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How Caregiver Burnout Damages Our Brains

What is caregiver burnout and how can we prevent it? While the impact of work burnout on the brain has been widely studied, less research has been done on how caregiver burnout is more than just stressful — it is …

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Maria Shriver's Top Tips For a Brain-Healthy Life

Advice on reducing risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementias Since 2009, former California First Lady Maria Shriver has been an Alzheimer’s research activist, especially as the disease relates…

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Keep Your Brain Working with Workouts

Promoting long-term brain health through fun and engaging activities What is one part of your body that you can exercise without having to buy an expensive gym membership?…

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How Nutrition Impacts and Influences our Brain Longevity

Evidence-based lifestyle changes to improve your brain health Nutrition is the cornerstone to your health. Without the proper fuel, your brain and your body will suffer. But when…

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