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The 6 Benefits of Having a Doctor in Your Home


As seniors age, doctor’s appointments become more frequent and a part of their normal routine. But sometimes this can become a strenuous effort for the senior to get up early or drive long distances to their various appointments. Not many know of the option of a Concierge Doctor; a doctor whom you pay a retainer fee to in exchange for the doctor making home visits, maintaining low patient levels to be able to give attention to you when needed, as well as other benefits. Our Director of Client Services in Orange County, Alexis Montinola, has worked with Dr. Haga for years and thus we would like to tell you a bit about his office and services to see if a Concierge Doctor is something that would benefit you or your loved one.


Michael Haga (left image), MD, CMD and Joomo Yang (right image), MD are bringing medicine back home with their Housecall Concierge Medical Practice called Doctor in my House. These doctors focus on building a collaborative relationship with clients and their families in the comfort and privacy of their home. The majority of concierge doctors have an annual fee, but Doctor in my House’s membership program is month-to-month and your monthly fee covers a profile of services to best fit your needs. Doctor in my House has no long-term contracts, and you simply use them as long as you need. They are happy to continually earn your trust.

  • No waiting rooms. No rushed appointments. No automated phone recordings.
  • Most home visits are done during normal business hours, but you have 24 hour, 365 days-a-year phone availability to the office or the On-Call Doctor.
  • Interfacing with care giving agencies.
  • Outreach Coordinator will contact you weekly to check on your welfare as well as assist you with any medication refills.  In the event you are hospitalized, with your permission, the Coordinator will visit you in the hospital to assist with any necessary coordination and communication with the hospital team.
  • In addition to Medicare-covered services, such as portable x-rays and ultrasounds, they offer lab and specimen pick up from your home.
  • Doctor in my House also gives back to the community by donating 10% of their proceeds to local charitable causes.

If you have any questions regarding Doctor in my House’s services or would like to schedule a complimentary home visit, please contact their Outreach Coordinator Diana Sanchez at (949) 491-1414 Ext. 5.

At Home Care Assistance, we are always seeking to connect ourselves with quality professionals in our industry who can help make our clients’ lives easier. We hope that this post has been beneficial for you, and if a Concierge Doctor in the Orange County area is something that interests you we hope you will give Doctor in my House a try.