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Client Testimonials

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Everyone I've interacted with at Home Care Assistance has been compassionate, patient, courteous, and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!


The caregivers that we've been sent have been very compatible with my mother. I think the team did a good job matching the caregiver with my mother's needs. The caregivers we have are also good companions. They give our family peace of mind knowing that mom's taken care of 24/7. That fear of her falling and not being able to manage herself is no longer an issue. Home Care Assistance is responsive and provides thorough care for my mom. Home Care Assistance has given us a sense of relief knowing that she is taken care of.

K.H., Orange, CA

I would say we did the due diligence on the research side and thought this was the best fit. The caregiver is constantly cleaning, making food, or straightening up things.

J.S., Huntington Beach, CA

The person we have does exactly what we ask and he's very pleasant and nice. It gives me a little break from taking care of my husband and gives me time to do what I need to do away from the house.

H.O., Newport Beach, CA

Everything was fantastic. They cared about her well-being. They took a real interest in her and they appreciated each other as human beings. They cared like she was a relative.

M.G., Orange, CA

The caregivers that we have now do everything that we need to and they get us to our doctor appointments. I have difficulty getting around so the caregivers from Home Care Assistance are my legs.

J.G., Orange, CA

Everyone that Home Care Assistance has sent has been very qualified and very good. Home Care Assistance has had a very positive impact on my life. It's a little harder on my mom to accept that she needs care.

K.B., Seal Beach, CA

Our day caregiver was amazing, positive, upbeat and lovely to be around. My mother really bonded with her. It made a huge difference to have that support. They were able to respond quickly to my mother's needs when she needed them.

A.F., Fountain Valley,CA

Home Care Assistance has sent fantastic, caring people to care for my husband. Home Care Assistance is able to help my husband with physical therapy and drive my husband to the store.

J.C., San Clemente, CA

We have had some really great caregivers that my loved one has gotten along with. It's very reassuring to my loved one to have them. They feel better and more secure with them there.


We are here to help.

I would recommend Home Care Assistance because the process of getting a caregiver went well, and their supervisor was very hands-on. Home Care Assistance made life easier because it freed up our family's time, which made it easier on us.

V.B., San Clemente, CA

Home Care Assistance has a great selection of nurses. I have my own life back with Home Care Assistance. They help take care of my loved ones.

S.S., San Clemente, CA

I have liked every caregiver Home Care Assistance has sent me. They are well-trained and professional. The services I receive make my life easier because the caregivers can help me do the things that need to get done.

M.T., Corona Del Mar, CA

Home Care Assistance gives the opportunity to provide input about caregivers and they listen to it. I am handicapped myself and the team responds quickly to my husband's needs. Having become familiar with the situation in our home, Home Care Assistance has moved forward with what they need to do without much instruction.

M.D., Laguna Beach, CA

Home Care Assistance sends my mother such compassionate and competent caregivers. They are able to read my mother so well. They provide my mother with the safety that she needs. Home Care Assistance makes my life easier by making me feel confident that my mother is being well cared for and safe when I am unable to come to the home to check up on her. They watch over her all throughout the day. They ensure that her days are productive and effective.

E.W., Irvine, CA

I would recommend Home Care Assistance to a friend because I am very pleased in general. They provide me with exactly what I need and they ask about things in a pleasing way. Home Care Assistance has made my life easier because the caregiver does anything I need, such as washing or food preparation.

C.M., San Clemente, CA

Home Care Assistance really makes sure that quality caregivers are placed in the home. My caregiver from Home Care Assistance has helped me around the house quite a bit. I feel safe when she's here. She looks out for me and she helps me get tasks done around the house that I can't do myself.

M.H., Laguna Beach, CA

It only took one very easy phone call to get everything arranged. It was easy to provide instructions to the team, especially for my unique circumstances. The drive home from the hospital and having caregivers to make sure I was ok when I got there helped me the most.

J.H., Long Beach, CA

The team at Home Care Assistance is professional and compassionate. The caregivers provide great care and companionship.

E.D., Fullerton, CA