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Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in Franklin Ohio

As we age, there may become a time when we are unable to fully care for ourselves. And while this can be a scary situation, it is something that should be considered, especially for aging parents. Many of us, need to work and are unable to provide the type of care of parents need for comfort and safety. Yet, you want your parents to be happy in their later years and need to find a solution. Home Care Assistance has been providing that very solution for families who are in need of help to provide the best care. All of our caregivers are trained in to be responsive and efficient. Lat’s take a few moments to see the types of services that are offered by Home Care Assistance.

Elderly Care

Home Care Assistance strives to provide round the clock services for patients and family. We offer several services that allow for a sense of normal life including eating, dressing and basic grooming. In addition, we strive to provide more advanced services for individuals and families who may need them.

Home Health Care

Our caregivers are trained to help your loved ones work toward the goal of returning to their normal lifestyle as quickly as possible and will work with them toward that goal. Our professional team of caregivers will do everything in their power to provide a higher quality of life for your loved ones.


Home Care Assistance is able to provide your loved ones with that added bit of health for normal activities. This could be something as simple as going to the store or ensuring they are getting the proper amount of exercise or right levels of medication. While there is a need to maintain a sense of professionalism, they are also there to be a friend and companion to your loved one.

In-Home Care

If you have a loved one who was recently discharged from a hospital pr rehab facility, they may need a little extra care. Many times when a elderly patient is discharged from a facility, they may see their health continue to deteriorate. When you have the professionals of Home Care Assistance working with you, that is unlikely to happen. We never even consider the patient’s condition before we make an initial visit. Our only goal is to help the individual regain a sense of freedom and improve their overall quality of life.

Senior Care

If your one desire is to find a caregiver that is going to be able to provide the same level of kindness and care as you could, you have found the right company! Our team of professionals will be there to ensure your loved ones get the quality care they need and deserve. We truly understand that there are times when a family cannot be there to provide the level of care that is needed.

Home Health Aides

Many people are forced to work on a daily basis just to make ends meet, leaving many senior citizens home alone. A home health aide service allows for your loved ones to remain in the home while still ensuring them of proper meals, activities and other essential elements.

Dementia Care

For families who have a loved one dealing with dementia it can be a truly difficult time, many individuals do not know how to properly care for individuals diagnosed with dementia. Home Care Assistance can provide a professional caregiver who knows exactly how to care for individuals with dementia. Our caregivers will work with your loved one at a pace that is comfortable for them offer and the best chance of recovery.

Cancer Care

Cancer is truly one of the world’s worst diseases. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, it is time to give us a call and allow us to help you and your family. Several types of solutions are available from Home Care Assistance. We offer several basic services which can include bringing your loved one to chemotherapy treatments or offering them the physical support that is needed for their rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide an environment that is going to make them as comfortable as possible.

Stroke Care

Strokes have the ability to take so many things away from a patient. Home Care Assistance professionals are fully trained to offer stroke victims the solutions that are needed to help them regain their cognitive, emotional and physical abilities. It is not are concerned to worry about the patients condition beforehand, we are only concerned with ensuring that they are provided the ultimate support and relief.

Parkinson’s Care

Home Care Assistance is proud to announce their affiliation with the National Parkinson’s Foundation. Our partnership with this foundation ensures that we have the ability to take the best care of patients affected with Parkinson’s. Our caregivers have been properly trained to work with individuals and offer your loved one the right type of care. Our staff have been thoroughly trained in various techniques to bring the ultimate sense of caring to your loved one.

24 Hour Home Care

In many cases, families feel much more comfortable if an individual is able to provide companionship for their loved one 24 hours a day, this is a service we are proud to offer. In fact, our caregivers provide daily care are some of the best in the profession. They will take the time to monitor the overall health of the client as well as ensure that their medications are taken on time and in the right quantity.

Alzheimer’s Care

Individuals who have been diagnosed without timers or dimension face a good deal of difficulty throughout their daily lives as they tend to forget many important facts and tasks. These individuals need to have a caregiver who will be able to sit through them throughout the day to ensure they do not forget these essential tasks. While some could see this as a rather time-consuming task, we believe it is one of the reasons we are in operation. Our primary goal is to ensure that your loved ones are comfortable and well cared for. We are never going to consider dates or times when caring for elderly, our only goal is comfort and care.

Why Home Care Assistance Is The Absolute Best Choice

If there is one thing in life you need to be concerned about it is that of elderly care for your parents and loved ones. While there are a handful of other services you can choose from and compared to us, we guarantee that we are going to offer best service possible. Simply take a look at some of the other benefits that should be considered while choosing our service:

– We offer complete 24 hour service that is available seven days a week. We do not believe in taking a day off for any type of holiday or festival, our only concern is providing care for your loved ones. Our main goal has been and always will be offering quality care.

– You will never be forced to sign a long-term contract with us. For whatever reason, you will be able to sever the relationship with us with no hard feelings.

– Our staff has been trained to understand medical terminology in an effort to provide high quality care for a wide variety of situations.

– We strive to offer the complete and balanced care package for all of our clients. We believe that it is essential for patients to get not only quality physical care but mental care as well.

If you have a loved one at home who needs traditional care or more advanced care, please give us a call and allow us to give them the care they need.

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