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Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in Edina Minnesota

Home Care Assistance is a company that has provided home care for many years to the elderly. They provide top rated services, so you may want to strongly consider taking advantage of them to receive the highest quality care for your loved one. Whether it is for your grandparents, your parents, or other elderly relatives who are part of your family, you can be confident that they will be well taken care of when they start receiving help from these experienced and caring professionals.

The main reason why you will want these professionals to come out to your loved one’s home is that a majority of elderly individuals do not want to move out of their homes. Rather than placing your loved one in a gated community for seniors, you can instead have professionals sent out directly to their home. That may be the only way that elderly individuals will be open to receiving any form of assistance and care at all. That is typically the way things are with older people who need elderly care from professionals.

Senior & Elderly Care

Later on, a senior care facility may be a last resort that needs to be used. However, for right now, it is probably most appropriate to provide your loved one with home care services. They may be suffering from conditions or diseases that make it hard for them to properly care for themselves. They might start to not recognize people they have known for many years or forget to take their medications. Those types of problems may be caused by extensively documented and well-known conditions such as Alzheimer’s dementia, or Parkinson’s disease.


The reason why Alzheimer’s might require that you make use of the services that Home Care Assistance offer is that Alzheimer’s disease affects a person’s cognitive condition and behavior. They will have a tendency to forge things, and also start to imagine things throughout the course of the day. They could end up exhibiting erratic behavior, which can prompt the need to have this level of professional in-home assistance.

Parkinson’s Disease

Many different symptoms are caused by this condition. They include slow movement, stiffness, and loss of balance. Developing a shuffling gait, or muscle rigidity often can result in your loved one needing in-house care so they can get around to where they need to go.


Dementia symptoms are categorized as cognitive, behavioral, and psychological. Muscular lead can also be affected. Elderly people who suffer from dementia easily get lost, may become paranoid, and hallucinate things.

Stroke Victim Care

Suffering from a heart attack can potentially be debilitating. However, the victim of a stroke frequently ends up paralyzed, which makes it hard for them to care for themselves. They might not be able to move or speak and might develop cognitive issues eventually. That is why it can be so helpful for them to have in-home care provided by a professional medical company.


If an elderly family member of yours has cancer, you might want to speak with a representative from this company to get them the professional care they need. It is critical for them to take their medications and for their treatments to be done on time to have any chance to fight this debilitating condition.

About Our Caregivers

Home Care Assistance caregivers are very happy to speak with you about providing your elderly relative with home care services. They have a proven track record of only sending out the most highly trained professionals to your loved one’s home. They are able to handle individuals suffering from all of the above conditions. Speak to a staff member at Home Care Assistance to learn more about the numerous programs that they currently have available.

Home Health Aide

Quite often home health aides work closely with a nurse or other health care professional. Some of the common duties performed by home health aides include recording the patient’s progress so that a nurse or physician can be alerted to any sudden changes that are observed.

Some of the other responsibilities of a home health aide include certain health care tasks like helping with walking aids or artificial limbs, checking a patient’s pulse rate and temperature, changing dressings, and giving medicine. Home health aides who have undergone advanced training might also be able to help patients with medical devices such as ventilators.

24 Hour Care

There are many different reasons why 24-hour care is necessary. However, there is one thing for certain, and that is that the right care can help to minimize tension and stress and maximize the time that is spent with family. Home Care Assistance can help with this. Whether it is for a few years or a few days, we provide personalized care, including around the clock, so that you or your loved one can feel cared for, safe, and comfortable at all times in Edina MN.

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