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Immunity and Alzheimer's: Your Brain's Healing Process

How does our brain’s immune system impact our risk for Alzheimer’s disease? This recent research explores the connection between immunity and Alzheimer’s.

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Should I Hire a Private Caregiver or Use an Agency?

Using private caregivers versus a home care agency can be tempting, but make sure you know these 7 risks of hiring private caregivers before pursuing it.

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The Latest Alzheimer's Research and the Search for a Cure

These ten Alzheimer's research topics are paving the way for new methods of prevention and treatment. Learn which you should pay attention to.

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How to Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Protect the health, happiness, and safety of a loved one by checking for these 12 early signs of Alzheimer's, including changes in speech, mood, and more.

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