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Specialized COVID-19 Response Efforts

Our Rapid Response Team is constantly updating protocols and communicating best practices to our caregivers, often through our caregiver app, to help keep our senior clients safe at home.

A Care Team Dedicated to You - Virtually

More than just a caregiver, we assign each client a care team. Our thousands of thoroughly-vetted and qualified caregivers are there to provide care to clients, with the support of a remote Care Team led by a Client Care Manager.

Social Distancing at Home
Thanks to a Personalized Care Plan

In addition to essential daily life activities, our care plans often include basic house cleaning, grocery shopping, and medication pickups, which promote successful social distancing. Our trained caregivers also help keep seniors physically and mentally engaged while staying safe at home.

Home Care Assistance

Grasonville's Premier Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

For over ten years, Home Care Assistance and our experienced caregivers have served seniors and their families with exceptional home care.

We provide older adults in Grasonville and the broader community with one-on-one support that allows them to live safely and independently at home.

As the premier home care provider in Grasonville, we have the deepest employee roster of skilled and compassionate caregivers. As a result, our Client Care Managers are able to match our clients to caregivers not only based on their home care needs, but also their personalities and interests. We offer high quality assisted living services where seniors most prefer to live: in their own home.

Our 24/7 Guarantee means that we will be there when you need us – days, nights and weekends. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in Grasonville.

How a Customized Long-Term Care Plan from Home Care Assistance Works

Home Care Assistance has developed a specific plan to address this pandemic and take care of seniors in their homes, now and in the long-term.

  1. Call us and we will determine your needs to craft a personalized care plan remotely

    Given the CDC recommendation for social distancing, we've developed a process for conducting virtual assessments either online, or by phone, so our team can create a care plan tailored to your loved one's evolving needs.

  2. Caregivers are expertly matched and adhere to special protocols

    Home Care Assistance has one of the largest caregiver networks in America. We hire dedicated caregivers and expertly match them to clients in a manner that helps minimize the risk of infection. Our caregiver app, among other means, allows for ongoing screening.

  3. We assign a virtual care team that's accessible 24/7

    When you hire us, you receive a full-time care team to assist you remotely. Your Client Care Manager develops a specialized care plan and provides quality assurance throughout the length of service. Your Staffing Manager selects the caregiver who is the best fit for your loved one's needs and personality, and your Home Care Liaison provides access to vital community resources.

  4. Our Balanced Care Method™ promotes emotional and physical wellbeing for seniors

    Our proprietary Balanced Care Method™, a training program for caregivers, promotes cognitive stimulation, nutrition, physical activity, a sense of calm, and social engagement. This program supports our client's mental as well as physical health, reducing the potentially negative side effects of isolation.

**Policies vary by location and may be revised from time to time without notice. Exclusions may apply. Consult your local office for information regarding the products, programs and services that may be available to you.

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Our Care Advisors are available to answer your questions. Should you wish to start care, we will connect you with a Client Care Manager to determine your needs and develop a care plan that's right for you.

Our Care Advisors are ready to learn how we can support your needs.

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"Great Service."

I want to thank you and your organization for the outstanding job that you did caring for my uncle these last couple months - the care enabled my uncle to spend his last months in his home and with his friends from the men's club - my brother and I really appreciate the effort that you made - I think it made a big difference in the quality of my uncle's life.

Gregory J. Burkus
Nephew of Client

"Thank You."

I was in a panic and desperate because I knew I would never find a caregiver so late on a Friday. But I found Home Care Assistance and couldn't be happier with their service! The woman they sent to care for my mother was just wonderful and my mother said she was so glad we found someone to care for her.

Cheryl B.
Daughter of Client

"Best Decision I've Made."

The 24-hour care that Home Care Assistance provided for our mom was unparalleled. She had three caregivers, each as compassionate, dedicated and hardworking as the next. Each caregiver worked eight hour shifts, which enabled them to stay focused and well rested, and in turn, provide the best care possible.

Susie M.
Daughter of Client

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Senior Care: All That You Should Know Senior care, which is called elder care sometimes, is a type of specialized care for individuals that are portion of the aging population. Being an individual ages after some time, they begin having special needs and requirements. Senior care is intended for addressing elderly needs with their latter stage of life. Senior care is actually a term that includes various services, for example 24-hour care, assisted living, and adult child care. When Should Senior Care Be An Alternative? Just because some is undoubtedly an older adult, this will not automatically suggest that they need senior care services. Rather, senior care is actually a consideration when the individual starts displaying tell-tale indications of limitations and ailments which can be associated with growing older. In short, senior care isn't always necessary even though someone is older than they used to be. There are plenty of older seniors who are able to live independently, successfully, and healthily with their older years without requiring any sort of additional care or assistance. In many instances, people do not need assistance until their overall health has declined. This decline would affect the power of the person to deal with their ADLs, or activities of daily living. Some conditions that often necessitate the necessity for special care, include: -Chronic disease (cancer, diabetes) - Cognitive impairment like confusion or dementia - Physical impairments -Difficulties With Gait And Stability -Loneliness and depression -Deteriorating or failing vision - Lack of hearing Understanding Why Senior Care Is Necessary Every time a senior begins to decline physically or cognitively, this occurs slowly or very fast. A health care provider or relatives tend to be the first one to notice when these changes begin to occur. Usually, the choice to opt for senior care happens following a health diagnosis continues to be conducted. The medical condition has got to interfere with the power of any person cooking, bathing or taking their prescribed medication safely by themselves. Some seniors may have a little normalcy if they're within a familiar situation, but require assistance if they are out of their element or regular routine. Which kind of Elder Care is Required? Since everybody is different, it means that aging requirements are different from an individual to the other. A senior need to go through a thorough physical and cognitive assessment so the most suitable level of services for the senior could be identified. These facilities are focused entirely on providing support to a elderly person, while still helping them to maintain a degree of independence. Choices For Senior Care Seniors that pick this type of support while staying in their own individual home can leverage the following: -Home care services including home health aides, geriatric nursing, and non-medical support professionals -Transportation Services - Respite care and -Adult care It is actually a big decision to go for senior care, and will also forever impact the lives from the senior and their family. As an increasing number of seniors are using senior care, they know that this is basically the ideal choice for people who want to age in your own home, and is also not merely a set above having institutionalized acute care. Get more information concerning our elder care services, e mail us today to talk with one of our friendly and helpful Client Care Managers.
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