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FAQ | Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

Q: What services does the Cognitive Therapeutics Method program offer?

A: The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is offered in two ways: the Caregiver Program and the Interventionist Program.

Home Care Assistance clients who receive home care can enjoy the Cognitive Therapeutics Method activities facilitated by specially trained caregivers at no additional cost. In addition to providing basic care, our caregivers will introduce fun, proprietary cognitive activities and can also incorporate other lifestyle activities such as light exercises that are emphasized in our Balanced Care Method in our clients’ daily routine.

Individuals who do not need home care or who wish to participate in a more extensive and personalized program can choose to receive visits by Cognitive Interventionists who are specifically trained to facilitate a highly customized program for each client that is designed and modified based on an initial consultation, through which we learn about the client’s interests and history.

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Q: Do you have activities that are right for me or my loved one?

A: Cognitive Therapeutics Method offers activities and suggestions to lifestyle changes that are applicable to a wide range of audiences. Whether you feel confident with your cognitive or physical abilities but are interested in finding ways to keeping them challenged and engaged, or you are looking for enjoyable ways to start exercising your body and mind, the Cognitive Therapeutics Method can suggest activities and habits that are fun and challenging for all levels.

Q: What are examples of the activities?

A: We have over 300 activities to choose from in the Interventionist Program, and you can see a sample of some of the cognitive activities used in both the Caregiver and Interventionist programs here. Non-cognitive activities that comprise the program can include light physical exercise, stress management techniques like meditation or reminiscence, recreational activities such as music, sensory stimulation, socialization, brain-healthy meal preparation and more.

Q: Who will provide the service?

A: Either a Home Care Assistance Caregiver or Cognitive Interventionist will provide services. Home Care Assistance Caregivers have extensive experience caring for seniors and are able to assist with activities of daily living. Cognitive Interventionists have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in psychology, nursing, education, or other related areas and are specifically trained to engage clients in Cognitive Therapeutics Method activities and lifestyle modifications. All of our professionals are rigorously screened, background checked, and trained to offer the best care to clients whom we are privileged to serve.

Q: How much time will be scheduled each week?

A: Each client will have a unique schedule that fits his/her specific needs. Caregivers or Interventionists can spend about one to three hours per day guiding the client through various activities depending on the client’s preference, for two to seven days a week. We work around the client’s schedule to arrange activities at the most convenient time.

Q: How do I start Cognitive Therapeutics Method services?

A: Since the Cognitive Therapeutics Method takes a tailored approach, each client starts with an initial consultation, in which we understand the client’s goals, interests, preferences and history. You can schedule a free consultation by contacting your nearest Home Care Assistance office. After the consultation, we will agree on a weekly schedule for the Caregiver or interventionist to visit.  All sessions take place at the comfort of your home, except for occasional outings if the client wishes to incorporate them in the care plan.

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