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Raising the Standards of Excellence in Home Care Means Raising the Standards of Innovation.

The home care company with a Silicon Valley soul… – Fox Business News

Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, Home Care Assistance possesses a unique drive and ingenuity that matches the surrounding area, which boasts some of the most groundbreaking innovations and technologies in the world.

At Home Care Assistance, we feel that a senior service company cannot provide the highest standard of care without paying special attention to innovation.

We consistently reflect on our clients‘ experiences, use data to identify their needs and build programs that aide, educate and empower our caregivers and staff, and in turn, elevate the overall experience of clients and seniors at large.

Home Care Assistance Partners with OhmniLabs

Read below to learn about some of the exciting established programs we have developed and pilots we are pursuing to push the boundaries in our industry to improve the overall client care experience.


The Balanced Care Method™

Home Care Assistance noticed that the home care industry focused only on the bare basics of providing assistance with activities of daily living; no company was taking it step further and questioning how home care could help contribute to the overall health and wellness of seniors. Based on the scientifically-studied lifestyles of the longest living elders in the world, the Balanced Care Method was developed. The training program emphasizes healthy longevity and is truly an innovation in the home care space, elevating the standard of care for the clients we serve. The Method focuses specifically on five tenants: healthy nutrition, physical activity, socialization, purpose and calm and cognitive engagement.

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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

Given that cognitive health is an important component of overall wellbeing, and 50% of our clients suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Home Care Assistance created a program designed to boost long-term brain health. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a non-pharmacological, cognitive stimulation program that uses fun and effective activities to keep clients engaged. Grounded in scientific research on activities linked to cognitive health, the program is designed for everyone – from those who are cognitively healthy and want to maintain their mental acuity to those who have a neurodegenerative disease and want to slow the progression of symptoms.

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OhmniLabs Robotics

As the aging population grows, the need for assistance within the home and care facilities will outpace the number of professional, and even family caregivers, available. As the premier provider of in-home care it is our responsibility to innovate in out-of-the-box ways in order to help develop solutions to improve health, safety and wellness for seniors that are dependable and cost effective. That is why we have partnered with OhmniLabs, a Silicon Valley based start-up with a mission to connect families through capable and affordable robots. Home Care Assistance and OhmniLabs are conducting a pilot to test these robots in the home and find ways to improve social connectivity, but also make environmental safety, medication reminders and other important check-ins convenient from remote. For more information on this pilot, please call 650-462-9501.

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Senior Transportation Solutions with Lyft

Getting from point A to B can be one of the challenges for seniors and their families. Although transportation to appointments, errands and activities is one of the essential services a professional caregiver regularly provides their clients, there are times when a ride is needed on a one off basis. Home Care Assistance has partnered with Lyft to fill this need. Lyft now offers rides specially screened for seniors, with wheelchair friendly vehicles. The Care Team at Home Care Assistance will manage rides on behalf of clients and ensure they are picked up and reach their destination successfully.

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