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Can Cognitive Training Really Improve Your Brain’s Health?

Recently, the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a study that supported the belief that cognitive training can make … Read More

Easy and Engaging Crafts for Seniors

Advance the motor and cognitive skills of your loved one by participating in a new activity Get out the art … Read More

What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

Research based tips on how to prepare yourself after surgery and speed up recovery Have you decided it is time … Read More

The Ultimate Caregiver Guide to Self-Care

Understanding the issue of self-care for the caregiver Much is written these days about mindfulness, self-care and the importance of … Read More

What You Can Do About Dementia

Research based tips on fighting dementia Your doctor’s voice drops to that tone we all save for delivering bad news. … Read More

How To Improve Sleep Later in Life

Learn why seniors have difficulty sleeping and actions to remedy it What’s the one thing that humans often need the … Read More

Eating Leafy Greens Each Day Could Make Your Brain 11 Years Younger

New research shows that daily servings of leafy greens may improve brain health A recent study 1 in Neurology – a journal … Read More

Fragrant Chicken, Lentil and Bone Broth Stew Recipe

Cook a tasty and senior-friendly meal with this nutritious soup recipe Preparation Time:  45 minutes Difficulty:  Easy Servings:  2-4 Ingredients … Read More

The Art of Aging Well

Promote healthy longevity with these tips on creating an engaging and meaningful life In 1900 if you lived to the … Read More

How Empathy Can Be a Gateway to Caregiver Burnout

How compassion and appreciation can help you combat caregiver burnout As caregivers do what caregivers do, a lexicon of words … Read More

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