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Home care Assistance has been offering home care services for the elderly for a very long time. We offer top rated services that you need to take advantage of immediately. Whether you are looking for someone to take care of your parents or grandparents as well as any other elderly individuals in your family, you can rest assured they are in the best hands.

Caregiving For Your Loved Ones In The Comfort Of Their Own Home in Minnetonka Minnesota

When you are looking for home care assistance, you should know that most elderly people don’t want to get out of the house. Rather, than signing them up in a home, you can ask the professionals to come to their homes. Actually, a lot of elderly people prefer this type of help rather than being forced out of their homes. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer looking for a home for the elderly while you can get the professionals to offer the services they need from their own home.

Senior Care

Yes. Eventually, you might need to use senior care facilities but it’s a good idea to consider offering the services they need right from their own homes. Most elderly people often suffer from illnesses that make it hard to take good care of themselves.

Elderly Care

Eventually, as they grow older, they start to forget their medications and people they might have known for years. Some of the known diseases with these symptoms include Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Care

If you have an elderly loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, you need to sign up for the services offered by Home Care Assistance. It’s a very critical disease that affects the cognitive facilities. An Alzheimer’s patient will start forgetting things including events, people and sometimes their own past. At times, they can display erratic behavior that prompts the need to hire professionals to provide assistance at home.

Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s disease can display a variety of symptoms. The patient might suffer loss of balance, slow movement and stiffness. Other symptoms include a shuffling gait and muscle rigidity that forces the patient to require in-house care to handle day-to-day chores.

Dementia Care

Dementia presents symptoms categorized under behavioral, psychological and also cognitive effects. Eventually, it affects a person’s muscular lead. People with dementia often get lost and suffer from hallucinations. They are also likely to develop paranoia in their daily schedules.

Stroke Care

A heart attack is very debilitating and stroke victims often suffer from paralysis. Therefore, they have a hard time taking care of themselves. Depending on the intensity of the situation, they might have a hard time speaking, moving and also suffer from cognitive defects. In-house care from a professional company always comes in handy.

Cancer Care

Do you have someone in your family suffering from cancer? It’s prudent to speak to a representative of Home Care Assistance to make sure your relative gets the help they need. They need to get their chemotherapy treatments on time and take the necessary medications for their conditions. An in-house care professional will give them the help they need to live with this debilitating disease.

About Our Caregivers

Kindly contact the professionals at Home Care Assistance. There is always someone willing to speak to you about providing home care to anyone in your family. We have highly trained professional caregivers in our company who can handle people with the conditions mentioned above and many more. From the initial consultation, you should be ab le to learn more about the available programs and how we can help you take care of your elderly relatives.

Home Health Aide

In-house caregivers work closely with medical professionals such as nurses. Some of the services offered by home health aides include keeping proper records of the patient’s progress. That way, they can alert a nurse or physician if there are any sudden changes to the patient’s condition.

The home health aide also provides some basic health care tasks such as ensuring the patient takes his/her medicine, checking the patient’s temperature, changing dressing, checking the pulse rate and providing the required help with walking aids or artificial limbs. Some of the health aides, especially those with advanced training often assist patients with medical devices such as ventilators.

24 Hour Care

There are many reasons why 24 hour care is required. Note that with the right care, there is relief and less tension on the family members to take care of their families. Home Care Assistance is here to help whenever you need to take care of your elderly relative. Whether you need to hire a caregiver for a few days or years, you can count on the best personalized care around the clock. Rest assured that your loved one will feel safe, comfortable and cared for every time in Minnetonka MN. Full time and around the clock in home caregivers are also available for elder patients.

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