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Client Testimonials

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Home Care Assistance was such a blessing during a very difficult time for our family. We found ourselves suddenly needing assistance with my father on very short notice. My father didn't need care for very long but during the short time he was cared for, we could not have asked for a better experience. The caregivers not only took great care of my father, but they were excellent communicators and sent me text updates so that I could relax at work knowing he was ok. They even cleaned out his fridge and decluttered his kitchen, which was a task I have been trying to tackle for a long time but was always barred by my father! I cannot express how much of a godsend Home Care Assistance was for us. Now that my father is better and just needs a little help, we have set it up so that someone will come once a week to help him with various tasks like shopping, laundry, etc. I highly recommend Home Care Assistance.

E.H., Menlo Park, CA

My husband is disabled and we needed a caregiver three afternoons a week to give me a break. The case manager listened to what services we needed and found a very capable caregiver. Then when my mother-in-law needed someone to help her, we immediately set up an appointment for her to talk to Home Care Assistance. She now has an aide and is very satisfied. Our caregivers are now like members of the family. We have a routine and I am able to go out without worrying about my loved ones' safety or care.

F.S., Sunnyvale, CA

We were impressed when Home Care Assistance provided us service overnight. Our caregiver was very prompt and helpful when it came to preparing meals and coaching on exercise and nutrition. She even went beyond the call of duty to feed the cats and empty the litter box. By the end of the two weeks, she was great friends with my wife; they enjoyed rearranging the house and wrapping Christmas presents together. When my wife recovered from her illness, we hated to see her caregiver go.

S.W., Redwood City, CA

Last year my mom fell and received a new diagnosis of dementia in addition to her mild Alzheimer’s disease. She required care while I worked but daycare programs were too lengthy and boring for her. Home Care Assistance stood out because they have a program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™. My mother was interviewed about her interests and abilities and matched with a interventionist who developed a program especially for her. She enjoys the stimulating puzzles and word games, in addition to music and physical exercise. This service has been a godsend for both her and me. She is calm and content when I return home from work. I have not had calls from caregivers, police, firefighters, or EMT’s at work to intervene with my mom’s behavior. She accepted the interventionist from the start and works with her without problems. These people are true professionals and I cannot thank them enough for being able to handle her care while I am at work.

M.F., Los Altos Hills, CA

We had to hire an agency to help us with long-distance elder care and we needed 24/7 assistance. The staff at Home Care Assistance was always responsive to our needs regardless of the time or day. The caregivers were all terrific. Doing all of this from 1,000 miles away was not easy and Home Care Assistance made things as easy on us as possible. Their kindness, professionalism, responsiveness, and compassion truly stood out.

G.S., Portland, OR

We are here to help.

The Home Care Assistance staff was so impressively attentive! They returned my call the same day I called about my 92-year-old mother, who needed help in the Rossmoor Retirement Community in Walnut Creek, CA. We set up a meeting at my mother's condo in Rossmoor and the respiratory therapist on staff was set up for three days a week. The first day my mom and my sister (a nurse) met her, both thought she would be perfect. She came to my mother's condo on Tuesday for her first day and they both got along perfectly; she was a great fit for us and reasonably priced. Unfortunately for all of us, my mother passed away comfortably with all of us at her bedside the next evening. We were hoping to have a longer relationship with Home Care Assistance but from what we saw, this is the best home assistance around, especially regarding high-quality care and dignity for clients.


Please know how much I appreciate the efforts of that I received from Home Care Assistance, who collected and stored donations on behalf of the Tubbs fire victims and from Swinerton Builders who coordinated, picked up and delivered all of the donations. Immediately after the Northern CA fire took its toll on Santa Rosa, Home Care Assistance graciously “put out the word” that they were accepting donations for the fire victims. However, many of the fire victims that needed help were not ready to take much of anything, until they had a place to live. This caused several of Home Care Assistance's offices to become storage areas for a huge amount of donations that nobody seemed to want. I became aware of this issue and wanted to help turn this problem into a good thing. I knew so many people who were going to need these items, especially when they were finally settled into new homes. In addition to the donations from Home Care, I received 2-3 apartments worth of furniture and household items donated by Swinerton Builders. The best part is that Swinerton came through and delivered everything! Two months later, most of the fire victims have found long-term temporary housing and I have already been able to distribute approximately 75% of the donations to 10-12 families that lost everything. None of this could have happened without your help and for that, I am forever grateful.


Home Care Assistance provides superior care. They have a team of devoted employees who genuinely care about their clients and go above and beyond to ensure they match a caregiver to the client for optimum satisfaction on both parts. The staff is exceptionally attentive and simply lovely to work with. Stop by the office, attend one of their many social events, and/or give them a call if looking for services. They don't disappoint. Their team of dedicated, attentive, kind, skilled individuals will welcome you into their family to provide the highest quality of care just as they would had you been family by birth.


My mother was a very active senior but when her back pain became too great, she had to scale back and we needed to find in home care for her. Over the past three years, we have had a range of care situations from four hours a day for a few days per week up to 24/7 care. I cannot say enough good things about Home Care Assistance. I have had to manage my mom's needs remotely and they have gone so far above and beyond in my mom's care that it has been a huge weight off of my mind. The caregivers truly do care and are all willing to go the extra mile for her. The administrators have been warm, professional and very responsive to changes in her needs.


Home Care Assistance did an outstanding job caring for my mother during the last three months of her life. From the beginning,the staff was supportive, responsive, flexible, and kind as we dealt with the many challenges facing my mother on a daily basis. They created a team of highly trained CNAs, who demonstrated over and over their dedication to making sure that my mother's needs were met. Before my mother passed away, she shared with me the deep appreciation she felt with the agency's efforts made on her behalf. She said she was very happy with the care she received. I will always be grateful for their respectful, compassionate care that made an absolute difference in my mother's life.