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The Secret to Long Life: Strong Relationships

Harvard research suggests that meaningful relationships can improve your health “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.” —Swedish Proverb. What … Read More

6 Tips for Getting More Energy in Your 60s and Beyond

Positive aging strategies for increased energy in daily life Turns out we can’t blame our lack of energy on getting … Read More

Jane Fonda’s Surprising Secrets to Living Longer and Better

Advice on how to age well and achieve healthy longevity Anyone who saw Jane Fonda present the award for Best … Read More

The Art of Aging Well

Promote healthy longevity with these tips on creating an engaging and meaningful life In 1900 if you lived to the … Read More

Creating Authentic Rituals During the Journey of Life

Key insights on best practices and how to form a personalized ritual  There comes a time in just about everybody’s … Read More

Social Programs – An Answer for Both Seniors and Caregivers

Social stimulation for healthy longevity and easing caregiver strain Seniors and fine wine share something in common – both can … Read More

How Meditation can Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Research points to meditation as a new method of reducing risk of heart disease You are concerned about your health. … Read More

4 Tips for Positive Aging in the New Year

Research-based New Year’s Resolutions that can change your life Remember the New Year’s Resolutions you made last year? And the … Read More

How Intergenerational Connections Benefit Both Old & Young

Socialization among generations can decrease loneliness and promote longevity for all “Connections between generations are essential for the mental health … Read More

Healthy Longevity: More Than Smart Genes and Dumb Luck

Birthdays, our great American tradition for celebrating the achievement of yet another year of life. How old are you? Just … Read More

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