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Home Care Assistance is a company that has been offering elderly home care services for many years now. Their services are highly rated and it is something you should consider taking advantage of. It does not matter if it is for your grandparents, parents, or any other elderly person you might know; one thing is clear, they will be well taken care of by professionals.

Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own home in Bloomington Minnesota

The truth is that a majority of the elderly will not or are not willing to move out of their homes and move into a gated community for the elders. Well, rather than relocating your elder into a gated community, why not send the professional to them. This method may be the only way the elderly will accept the help they may need. Therefore, if an elderly person is in need of assistance, consider the caregiving services at the comfort of their home.

Senior Care

Senior gated communities may be the last option later on, however, now offering home care services at home is probably the right move.

Elderly Care

The elderly may be suffering from a condition that makes it difficult for them to take care of themselves. This may be because of a well-documented disease like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s.

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects behavior and mental ability. This is one of the main reasons you need the services offered by Home Care Assistance. A person with this disease will forget things every time, throughout the day. Furthermore, such a person will often begin imagining different things as well. There are times when their behavior may become unpredictable, which is why it is wise to have a professional with a high level of professionalism to help.

Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s disease comes with many different symptoms. Some of the examples include stiffness, loss of balance, slow movement, and others. A person with this condition will need in-house care and constant attention and this is a fact. With the services of a professional caregiver, they will help such a person get around.

Dementia Care

Signs of dementia are categorized as mental, behavioral, and psychological. Another sad fact is that dementia may also affect muscular control. A senior person with this condition will easily hallucinate, get lost, and even develop a sense of paranoia.

Stroke Victim Care

A heart attack is a very serious problem that can cause death in the worst-case scenario. There are times when it can incapacitate someone, leading to stroke. A stroke is a condition that causes paralysis, where a person is unable to move the whole body, one side of the body, or a part of the body. It is very difficult for a stroke victim to take care of themselves. In some cases, the victim may not be able to communicate or move. In some cases, the problem may cause mental issues. With the services of in-house care, a stroke victim may recover and well-taken care.

Cancer Care

If by any chance a person in your home has cancer, you may want to contact Home Care Assistance to get the help they need. A cancer patient needs to be up-to-date with their treatment every time and on time. They do also have to take their medication as prescribed for a better chance of fighting it.

About Our Caregivers

Home Care Assistance doors are open and they are willing to speak with you about their home care services. Their history is clean and known for employing only the most trained professionals. These professionals will be dispatched to your home and can handle people suffering from any condition, including those listed above. you can also contact them through a telephone call if you want to know more about the company.

Home Health Aide

Their staff works closely with home health aides like a nurse. The main functions or duties of a home health aide is keeping the record of a patient’s progress while at home so that they can alert a physician. Furthermore, they can take care of any sudden changes.

They are also responsible for basic health care duties like observing the patient (checking the temperature and pulse rate), changing wound dressing, giving medication and providing help with walking aids. A caregiver with health aide experience and advance training may be in a position to offer assistance where needed, especially with medical devices and ventilators.

24 Hour Care

There are many reasons why one would need 24-hour care. With the right care, one can maximize the time spent with family, as well as minimizing tension and stress. With the services from Home Care Assistance, they will offer personalized care no matter if it is for days or years, they are ready in Bloomington MN. Full time and around the clock in home caregivers are also available for elder patients.


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