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Caregiving & In Home Care Services in Edina Minnesota

As our loved ones get older many of them will require special attention similar to the way babies do. It might be they need help when they move, when it’s time to eat, when they need to go somewhere, and other situations where someone needs to be available to take care of them. The difficulty is that many elders live alone because their children reside in a completely different state and sometimes in a different country.

If this is your situation there is a way to make certain your parents get the care they need and deserve. Here at Home Care Assistance, we are available to provide that type of service so that they can be happier and live a healthier life. We use expert caregivers that are very responsive to the needs of those they care for. Let’s take a look at some of the services that we have available:

Round-The-Clock Care For The Elderly

The support that we provide include things like dressing, eating, grooming, and going to the toilet. Additional services that are available include helping them go to the hospital or a rehab facility. Our services are available day and night.

Home Health CareCaregiving Specialist

Our care providers specialize in giving the elderly home care assistance. This includes helping them to take all their medication on time and if the person needs to be closely watched, the caregiver will make certain they are never out of their eyesight. They are very friendly and yet professional which usually makes an elderly person feel more at ease.

Sometimes when one of your parents has needed to be in the hospital they will need someone to care for them when they return home. If an elderly person doesn’t have the care they need after being discharged from the hospital they often get worse. By having us give them the care they need, that doesn’t happen. Regardless of the condition of the person, we are glad to help and our only objective is to help their overall health improve.

Senior Care

We are here to provide the care and comfort that you would want to provide for your parents when you can’t be there. Our experienced caregivers can remove the need for your worry which helps you and your parents stay healthier and happier. It’s not unusual for family members to be unable to give the kind of support that an elder person might need especially if they’re bedridden. That’s why we are here to give them the best possible care.

Get A Health Aide At Home

When a family has an elder person at home it’s common for them to have to go to work and leave. The elder person remains at home alone. We have professionals that can provide the needed health aide so that a senior is sure to take their medicine on time and has the help they need for going on a walk and when it’s time to eat. Any other assistance they need can be provided as well.

Care For Those With Dementia

Someone with dementia is often difficult to take care of because most don’t have the training needed for such cases. Home Care Assistance has caregivers trained to work with this type of patient. They know how to communicate with the elderly person in a way that they can understand and they can help them recover more quickly.

Care For Those With Cancer

Anyone that has a family member with cancer or knows someone who does, knows how terrible it is. If it’s one of your family members then you should definitely give us a call. There are a number of services we can provide for those with cancer. These include taking them for their chemotherapy or by giving them the physical support that they need and even helping them cope with cancer. Everything we offer is to help ensure the person is as healthy as they can be.

Care For Stroke Victims

Depending on the severity of the stroke a person might have a speech impediment, partial paralysis, or issues with movement in general. We have trained caregivers that can provide the assistance needed after a person has experienced a stroke. We can help them recover physically, cognitively, and emotionally. When you call us we are prepared to work with someone regardless of the severity of their stroke.

Parkinson’s Care

Our company is partnered with the National Parkinson Foundation. This means that Home Care Assistance is a company that you can comfortably rely on when taking care of a family member with Parkinson’s. Our caregivers are professionally trained to go to your home and provide the needed care for the patient. They are familiar with a number of techniques that can help return the client to a normal life.

Home Care 24 Hours A Day

Our caregivers are available to stay in the house a full 24 hours so that your parents or other loved ones have the companionship they need. We will provide this service by making sure the people that are there are the best ones possible to give this type of care. Our caregivers will monitor the client’s health and provide needed medication as required.

Alzheimer’s Care

Depending on the stage of Alzheimer’s the person may be having quite a bit of difficulty in their daily life. They can often forget things within a matter of minutes. In this situation, we can have a caregiver stay with them constantly and help them remember the things they are forgetting. This is typically a time-consuming job but the way in which we look at it is that we are giving the client the care they need.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The care of your loved ones such as your parents are grandparents is something that is very important. For that reason, we provide the highest quality of home care service possible. Our services are available around the clock including on national holidays or during festivals. We have put together experts in their fields that know how to treat clients with different conditions. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to offer the home care that you need.

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