around town. He has been coming three days a week and I couldn't be happier. My Staffing Manager understands when I need last-minute help and sends someone to my home. Thank you Home Care Assistance!


Over the last two years, my health has declined significantly. At one point, I couldn't even get out of bed. My daughter was living with me and doing her best to take care of me but it just wasn't working. She reached out to her friends and they told her about Home Care Assistance. One of the client care managers came out and did an assessment and the next day I was able to meet a very sweet and lovely caregiver that fit my needs. She encouraged me to go out and go for walks. Today she and I are still together and I am doing much better. I am active in the community and this is mainly thanks to Home Care Assistance. Thank you for all you do!


When I first reached out to Home Care Assistance, I did not know how much help my wife and I really needed. Our staffing manager made sure to find a caregiver that fit with us. We are so happy now that we have the perfect caregiver and couldn't imagine life without him. Thank you so much Home Care Assistance!


During the time they were with my mom, the team at Home Care Assistance showed great passion and patience with her even though at times she could try one's patience. Mom was on a walker the whole time and had to be helped in almost all of her daily activities, from getting up in the morning, fixing breakfast, pill reminders, walking every hour, bathing, and going to the bathroom. Her caregivers were always ready to help and do whatever needed to be done, even if it did not involve mom. They helped us make the house safer for my mom by giving us suggestions on how to organize the clutter in our house. They went above and beyond including arranging a cleanup day which included the help of my sister and children. This would not have happened if they didn't take the time to help us see the value of working together to make the house a safe place for mom. We feel like we can't thank them enough and this experience has shown me that there are good people out in the world who really care.


I will be forever grateful to the team at Home Care Assistance. My late partner had ALS and required care that involved use of equipment and help with everything from dressing and bathing to all daily life functions. Our Client Care Manager was sensitive to our situation and made sure we had people in our home that not only understood that task at hand, but the personal sensitivities we had living with this horrible disease. My partner passed away, but his last days were good. Much of that because of the service we got from Shari and the staff.


I reached out to Home Care Assistance immediately after being told my mother-in-law was going to be released to our care in two days for in-home hospice. Both my husband and I had not only very little time to prepare, but had no idea what to expect or what we would need. I received a call back that very evening (8 PM) and the team made arrangements to meet with us the next day to discuss care. What people don't know is that hospice provides the basics but most of the care, including day-to-day care of your loved ones, is on the family. The amount of information and preparation needed in those first days is overwhelming to say the least. Ultimately, not only are you dealing with the grief of someone who has come into your home for their last days, you are dealing with the logistics of taking care of someone who can no longer care for themselves. As part of our care plan, we were assigned a as our Care Manager. She has been a life saver, especially through the first few weeks when we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. She has been available any time and provides invaluable advice as we navigate a constantly changing situation. The team provides amazing caregivers, sometimes on short notice. We have felt relieved to have each one as part of my mother-in-law's care team and know that my mother-in-law is receiving the best care possible. It takes a special person to be able to care for someone in the last months of their lives. They need to be empathetic, warm and effective. The primary caregiver is all of this and more. Her feedback and advice makes my mother-in-law's days better and helps us improve her care as well. The team at Home Care Assistance have provided us with some relief and peace of mind through a very difficult time for my family. I can not recommend them enough.


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Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Total Peace of Mind

We understand the trust you place in us, and do everything possible to ensure that the home care experience is worry-free for all concerned.

Community Connections

We are the trusted partner of reputable care professionals in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on connecting our clients to the care solutions they need - even if it's outside our service offerings.

Elevated Quality of Life

Our Balanced Care Method™ emphasizes healthy mind, body, and spirit. We believe that with the proper care, we can help older family members live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Trusted Care Expertise

We are experts in all aspects of home care, from family dynamics to nutrition, around-the-clock care to dementia. And we train our caregivers accordingly.

Committed To Our Clients

We believe the best way to deliver exceptional care is to focus on building long-term, trusting relationships between caregivers, seniors, and their families.

High Quality Care

We go above and beyond to deliver concierge-level care for clients who want, and expect, the very best for their aging loved ones.

Are you interested in finding home care services for someone that you are close to? It is probably important for you to find a company with a great reputation that also fits within your budget. Research is crucial here. Look into each business that you are considering to find out if other people are satisfied with their services. It doesn't matter how many people you are interested in securing care for, the team at Home Care Assistance is committed to helping you and your loved one through this difficult time.

Caregiver For Your Loved Ones In The Comfort Of Their Own House in Santa Barbara California

Many older individuals first receive care at home before they make the move to an assisted living facility. This process is essential to helping them realize that they do need help and cannot be as independent as they once were. A number of businesses that provide elder care do not have insurance coverage. Therefore, it is important to find a company that you like that is also within your budget.

Senior Care

The Internet is a great resource and can help you find an appropriate facility for the person that you care about. Simply search for "elder care" and then contact the companies that you find to determine how much they charge.

Elderly Care

As was mentioned earlier, you also need to find out what their reputation is like in the community. Of course, it is also essential to visit the facility to see what is really going on there. Once you have a chance to research a variety of businesses, Home Care Assistance is sure to stand out as being an exceptional choice.

Alzheimer's Care

If you know someone with Alzheimer's Disease, you realize that it is crucial to have good care and support throughout the individual's illness. This disease is progressive and gets worse over time; eventually, the person suffering has trouble completing daily tasks and even recognizing loved ones. Their ability to be independent is compromised. Setting up good home care assistance should be a priority.

Parkinson's Care

Millions of people are suffering from Parkinson's Disease. It targets neurons in the brain that create dopamine. One of the first symptoms of Parkinson's Disease is often a tremor in one of the extremities. If one of your loved ones has Parkinson's, it is a great help to them if you are able to get them set up with care at their home so that they have assistance as the disease progresses.

Dementia Care

Memory loss is part of dementia, and that loss can be either severe or mild. Like Alzheimer's Disease, individuals suffering from dementia will have trouble recognizing friends and family members. Dementia affects people over time, and the progression is not usually that quick. There are generally seven stages.

Stroke Care

Stokes can really make it difficult for someone to live independently, depending on how severe they are. In some instances, part of the body freezes up to the point that the individual can no longer complete even simple tasks. Getting a home care professional on board to assist them going forward is very important.

Cancer Care

Cancer is a very deadly disease, and it can affect both the old and the young. If you know someone that is dealing with cancer, they might require home care assistance, depending on the type of cancer they have and what stage they are in. Sometimes, cancer spreads throughout the body. If this is the case, you want to get them set up with home healthcare as soon as possible.

About Our Caregiving Services

Why, then, should you work with Home Care Assistance? They have a lot of experience helping people that are having difficulty with routine tasks. They have learned how best to interact with both the family members of the person affected, as well as that person themselves. They take pride in providing quality care at a price that families can afford. It does not matter if your loved one is dealing with Parkinson's Disease, cancer or some other condition, Home Care Assistance can help you. Get in touch with them to find out whether they are able to work with your loved one. You'll find that the price is affordable and the services are top notch.

Home Health Care

Home Health Aid

24 Hour Care

Full time and around the clock in home caregivers are also available for elder patients. Home Care Assistance5 out of 5 stars with 14
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