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Client Testimonials

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

I can't say enough good things about Home Care Assistance of Pembroke Pines. The owners Matt and Mariela are both knowledgeable and committed to providing the best care possible for their clients. They understood my Mom's needs and careful consideration was given in selecting her caregiver. We have a wonderful compassionate caregiver who treats my Mom with kindness and respect. It is so reassuring knowing my Mom is being well cared for when I can't be there. I highly recommend Home Care Assistance. Thank you. You have made a difference in our lives.

Susan M., Current Client

Home Care Assistance is caring, responsible, and they go above and beyond just the vendor relationship. Home Care Assistance has made my life much easier by handling the medication and getting that organized, which is really good. I like that they are local and five minutes from my mother, that is a very positive thing. They give me peace of mind. When the caregivers notice something that is amiss, they call and tell me. The caregivers have been able to do what my mom needs without any issue. They provide company, train up her house, take her to appointments, and do a lot of care. The caregivers show that they care by being kind and nice to my mom. I hear positive things. The office is helpful by calling me and telling me if my mom sees unhappy and we talk about it. The caregivers are good matches because I’ve heard no complaints from my mom.

Gail S., Current Client

Home Care Assistance follows up on everything. They make sure that everything is okay. The caregiver is on top of everything and puts notes in the caregiver manual. I can look at that each day as well and can see that they provide great care for grandmother. The office texts me and emails with the invoices. They call me when certain things come up and they are quick. Home Care Assistance introduces me to the caregiver and brings her over. We make sure everything is good before bringing the caregiver in permanently.

Steve M., Current Client

Home Care Assistance is professional and reliable. Home Care Assistance is exactly what the client needs at her stage in life. The caregivers are kind, gentle, and careful towards my mother. The office staff checks in and is responsive to our requests. I highly recommend their services.

Dina H., Current Client

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Home Care Assistance is always aware of the employees and their punctuality. They make sure that the care is adequate for the client and that their needs are taken of. The caregiver is always aware of her client and his Alzheimer’s. She knows his moods and looks for activities to do with him. Home Care Assistance is very responsible and they are always ready to help the clients. I highly recommend their services.

Jaime and Myrna V., Current Client

Probably the best elder care mgmt company I have come across in South Florida. Matt and his wife run a first class company and I would recommend them to anyone in need of home health care. They care, more than anything else, they care. Matt is one of the most caring people I have ever met while working with Home Care Assistance. Running a home care agency is hard work. Most times it’s a thankless job. Matt placed a great caregiver in my parents home in Pembroke Pines and was always there to help them with the smallest of issues. I highly recommend their agency for anyone needing in home care.

Gary H., Former Client

I appreciated Home Care Assistance’s customer service, follow up, and loved who they paired my mother-in-law with. The match was perfect the first time. The caregiver was great, she was extremely considerate. She used her authority to get the patient to do things that we the family couldn’t. She got her to eat and took her out. We could see the patient was happy when the caregiver was around. The caregiver was very empathetic towards me and was sympathetic towards our situation. We also loved the office staff, they always followed up, they would come and visit, so they created trust. Unfortunately, we had to relocate our mother-in-law, but we would still highly recommend their services.

Charmene and Lily O., Former Client

Home Care Assistance was very good at matching a caregiver up with my mom. They were very conscientious about my mom’s needs. Home Care Assistance was appropriate for my mom and they were what I needed at the time to take care of my mom. The caregiver was on time and she stayed after for my mom’s chemo with her. The caregiver went above and beyond. Also, the Client Care Manager always got back with me right away, made sure I didn’t need help, and was very accessible 24/7.

Elsa M., Former Client