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Get the care you need without sacrificing the life you love with a dedicated Personal Assistant and exclusive LifePlan.

Dedicated Personal Assistant

Your Personal Assistant is a caregiver and so much more. Because they aren't only focused on the things you need, but also the things you love to do. Plus, they make it all come to life safely based on your LifePlan while following strict COVID-19 protocols.

Your day. Your way. Your LifePlan.

A scientifically-designed, personalized daily schedule that's created with your likes, dislikes and well-being in mind. The LifePlan applies our learnings from nearly 20 years of helping seniors and their families in over 150 cities across the United States.

Only BeyondCare gives you everything you need to continue living safely in your own home.

Starting in the Greater Phoenix area at $4,800/month.

Assisted Living Communities Traditional Home Care
Personal Assistant trained specifically for your needs
Proprietary LifePlan program
Tailored daily activities
Focus on safety and wellness
Adaptable levels of care
Team of specialists
Concierge services
Liaison for community aging services
Monthly pricing option
Live in your own home
Keep your independence
Dedicated one on one care
Maintain social distancing

You have an entire team to focus on your entire life.

Your Dedicated Personal Assistant

An expertly matched Personal Assistant who supports you in all aspects of your life. From taking you to bridge club to setting up an online call with your grandkids to the care you need every day.

  • Best-in-class senior care experts, who are compensated accordingly, earning more than the average caregiver.
  • All BeyondCare Personal Assistants are carefully screened for skill set, compassion and personality.
  • The training and commitment required to become a BeyondCare Personal Assistant is comprehensive and ensures that only the most outstanding care providers are selected.

Your Client Services Team

Develops and manages your LifePlan in addition to coordinating concierge services on your behalf. Services include:

  • Healthcare Referrals
  • Home Safety
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Salon and Spa Services
  • Social Requests
  • At-Home Entertainment
  • Pet Care Services
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Professional Referrals
  • Local Transportation
  • Well-Being
  • Dining Reservations
  • At-Home Services
  • Recreation
  • And more
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeff, thank you so much for the sympathy, care and kind words. It brought great comfort to us during this very difficult time. Chris loved life and had so much compassion for others. Also, our most sincere thanks for taking the time to come to our home to meet him. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Lynn and Mike Wood

As with most people in our situation, we needed a caregiver on short notice. Jeff was able to arrange to have someone out to my father-in-law’s house as soon as we needed her. I was nervous about who would show up to the house. Jeff was very kind and so was the caregiver. I was very relieved after we met. My father-in- ...

As with most people in our situation, we needed a caregiver on short notice. Jeff was able to arrange to have someone out to my father-in-law’s house as soon as we needed her. I was nervous about who would show up to the house. Jeff was very kind and so was the caregiver. I was very relieved after we met. My father-in-law had very good care for the six weeks we needed help. He commented on the good cooking too. I would recommend Home Care Assistance of Phoenix to others.

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Tracy Gerard

Home Care Assistance of Phoenix is a fantastic company to work with! The women who came to assist a relative with showering were so kind and helpful! Whenever I needed to call in, I always got a person who was right there to help me. This company gets 5 stars from me!

Mrs. K. Anderson

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In Home Care Assistance in Phoenix Arizona

People begin to slow down with everything they do such as everyday activities and walking when they start to age. This often means that they want to have some help with things they want to do in their daily life so they can continue to carry on. Quite a lot will typically need to be done for someone who is beginning to age that includes making sure they get good nutrition and help with their daily chores.

This can be especially true for those that are up in years and living alone. They need the ability to feel safe and know that they have someone they can count on to help them with their different needs. Home Care Assistance is there to help the elderly and to give them the care they need. We use a team of certified caregivers that are well-trained and have the right type of personality to take great care of a relative who has gotten up in years and we can do it as long as you want or need. So we're going to introduce the different services available through our institute to show how it can help you.

Elderly Care

It's a lot of work to take care of the elderly and isn't an easy task. That's one of the big reasons a service like ours is so needed and why we provide those services 24 hours a day. This means that families can reach out to us and we can provide caregivers that are available day and night. If you're going on a long trip that your relative can't go on then you can rest assured that they're under the kind of care that you would give yourself and we will make certain that every need they have is met and that includes dressing them, helping them with grooming, and feeding them as needed.

Home Health Care Services

Our primary goal as an institute of home care is to provide the highest quality services. We also want to make sure that every person we care for can recover to the extent possible and enjoy as much self-independence as they can. Our staff knows just how to handle the situation even when it comes to the toughest challenges. We are determined to have success with everything we do.


The primary reason that home care assistance was first established was to make available quality care for the elderly. Our services and our staff help them to overcome the different challenges they meet in everyday life and to give them adequate support. If a patient takes medication then we make sure that they take it on time and we try to encourage them to take part in appropriate exercises that can help their health improve.

When someone has a patient they're taking care of in their house it's important they get the care needed when they're first discharged from the hospital. If they don't get adequate care then their health could deteriorate. By getting Home Care Assistance you'll be making certain that your relative can recover as fast as possible, in part, because of our trained caregivers and the special care we offer.

Senior Care Services

If you or someone you know needs a professional caregiver who offers quality services and is very reliable then you should call Home Care Assistance. Our team is friendly and among the most experienced in the field. Our services will make it considerably easier to take care of your elderly loved one regardless of the conditions they are facing or the challenges that they have. We provide your loved ones with the same type of care and support we would want ours to be cared for with.

Home Health Aide For Both Sick And Elderly People

In most families, it's common for both adults to work outside of the home and that means they need someone they can depend on to look after their elderly parents or another family member. It isn't a very good option to leave them alone. This is the perfect instance where a home health aide service is a great choice. We have special packages for those that need this service and with it, you'll be assured that your loved one will get the care that you would want them to have while you are away.

Dementia Care Package

When someone is suffering from dementia it's quite challenging to care for them. This is even truer when you're not trained to work with a patient with that condition. When you get the help of a service like what's offered by Home Care Assistance Institute, you can rest easy knowing that your relative will get the care that they need. Our team is experienced and trained and they are able to use those skills to help individuals recover in as little time as possible.

Cancer Care Services

Cancer is something that impacts the entire family. Once a loved one has been diagnosed with this disease it's important that you contact our service at the earliest date possible. This way the one with cancer will get the care and the attention that is needed. Home Care Assistance will do everything that is possible to help your loved one while dealing with the disease. We can take the sick into medical visits when they need to go for chemotherapy and other purposes.

Stroke Care Service

It's common for someone who has suffered a stroke to lose certain physical abilities and a certain level of cognition. Because of this, it's important that the one providing care for the patient is trained and understands the needs of someone with the condition. Our team is highly trained and very experienced working with these types of individuals and they can help them to get the fastest recovery possible and along the way provide them with the best treatment that is available.

Parkinson's Care

We have partnered with the National Parkinson's Foundation. Doing so gave us the ability to provide top-notch Parkinson's care. We have staff that are specially trained in handling this condition and caring for patients who are suffering from the disease. When you hire our team you'll get great results and a fast recovery.

24-Hours Home Care Service

With our help, you can be certain that your parents or loved ones are never left by themselves and that they're never bored. All it takes is signing up for a 24-hour home care service and we will provide those services on your behalf. Our professionals will monitor your loved one and make certain that their needs are met.

Alzheimer's Care

Anyone who has dementia or Alzheimer's has a lot of challenges. It's common for them to forget things. That's why they need someone to help them at all times so they don't forget who they are or get lost. This can be a very time-consuming and trying task. The team at Home Care Assistance has the skills and training to do the work needed in this case. We will make sure that the patient has an environment that is relaxing and where they feel comfortable.

Live In Caregiver

Learn about our live in care giver services and how we can help you twenty four hours a day.

Why Should You Hire Home Care Assistance?

Occasionally someone doesn't fully understand how important good home care services are. Some individuals might believe that all providers are the same. The fact is that only a small few offer top quality services. That's why we suggest that a new customer compare our services alongside other providers to see the differences. That way they can determine for themselves who is the best. We specialize in the following areas:

1. Services are offered around the clock which means you can call on us day and night. We're even open on weekends and holidays and are highly reliable.

2. We have short-term and long-term contracts to meet the requirements of every customer. That allows you to choose for yourself how long you want us to serve you.

3. We have highly trained and experienced staff that are fully licensed for the job they specialize in.

4. We Are highly determined to provide the very best services to each of our customers and the loved ones they have us care for. We emphasize the physical and mental health and improvement of each patient.

When you need these types of services you shouldn't hesitate to contact us immediately. We are happy to deliver our top-notch services to your home. All it takes is to give us a call and let us know what you need and we will discuss our plans and help you to overcome your problem. We are here to advise you so that it's easier for you to determine how to best handle your needs which can then allow you to go back to a more normal lifestyle in Phoenix AZ.

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Home Care Assistance serves more clients from more company owned and operated locations than any other organization, making us the largest provider of premium senior care in the country.

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