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San Francisco’s First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

My name is Laurette Foggini, Director of Operations for Home Care Assistance. I am here to help you navigate the challenges of caring for your aging loved one.

I settled down in San Francisco in 2000 and became an active volunteer in the senior community. I'm also a long-distance caregiver for my own family in New York. I understand how difficult it can be to feel like you’re making the right decisions for your loved one’s care. We're here to tell you that you're not alone in this journey.

Our San Francisco team is a multi-cultural and talented group of professionals. We bring integrity, respect, professionalism and fun to everything we do. Meeting the individual needs of each family is our top priority.

We hire, train and manage caregivers who share our passion. Making a good match between a caregiver and a client is both an art and science. As a team, it is our goal to understand and master the dynamics that result in a perfect fit.

A member of our care team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Together, we can help your loved one stay safe and engaged at home. Welcome to the San Francisco Team, where our promise is to treat you and your family like our own!

We offer high quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

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A new approach to promoting cognitive vitality. Take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs in the familiar home environment.

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-- Happy Person

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A true network of support when we needed i...

I could not have been happier with the care I received from Home Care Assistance in San Francisco. From start to finish, I was treated with compassion and given practical help from the staff and caregivers. Laurette was wonderful ...

-- N.G. San Francisco, CA
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Thank you for making my journey less overw...

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a labor of love that can also be overwhelming. I am deeply grateful to Home Care Assistance for the loving, caring, reliable caregivers they provide and for the amazing support I get from th...

-- V.R. San Francisco, CA
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I knew they would be the right fit for my ...

After talking on the phone to one Home Care Assistance's employees, I knew they would be the right fit for my parents. I'm happy to report that I was right. The caregivers have helped my parents so much and their quality of life...

-- A.B. San Francisco, CA
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Trustwothy, intelligent and easy to work w...

My mother recently had a stroke and needed 24-hour care for several weeks after she was released from the hospital. I called Home Care Assistance after researching and calling a number of different care providers in the Bay Area. ...

-- N.G. Sausalito, CA
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My parents couldn't be happier.

When embarking on the difficult process of finding care for my elderly parents, I was pleased to have found Home Care Assistance. The service is incredible and friendly and my parents couldn't be happier. It was the best decision...

-- A.D. San Francisco, CA
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I feel like I'm making a difference in the...

From a caregivers point of view, I am proud to say that I work for Home Care Assistance. I honestly feel like I'm making a difference in the lives of those I work with. My day with a client can include everything from helping wit...

-- K.C. San Francisco, CA

The Home Care Assistance Advantage

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Why Choose Home Care Assistance

We strive to provide the best concierge-level, customized service for older adults. Here are a few reasons, among many others:

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Daily Care Experts

We specialize in around the clock care to help seniors live well at home.


Available 24/7

Care managers are on call for clients and their families, even during nights and weekends.


High Caliber Caregivers

We typically hire only 1 in 25 applicants and provide ongoing training and supervision.


Balanced Care

Our unique approach to care promotes healthy mind, body and spirit.

No Contract

No Long Term Contracts

Use our services only as long as you're 100% satisfied.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Independent industry surveys place our client satisfaction rate at 97%.

A Trusted Partner

A Trusted Partner

We're honored to be Preferred Providers for professionals in both the medical and senior communities.

Cognitive Therapeutics

Cognitive Therapeutics

Our proprietary cognitive stimulation program addresses cognitive decline, building on our expertise in brain health.

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2001 Van Ness
San Francisco CA 94109
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Hear From Our Team

Meet the San Francisco Team

Catherine Reid

Lead Client Care Manager

Catherine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has 18 years experience in the field of Geriatrics. A native New Yorker, she is a graduate of Fordham University, Lincoln Center and the Graduate School of Social Service. Her passion for seniors started at an early age, sneaking out to visit all the "grandmas" of the neighborhood. She has clinical and management experience in both skilled nursing facilities and home care. Catherine loves assessing clients and meeting with families. Her favorite part is learning who the client is, their family/career history and life story. She also enjoys clinical supervision and mentoring her team. When she is not working, she loves spending time with her family.

Denise Alexander

Staffing Manager

Denise Alexander has over 12 years of experience in the health care industry. She ensures that each caregiver's skillset is properly matched to the specific needs of each client. Denise is passionate about training and managing Staffing Coordinators. Her highest priority is ensuring that all clients receive the highest level of care. Working with seniors brings Denise a sense of gratitude. Knowing she has made a difference in someone's life is what keeps her motivated.

Cesar Cuadra

Caregiver Recruiter

Cesar oversees the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of new caregivers. His professional focus has been in the field of public health. Cesar has served as a health educator, patient advocate, and community-based researcher. He commits himself to health care and the aging population. Cesar recently graduated from the University of San Francisco, where he obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. His work philosophy centers around integrating strong values and ethics in care provision. Seeking caregivers that are equally aligned with this philosophy drives his recruitment efforts. Cesar is proud to provide seniors in his community with the highest quality care.

Kirstie Basnet

Client Care Manager

Kirstie has worked in the senior care industry for almost 10 years. She decided to make this her career thanks to her compassion and love for aging adults. Kirstie has worked in several different fields within the scope of senior care, including administrative work, resident care liaison, and marketing. For the past five years, Kirstie has dedicated her efforts to developing programs in memory care and independent/assisted living communities aimed at enriching the quality of life for their residents. She brings love and compassion for creating situations that allow seniors to thrive and regain their independence to her role with Home Care Assistance.

Dominique Lopez

Client Care Manager

Dominique has been in the industry since September 2017. Her area of expertise is navigating through various family dynamics to provide the right care for her clients. Dominique was previously a Client Care manager at another home care agency and she also provided client care management. When coupled with years of experience in sales, the combo has afforded her opportunities to work within varying parameters and with many different personalities. This has allowed her success in being able to connect with people from different backgrounds to achieve optimal results.

Dominique’s philosophy is to look for opportunities to leave the world a better place and commit a random act of kindness each day; you never know what others are going through and a smile or positive comment goes a long way. She enjoys her job because she is making a positive difference and being a useful resource for people and families that need assistance. Dominique enjoys working with seniors because it gives her perspective and she loves learning about their lives and experiences.

Joseph Munoz

Client Care Advisor

Joseph brings ten years of customer service experience to his role at Home Care Assistance. His love for helping clients and the ability to personally make a difference in someone's life is what motivates him. Joseph loves working with each client to help find the best solution for their needs. Relieving stress from families and helping seniors remain in their homes with proper care is what he finds most fulfilling in his role. His goal daily is to change the lives he comes across on each phone call and ensure they have the care needed. He looks forward to making a difference in the lives of local seniors!

Ty’riek Layne

Client Care Advisor

Ty'riek "Ty" Layne has worked for Home Care Assistance for almost three years in a variety of departments. He began as a Staffing Manager and was then promoted to Client Care Manager He is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Biological and Medical Sciences with the goal of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. He would like to use his skills to improve the lives of those around him and decrease the health disparities within various underserved communities. Ty understands that care is not always easy to accept or cope with, so he is honored to be apart of providing families with the best experience possible.

Julia Jenkins

Client Care Advisor

Julia has worked in the home care industry since 2017 and enjoys making a positive impact on families during their search for home care. She is passionate about guiding families through what can seem like a daunting process and helping to make the process as pleasant and easy as possible. Julia strives to lead a balanced and holistic lifestyle and feels very passionate about our Balanced Care Method’s focus on holistic care. She loves knowing our clients are being cared for in this way and that we care for them in all areas of their lives. Making a difference in the lives of seniors in her community puts a smile on her face every day!

James Ferlin

Care Advisor

James brings over 15 years of customer service experience to his position at Home Care Assistance. He prides himself on his ability to provide quality customer service and understand the needs of those he serves. He has a genuine passion for helping people, which is what drew him to the home care industry. He looks forward to making a difference in the lives of seniors and their loved ones every day.

Yvonne Razo

Care Advisor

Yvonne has over ten years of experience in the medical field, working for a large in-home respiratory provider. She worked closely with physicians and hospitals to provide life-sustaining equipment dedicated to keeping aging seniors in their own homes. Yvonne is skilled at working with clients’ loved ones to help ensure an easy transition even though the seniors may have difficult health issues. She finds fulfillment in knowing that working in the home care field makes a difference in clients’ lives in a time of need.

Laura Contreras

Care Advisor

Laura has over a decade of experience in the medical field, where she has served as a medical assistant and front office manager. She is a certified MA with the state of California and worked for 10 years with an Internal Medicine DR who specialized in Geriatrics. Laura enjoys helping families and making them aware of all the options they have regarding home care. She hopes to help seniors live safely and independently at home.

Jesse Walters

Regional Director

Jesse is a recognized leader in the home care industry and brings a wealth of professional strengths and industry experience to Home Care Assistance. He has over 12 years of experience in managing, leading and building cohesive teams. He had deep community ties and a network spanning from Palo Alto to Alamo.

Jesse’s expertise in care management is equally matched by his commitment to clients and families. Jesse approaches each unique care situation with a level-headed perspective and clarity. His clients are confident in his advice and ability to handle difficult situations and resolve conflicts.

Elizabeth Johnstone

Client Care Manager

Elizabeth worked, studied and volunteered in the medical field for 12 years. At UC San Diego and UC San Francisco, she concentrated on neuroscience research and clinical psychiatry. She also has a Master’s degree in Archaeology and has participated in excavations in Spain and Italy. What she likes most about being a Client Care Manager is drawing on her diverse education to approach the complex issues which arise regularly with clients, families, and caregivers. This includes considering the personality and family dynamics of each client so that decisions made in the office will translate into fulfilling their personal wishes for home care. When she’s not working, Elizabeth likes to travel and continue her studies of archaeology, art history and Italian.

Akina Magpayo

Staffing Manager

Akina's area of expertise is in sales, management and staffing. Her degree is a BS of Nursing, which is helpful in her positions as she works with hiring and training caregivers to have the skills needed to take the best care of her clients as possible. Akina has 4 years of experience in her field.

Al Oliveros

Home Care Liaison

Al Oliveros brings over ten years of professional experience in the senior care industry to his role as Home Care Liaison. Prior to Home Care Assistance, he worked as a program and activities director for a senior living home in Los Angeles. Since his move to Northern California, Al has helped hundreds of seniors and their families navigate the home care maze with ease. His passion for helping older adults maintain their independence and extensive experience in senior care are invaluable to San Francisco’s senior population.

Dulce Coleman

Recruiting & HR Manager

Dulce comes with 14 years of professional experience in staffing and over four years experience in caregiver recruitment. She has worked in several health care settings such as skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and home care agencies. She brings her many years of experience to her current role as a Recruitment and HR Manager, ensuring we hire only the best caregivers in the field while ensuring they meet all the state requirements and compliance standards.

Laurette Foggini

Head of Operations

Laurette brings nearly a decade of experience in home care to her position as Head of Operations. A world traveler, Laurette settled down in San Francisco in 2000 where she became an active volunteer in the senior community. She pursued her passion as Director of Client Experience for a home care agency where she oversaw the care provided to clients and their families. Laurette has extensive knowledge on home care and support services in San Francisco and years of professional experience working with clients’ needs and preferences. As a long-distance caregiver to her family in New York, she is very understanding and empathetic to the challenges of caring for a loved one. Laurette manages the San Francisco team where the motto is integrity, passion, respect, professionalism and fun!

Maya Cada

Lead Staffing Manager

Maya has been a Staffing Manager for eleven years and has experience working with agencies in San Francisco and Daly City. Maya is fluent in both Tagalog and English and is very adept at counseling, supporting and managing the caregiver team. Known as Ms. "No Problem In This House", Maya tackles the trickiest staffing assignments with calm and ease. Maya's enthusiasm for her work goes beyond staffing cases as she enjoys cooking and is often whipping up delicacies for caregivers and clients. In her free time, Maya visits caregivers in the field to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries and enjoys making them feel appreciated. The greatest reward to Maya is when a caregiver or client calls and shares that the match she made is perfect, confirming that she is thriving in this challenging role.

Tyrone Nacion

Staffing Manager

Tyrone joined as a Staffing Manager in late 2017. Previously, he was one of Home Care Assistance's star caregivers, working with multiple clients. Every client came back with the same feedback about Tyrone, "he's intuitive, kind, reliable and caring." When a position opened up as a staffing manager at the San Francisco, the team had no doubt they wanted him to join the office. Tyrone's caregiver knowledge has been invaluable in his role as a staffing manager. In addition, Tyrone honed his ability to multi-task after working as a Customer Support Specialist at a Help Center. When not working, Tyrone likes to sing Karaoke and meet new people.

Yasmin Bahl

Home Care Liaison

As the Home Care Liaison for Home Care Assistance in San Francisco, Yasmin Bahl will coordinate home care services for patients leaving the local hospitals, educate the community partners like Home Health, Hospice and Geriatric Care Managers and many more on Home Care Assistance’s innovative approach to in home care.

Yasmin has over a decade of healthcare business development experience. In her last position at Hennessey Wellness, an ambitious startup, she headed Business Development and Sales. She spent a lot of time working at UCSF with the surgeons, the nurses, patient educators and the case managers. In the small team she worked to solve the difficulties surrounding transitional care after an acute hospitalization; mainly after surgery. The aim was to reduce the stress involved in this complex process, improve the ultimate outcome for the patient, and avoid readmission.

While at Hennessey Wellness, Yasmin created several high-value relationships with top Bay Area hospitals including UCSF, Marin General, St. Francis Medical Center, Concierge physician practices and home health companies.

Yasmin’s experiences have given her a flexible, creative, and tenacious ability to meet challenges and get the job done. Yasmin strives to make a difference in the San Francisco senior community. Her mission is truly to help people, and add value wherever possible. On a personal note, Yasmin was born and raised in England and traveled extensively. She is a mountain climber and explorer by nature.

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Resource Downloads

We strive to inform and educate. Here is a small sample of resources we have to offer to help you make the best decision for your family.

Home Care Assistance Offers Home Care Services

When you need home care services for your loved ones, you need to look for a service provider who can give you the required quality of services at a price that is affordable. When you are looking for such services make sure that you review each of them and ensure that they have a good reputation in the community you live in. Home Care assistance professionals can be trusted to provide the required professional care for just one elderly individual or any number of them who need their help.

Caregiver For Your Loved Ones In The Comfort Of Their Own House in San Francisco & Bay Area

Elderly parents or others may need to go through a transitional period prior to moving to an assisted living facility and will require home care during this period. It helps them to get used to the idea that they are now not able to live by themselves any longer. Businesses that offer you these type of services are rarely covered by any insurance. This is the reason why you need to find a home care service that is affordable.

Senior Care

Search online for the sources that can provide you with care for the senior and elderly. Look for companies that can provide home care for the elderly, and get quotations from all of those whom you shortlist.

Elderly Care

See that you are able to validate their services and reputation. Inspect their facilities for better verification. Once you have made an evaluation of all these businesses you will likely find that Home Care Assistance is the one that has professionals that can offer you the best deal.

Alzheimer's Care

Your loved ones, who are Alzheimer's sufferers require a high quality of support. It is a disease that is debilitating and can affect the sufferer's ability to recognize people around and affect other functional abilities. These persons may not be able to do anything by themselves. This makes it necessary to find companies that can provide home care assistance from qualified professionals.

Parkinson's Care

This is a neurodegenerative disease that millions of people suffer from. It has an effect on the neurons that are responsible for producing the dopamine that is required by the brain. Tremors in the hands are one of the symptoms of this disease that goes through five stages of disability. When your loved ones are diagnosed with this condition, you will do well to provide them with living assistance at their home as this can be the best form of help.

Dementia Care

Dementia sufferers are afflicted by memory loss that can be mild to severe. Those suffering from this disease will be unable to at times, be unable to recognize their own family members and others around them. This disease works slowly and goes through seven stages, and ultimately will lead to the sufferer being unable to recognize anybody.

Stroke Care

When a person suffers a stroke they often become so debilitated that they are unable to move by themselves. At times, one part of their body gets frozen, and this prevents them from performing even simple activities. That is when you need to find a professional in home care who can help them as needed.

Cancer Care

Cancer affects both the elderly and young and is the most dangerous condition. When you have someone in the home who has been affected by cancer, this person will need home care assistance. Cancer can spread all through the lymphatic system or be in the body in the form of tumors. If your family member has this diease, you need to make getting of adequate health care at home, a top priority.

About Our Caregiving Services

Home Care Assistance has been providing all these services for a number of years, and this must make it a reason for your choosing them. They have an approach that specifically allows them to work directly with all the members of the family and those that require care, and all of this at an affordable price. Whether your family member is a sufferer of Alzheimer's, dementia, or even if they have had a stroke, you will definitely find it in your interest to contact this business. Their ability to do so has to be a reason for you to avail their services, more so, because they are cost-effective and professional.

Home Health Care

Home Health Aid

24 Hour Care

Full time and around the clock caregivers are also available for elder patients.

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