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Behind every professional caregiver is a full-time Care Team of experts, providing ongoing guidance to our caregivers—and support to you and your family.

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Our caregivers are experienced employees—managed by our team, thoroughly vetted, background checked, and trained to provide personalized care tailored to your needs.

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Our Balanced Care Method™ emphasizes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach focuses on nutrition and wellness so our clients can live happier, healthier lives.

Home Care Assistance of El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills’ First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

Welcome to our information page and thank you for considering Home Care Assistance of El Dorado County as an in-home care option for yourself or a loved one.

Exploring care options can be challenging. Whether you or a loved one needs help with day-to-day activities or a team of full-time caregivers, we can help. Perhaps you have a loved one dealing with dementia, we can help. Maybe a family member is transitioning from a hospital or rehab to home and needs assistance.

We can help with the personal care part of hospice. We support respite and palliative care as well.

Regardless of why you are looking for in-home care, we will be there to help you navigate the process. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in El Dorado Hills.

How a Customized Long-Term Care Plan from Home Care Assistance Works

Home Care Assistance has developed a specific plan to address this pandemic and take care of seniors in their homes, now and in the long-term.

  1. Call us and we will determine your needs to craft a personalized care plan remotely

    Given the CDC recommendation for social distancing, we've developed a process for conducting virtual assessments either online, or by phone, so our team can create a care plan tailored to your loved one's evolving needs.

  2. Caregivers are expertly matched and adhere to special protocols

    Home Care Assistance has one of the largest caregiver networks in America. We hire dedicated caregivers and expertly match them to clients in a manner that helps minimize the risk of infection. Our caregiver app, among other means, allows for ongoing screening.

  3. We assign a virtual care team that's accessible 24/7

    When you hire us, you receive a full-time care team to assist you remotely. Your Client Care Manager develops a specialized care plan and provides quality assurance throughout the length of service. Your Staffing Manager selects the caregiver who is the best fit for your loved one's needs and personality, and your Home Care Liaison provides access to vital community resources.

  4. Our Balanced Care Method™ promotes emotional and physical wellbeing for seniors

    Our proprietary Balanced Care Method™, a training program for caregivers, promotes cognitive stimulation, nutrition, physical activity, a sense of calm, and social engagement. This program supports our client's mental as well as physical health, reducing the potentially negative side effects of isolation.

**Policies vary by location and may be revised from time to time without notice. Exclusions may apply. Consult your local office for information regarding the products, programs and services that may be available to you.

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Our Care Advisors are available to answer your questions. Should you wish to start care, we will connect you with a Client Care Manager to determine your needs and develop a care plan that's right for you.

Our Care Advisors are ready to learn how we can support your needs.

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The staff and caregivers provided by Home Care Assistance came to our rescue. My elderly mom had emergency surgery and then a multi-week recovery. Glenn and his caregivers responded to our requests efficiently and paired caregivers who could handle mom's special needs. We even had a couple of last minute requests for c ...

The staff and caregivers provided by Home Care Assistance came to our rescue. My elderly mom had emergency surgery and then a multi-week recovery. Glenn and his caregivers responded to our requests efficiently and paired caregivers who could handle mom's special needs. We even had a couple of last minute requests for coverage and these were fulfilled as well. We were all impressed with the quality and care provided by these individuals. The peace of mind they provided have clearly contributed to my mother's recovery.

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Leslie B.

It has been a very sad time in both of our lives and without the help of your angels, Esther, Christine and Mary I don't think I could have survived it. The timing of our meeting was incredible and what your team of caregivers brings to a family in distress is nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you and your team for ...

It has been a very sad time in both of our lives and without the help of your angels, Esther, Christine and Mary I don't think I could have survived it. The timing of our meeting was incredible and what your team of caregivers brings to a family in distress is nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you and your team for all they do!

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Janet D.

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Why Should You Hire Home Care Assistance?

(916) 302-0395 2222 Francisco Dr #610, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 (916) 302-0395 Home Care Assistance Content For Location Pages Article 3 When elderly people stay-at-home in order to receive medical treatments, this is often referred to as in-home healthcare. It is a type of professional care provided by medical doctors and nurses that are willing to travel to their location. In many cases, these individuals will live with them in order to help them recover, rehabilitate, or to simply deal with the condition that they have. These individuals may also live at the home for extended periods of time. Elderly Care There are many people that are these the term eldercare. However, this title seems to be very vague. It is often reference to individuals that are elderly that are not able to take care of themselves in several ways. It encompasses many facets of assisted living. For example, they can provide adult day care, hospice care, or just homecare on an occasional basis. Regardless of the situation, the professionals that are brought into these situations will have the training necessary to help the elderly. Home Health Care Services When you struggle to find competent sources for home healthcare services for your loved one, you may not be looking in the right places. Home healthcare workers are able to perform many different tasks which do not just include medical assistance. They can help with preparing meals, serving them, and providing snacks throughout the day. Additionally, they can run errands for them, as well as take them to appointments, and provide them with changes for the better and even bathing can be done for them. Caregiving Caregiving is a word that references a caregiver that is specifically trained in order to provide both domestic and medical services. This could be a certified nurse, a person capable of providing the person in need of medications, treatments, and can also report back regarding problems they may be facing. At the very least, they can provide them with help around the home, take them to doctor appointments, and may also at company on an ongoing basis. Senior Care Services When senior citizens need help with daily tasks, they can often rely upon senior care service providers to provide them with individuals that can help them out. These are caregivers that are either trained as a nurse, or some other type of medical practitioner, that can aid them with medications and treatment options. In some cases, they will live at their place of residence for extended periods of time, whereas others may stop by throughout the week. Home Health Aide For Both Sick And Elderly People Elderly people are growing in numbers. For many of them, they are facing a situation that will require additional help throughout the day. From preparing meals to remembering to take their medications, this may be something that only a trained professional can provide them with. In many cases, they are facing situations that involve the inability to remember short-term memory related situations. Therefore, for elderly people that are sick, or simply need assistance throughout the day, home healthcare aids are there to help them function. Dementia Care Package Of all the conditions that can cognitively affect the elderly, dementia is one of the worst. Their ability to not only remember things, the process simple concepts, is going to become more difficult over time. In fact, simple reasoning is impaired because of the way the brain is beginning to function. That is why having a home healthcare aide at their disposal is so important. If you have anyone in your family that suffers from dementia, regardless of the stage of the condition, there will always be trained professionals that can provide this type of assistance. Cancer Care Services Anyone that has suffered from cancer understand how important it is to recover. If you are fortunate enough to have had cancer, and are now on the road to recovery, it's good to have as much assistance and help as possible. For the elderly, it can even be a more daunting task, trying to get through the day without forgetting things for having to move around too much. That's why home healthcare aids can be so useful in assisting these elderly people that are suffering from cancer. Stroke Care Service A stroke is an event that can be life changing. A person may have been fully functional the day before, but after the stroke, their cognitive abilities, as well as their physical mobility, can be impaired significantly. Having a person at their house, preferably a trained professional, can be very helpful. Although recovery from a stroke is possible, there are individuals that will need permanent assistance the rest of their life. In-home care options are available for people that are in these situations. Parkinson's Care Those that suffer from Parkinson's are experiencing a unique type of brain disorder that can affect them both mentally and physically. In regard to coordination, balance, or simply walking from place to place, they are not able to do these things as they did before. They may also experience shaking which can make it difficult to simply hold a fork to feed themselves. In-home aides will be able to assist them when they are going through these problems due to this condition. 24-Hours Home Care Service There are some circumstances where will be necessary to have someone out and elderly persons home 24 hours a day. Individuals are focused upon helping them do daily tasks, take medications, and can monitor their condition. They may also be in charge of monitoring NIV that is helping them to recover. There are businesses that also have multiple individuals that are fully trained that can fulfill these positions nationwide. Alzheimer's Care Another debilitating mental condition is called Alzheimer's. This is often confused with dementia. That is because it also affects the human mind. In regard to functioning, individuals may not be able to remember how to exercise, eat, dress themselves, or even do bathing. Those that are experiencing this type of mental disorder will need help on a regular basis. That's why locating those that provide trained medical professionals that specialize in Alzheimer's care would be appropriate for many that have loved ones with this condition. Live In Caregiver The goal of most elderly people is to live a long and fruitful life. This can sometimes be impaired by illnesses that they may experience. Whether they have had a stroke, developed cancer, or suffer from either Alzheimer's or dementia, their ability to function on their own is often compromised. That's why a live in caregiver might be the best option for them. These professionals, typically trained in some form of medicine, can be there for them at all times. This is the best choice for many that are discovering that their elderly loved ones cannot function by themselves due to one or more of these conditions.
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Home Care Assistance Provides Short And Long Term Care For Seniors

No One Can Match Home Care Assistance In Providing Elder Home Care

Family members have to go to work and school, and while they do, seniors are usually left at home with no one to interact with or to care for their needs. The limited mobility that seniors often face prevents them from leaving their homes, especially now, given the impact that Covid-19 has had on society. Seniors may have trouble washing, cleaning, getting dressed, taking medicine, and looking after themselves in general, and may need the help of someone who is willing to care for them in order to do these regular tasks.

You can live your life while making sure that the senior members of your family are properly taken care of by visiting The safest place for a senior to live is in their own home with someone who can dedicate time to caring for them. Home Care Assistance has caregivers who can dedicate that time while practicing the most up to date techniques in senior care. Seniors can be given long term care plans by their families with the help of these caregivers.

If you're in need of short term care plans, such as when an elderly family member is recovering, you can also utilize the company's services. Home Care Assistance provides senior home care at all hours of the day.

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