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Thank you for visiting our website. We are Steve and Cherie Coe, owners and operators of Home Care Assistance Jefferson County. It is our mission to serve seniors and their families in our community with exceptional home care and companionship services. For us, home care is about compassion, dignity, respect and excellence. We know from our own experiences with Steve’s father who has Alzheimer’s, that when an elderly loved one is diagnosed with an age related illness such as dementia, or is coming home from a post-hospital discharge, or is simply too fragile due to old age to take care of their own daily needs, deciding the best care option can be extremely overwhelming, stressful and difficult.

Please understand that you are not alone. You can count on Home Care Assistance Jefferson County. Rest assured that together, we can explore the most viable options for you and your loved one.

Our 24/7 Guarantee means that we will be there when you need us – days, nights and weekends. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in Jefferson County.

We offer high quality assisted living where seniors most prefer: at home

Learn more about our innovative in-home brain health program

A new approach to promoting cognitive vitality. Take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs in the familiar home environment.

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12792 W. Alameda Pkwy
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  • “Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County has been a fantastic blessing. My 91 year old mother is quite healthy, lives in her own home, but does not drive and experiences some loneliness and confusion. After looking at the options, Home Care Assistance was the right answer for our situation. They give her the mobility she craves, provide companionship while I am at work and assist her with her memory problems as part of their program. To quote my mother, "Until Heather came, I had no idea how my mind had slipped. Now I can think so much more clearly and I'm happy.”
    Julia Ellis
    Daughter of Client
  • “The thought of someone coming into our family home to provide care for our elderly mother worried me greatly. Nobody could look after her the way I could, at least that is what I thought until we sought out the services of Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County. These individuals just seemed to intuitively understand the dynamics of fitting into her life and environment and were knowledgeable in using a variety of techniques to make her comfortable. Simple things, learned through experience, that even a loving family member might not think of. Responding very quickly, Steve Coe and staff were able to logistically transition from minimal to round-the-clock care while maintaining clear and frequent communication. We couldn't have been more pleased with HCA's services; both the caregivers and agency went 'above and beyond' for us.”
    Kim M.
    Daughter of Client
  • “Office and Home Care Staff were very responsive to my mother’s needs. Very caring and professional staff.”
    S.Kelly-Rank, Col, USAF
    Daughter of Client
  • "Let me begin by saying that Jefferson County Home Care Assistance has enabled our family to enjoy a sense of peace and comfort over the last several years. We begin by using their services as my Mother’s health was declining at the age of 92. Since her passing on May 2015, my 96 year old Dad has required morning and evening care. Luanne and my Dad struck a harmonious chord together, which they have been playing together ever since. Luanne is blessed with a character built upon love, respect, encouragement, determination and keen awareness of one’s needs.
    On a regular basis, Luanne shows up early at my Dad’s place. He may still be sleeping but she has him wake at approximately 9:15, at which point she assists getting Dad dressed and she prepares breakfast. Luanne engages Dad in stimulating conversation, they plan brain games, read books; she makes sure he does his walking exercises, etc. If Dad is feeling “blue” Luanne accepts that and makes him comfortable. On days when Dad is in a bit more “perky”, she takes Dad for rides around Evergreen when the weather is nice. Luanne always escorts Dad to the “Monday Morning Coffee Hour” and stays with hm as he gets to socialize with other homeowners. When the condo association has their monthly “birthday party”, Luanne changes her hours to be sure she can personally escort Dad to the party room. Luanne changes her hours to be sure she can personally escort Dad to the party room. Luanne even goes way above her duty during condo “Social Hours” where homeowners are asked to bring a dish to pass, and Luanne bakes and prepares something special. All of the other homeowners comment on how much they enjoy Luanne’s company at all functions.
    She will run to the store to pick up extra items that Dad may need. She has, on her own time, gone to the Senior Resource Center to get canes and wheelchairs for Dad’s use. Again on her own time, Luanne baked a birthday cake for Dad and put up decorations – Dad was so excited that Luanne would do that for him. Most importantly, on her own time, she took Dad to the Memorial Day celebration at the Evergreen Veterans Park. Dad was overcome with tears of appreciation, and he will always remember that meaningful day! Luanne cares! She truly, truly cares and loves my Dad. Her outgoing personality brightens up the day wherever she is. Going above and beyond her normal duties makes her a special angel in our lives as I feel I have no worries when she is caring for Dad. Luanne nurtures the needs of others due to her passion for serving. Even if her working hours have expired, she will continue her day until things are “just right” for Dad. It is obvious to see this is not just a job, but a place where she excels in comforting others. Luanne makes my Dad feel very special every day. Dad always finds a reason “to go on” when he is with Luanne!"
    Barb D’Antuono
    Daughter of Client, Luanne was awarded "Caregiver of the Year"
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Director of Client Care
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Resource Downloads

We strive to inform and educate. Here is a small sample of resources we have to offer.

What is Home Care Guide

What is Home Care Guide

Our 19-Page introductory guide provides full details on our home care services and tools to determine if we are right for you and your family.

Agency Evaluation Checklist

Agency Evaluation Checklist

This handy checklist helps you ask the right questions when choosing your home care provider.

Talking to Your Parents

Talking to Your Parents About Home Care

Conversations about long-term care can be difficult. Use our guide for tips on initiating a family meeting or care planning conversation.

Hospital to Homecare

Hospital to Home Care

Our detailed guide outlines the entire discharge process and explains how home care can ensure a smooth and safe transition home.

Discharge Planning Checklist

Discharge Planning Checklist

Our checklist covers the most important steps during an often stressful discharge - from medical equipment to home health to warning signs.

Living Well at Home

Living Well at Home

Find out how home care can help you live happily and independently in the comfort and safety of your own home.


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