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Client Testimonials

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

I could not have been happier with the care I received from Home Care Assistance in San Francisco. From start to finish, I was treated with compassion and practical help from the staff to the actual caretakers. Laurette was wonderful in helping us find the type of support we needed and she made herself available with fast and easy communication as we were working to figure out all the details and care we needed. I'm so lucky to have gotten in touch with you early on. This agency was not only a lifesaver but a true network of support when we needed it most.

N.G., San Francisco, CA

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a labor of love that can also be overwhelming and I am deeply grateful to Home Care Assistance, not only for the loving, caring, reliable Caregivers they provide, but also for the amazing support I get from the entire staff. I am specially grateful to the Director of Client Care and to the Staffing Manager, for always being available and supportive, no matter how challenging the situation may be. Thank you Home Care Assistance, for making my journey less overwhelming and much more a labor of love.

V.R., San Francisco, CA

After talking on the phone to one of the HCA SF’s employees, I knew that this would be the right move for my parents. I'm happy to report that I was right. The caregivers have helped my parents so much and they live such a better quality of life now. I highly recommend to anyone with aging parents who want more out of life.

A.B., San Francisco, CA

Home Care Assistance is a great business. My mother recently had a stroke. She needed 24 hour care for several weeks after she was released from the hospital. I called Home Care Assistance after researching and calling a number of different care providers in the Bay Area. I found HCA to be significantly better than many of the other places I contacted. They were more responsive and more helpful from the very beginning. When I first called, I spoke with the owner, Kathy Johnson. She treated me with compassion and took the time to listen to what I needed and to give me advice and encouragement. She set me up in under 48 hours (yes, I waited until the last minute!) with wonderful caregivers who were extremely competent, warm, trustworthy, intelligent and easy to work with. My mother took to all but one of them -- a personality clash, mostly, I think. When I called Kathy to ask if she could substitute a different person, she did so immediately. I was very impressed with the quality of the caregivers -- I've encountered other caregivers in other situations with friends and relatives and I really think the ones Home Care Assistance employs are a cut above the usual.

N.G., Sausalito, CA

When embarking on the difficult process of finding care for my elderly parents, I was pleased to have found Home Care Assistance. The service is incredible and friendly and my parents couldn't be happier. It was the best decision I have made.

A.D., San Francisco, CA

From a caregiver's point of view I can proudly say I work for Home Care Assistance. They took me on their team as I was still halfway through my nursing program. Home care assistance typically takes on those who have professional experience either in nursing or certified nursing assistants, so you'll always know you're in good hands. Working with home care I'm able to work flexible hours, give feedback to my managers, and most importantly build amazing relationships with my clients and family whom I work for. I honestly can say I feel like I'm making a difference in those lives I work with. From helping with activities of daily living, to meal preparations, medication reminders and even just having someone there or someone to talk to those are just a few of the things that make up my day with my clients. Never have I worked with a company who truly goes above and beyond for the people the work for. I would not work for a company whose beliefs didn't match my own. I've learned so much working not only for Home Care Assistance but with my clients as well everyday is a new day! I highly recommend those who are looking to align themselves with a company that appreciates their employees. I also recommend looking into this company for your loved one as well!

K.C., San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much. You've been so helpful - I'm so lucky to have gotten in touch with you early on. From your prompt and personal attention, to the high quality of each and every caretaker, your agency was not only a lifesaver but a true network of support when we needed it most.

N.G., San Francisco, CA

We are here to help.

The people at Home Care Assistance were - by far - one of the most professional, hard-working groups I have ever worked with. When I was faced with a last-second need for 24-hour home care for a friend late on a Saturday afternoon, the HCA team immediately responded to my call. Within just a couple of hours, they had secured the unique details of what we needed, sent out a site inspector to ensure everything was set up properly for the patient, and had the caregiver ready and waiting when the patient came home. They even suggested we get a wheelchair (a terrific idea) and sourced an economical alternative and arranged for it to be delivered.

The real test came within 24 hours when the HCA caregiver noticed the patient was having extraordinary distress and called the ambulance. He started suffering seizures when the medics arrived and it is clear that the fast-thinking HCA caregiver saved his life.

I cannot thank the people at HCA enough. Their prompt, caring attention not only resolved a bad problem for us, but literally was a life-saver. Everyone in the process was wonderful to work with, from Elizabeth who provided all the coordination, to Al, who made the site visit, to the caregivers Marilie and Christiana. I recommend this service very highly - to the sky and beyond - for their terrific work.

S.M., San Francisco, CA

When our father, 93, began his slide into dementia, we tried a number of services in the Bay Area to find in-home care. The quality of HCA home care assistants were head and shoulders above the rest, the administrative staff far superior, and we now rely on them exclusively. To have someone like HCA to rely on is truly a godsend, especially with the family living far away. We recommend them enthusiastically and without question!

T.M., Greenwich, CT

How do you review an organization that has helped you through the most difficult time of your life? Johnell and the care givers she sent to us were fabulous.

My mother came home for hospice care. Johnell and her team got ramped up within 24 hours to ensure that there was a care giver with her 24/7. With one exception, each woman that came was understanding, patient and so very compassionate. The two women who came for the last hours of my mother's life were so very supportive (Theresa & Elizabeth, I will forever be grateful).

I would recommend this group to anyone looking for in-home care for a loved one. I will also forever remember how wonderful the team treated me, my family, and my beloved mother. Words cannot express my true feelings.

E.L., San Francisco, CA

I am a wildly happy caregiver with HCA-San Francisco, and have worked in the HCA system for 3 years now. I started with HCA-Alamo and worked full-time with an Alzheimer case for 15 months, including some 4 other clients on short hours in the same period. I moved to HCA-SF where I was assigned to 2 cases, and finally landed on taking care of an adorable and sweet 103-yr old client whom I love and really care about so much. HCA-SF's Laurette and Maya have consistently provided very attentive and professional care, I suppose even before I came to the SF office. I have very clear communication lines with them, not to mention HCA's back office, which takes care of my employee benefits, payroll, and other admin requirements. I must say, HCA-SF allows me to exercise my self-expression, with my personal and professional values linked to helping other people succeed. HCA gives me that leeway to stretch my creativity and talent in providing effective service to our clients. I must say, HCA is home to me.

J.M., Rodeo, CA

I had a very positive experience with this agency - everyone from administration to caregivers was wonderful. I needed to arrange for home help rather than medical care after surgery and couldn't find any organization that offered what I needed. Luckily, I was referred to Home Care Assistance.My daughter's father had to cancel his overnight stay (while I was in the hospital) in the 12th hour because he got sick. Even with almost no lead time, the staff came through and found help.

When I awoke from surgery, I found a voice message on my phone saying they found a caregiver to come over and spend the night at our house so my daughter would not be alone. She was very kind and comforted her, keeping her company and making her a little dinner. The agency then sent me two lovely caregivers for the following two days. They were really happy to help out and did things in the house for me with a great spirit of helpfulness and a willing work ethic.

I have nothing but nice things to say about this company and its extraordinary caregivers. They are very well organized, professional, flexible and most of all, very decent human beings. If I could give them a '10' rating, I certainly would!"

S.B., San Francisco, CA

We have relied on Home Care Assistance for almost two years to care for a family member with memory and behavioral issues. Home Care Assistance has consistently succeeded in matching the caregiving professionals with our family member's specific needs and characteristics. The caregivers are reliable, compassionate, trustworthy. They really care about the health and welfare of our family member. It is very difficult to have a family member progress through memory loss and physical decline. Even more so when there are challenging behaviors associated with this decline. The staff at Home Care Assistance really understands the toll it takes on the family as well as in the individual. They have been very supportive and caring through this difficult time.