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The Impact of Caregiving on the Workforce

Are you juggling work and caregiving?

Increasingly, working women over the age of 50 are leaving their jobs in order to provide care to an aging loved one at home. Not only does this increase the emotional and physical stress of balancing work and life, but it also can have a tremendous impact on women’s careers.

One national study on women and caregiving highlighted the conflicting demands of work and elder care. The study found that:

  • 29% of females pass up a job promotion, training or assignment because of their caregiving responsibilities.
  • Female caregivers are more likely than males to make alternate work arrangements: taking a less demanding job (16% females vs. 6% males), giving up work entirely (12% females vs. 3% males), and losing job-related benefits (7% females vs. 3% males).
  • If a woman does have to leave her job due to caregiving needs, the lost wages, pensions and Social Security benefits over her lifetime total more than $300,000.

How Home Care Assistance Can Help

Home Care Assistance specializes in providing working professionals with the resources and support they need to balance the demands of work and caregiving.

From taking care of the grocery shopping and household chores to cooking nourishing meals and providing high-touch, personal care, we help thousands of working professionals each year maintain their careers, while ensuring their loved one receives the best possible care at home.

Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our unique holistic approach to care. Get in touch with a Care Advisor today to understand your options for getting more help at home.

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Our Approach

As the only home care provider to offer an integrated, evidence-based approach to aging, we can help your loved one live a longer, happier, and more balanced life at home. Learn more about our unique approach and what makes our programs different from other providers.

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The Impact of Caregiving on Companies

Caregiving also has a tremendous impact on company’s productivity and profits. It’s estimated that U.S. businesses lose a staggering $50 billion per year from full-time working caregivers. Costs associated with increased absenteeism, interruption of workflow and personal stress all takes a toll on a company’s bottom line.

Companies can play a significant role in alleviating the challenges of caring for an aging loved one and maintaining a full-time job through education, progressive elder care benefits and discounted home care packages.

Studies have found that implementing structured elder care support can not only improve a company’s employee retention, productivity and stress levels, but also improve a company’s bottom line.

If you’re interested in helping working caregivers at your company, reach out to us at XYZ to learn about our corporate home care packages, employee education programs and caregiver resources for working professionals.

I cannot really find the words to say how wonderful they were.

Home Care Assistance has done a phenomenal job for our family. Mom wanted to stay home, but I just couldn’t manage her care alone due to work and family responsibilities. If it weren't for Home Care Assistance, it would have been impossible for me to keep Mom home. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs high quality care for an elderly loved one.

Gabrielle L.

Dependable, calm, caring and trustworthy.

My sincere thanks to the staff at Home Care Assistance for coming to me in my 11th hour. Their caregiver helped me shower daily, make my bed, prepare meals and do some food shopping, light cleaning and laundry. She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert caregiver. She was dependable, calm, caring and trustworthy. I salute Home Care Assistance for their flexibility in accommodating me at the “last minute,” as well as their reasonable cost for the excellent care received.



As a professional gerontologist and elder care consultant, I have used a number of home care agencies over the years, often with great frustration and disappointment. Working with Home Care Assistance is wonderful - cases run more smoothly, clients are well-matched with capable, caring caregivers and our family is less stressed. They make the process easier, and we appreciate the high standards of care they uphold. I highly recommend Home Care Assistance.


Supports independence without sacrificing safety.

Our family has worked hard to honor our mother's wish to remain in her home as long as possible. Though my mom has dementia, she is still independent in many respects and enjoys getting out every day for walks and other activities. She still needs help for meals and attention for safety. Through Home Care Assistance we have an amazing, caring and bright caregiver providing mom the 24 hour care she deserves. Home Care Assistance is professional, attentive, optimistic and thoughtful in making sure my mom receives the care she requires with the person best suited to be her helper. It's a very stressful time when we have to deal with a loved one who is declining and they help to support independence without sacrificing safety.


Listens deeply and makes the right match.

Finding the right people to care for the seniors in my family is so important to me. Home Care Assistance helped me with my mother, who was quite elderly and suffered from dementia.  They were compassionate, thoughtful and very resourceful as we navigated the challenges of my mother's decline. Now they are helping me find the right level of support for my aunt, who is 91 and still living independently. They listen deeply and make the right match for their clients. Home Care Assistance treats seniors with great respect, which I admire and appreciate. I highly recommend them for taking care of the seniors in your life


Would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Home Care Assistance is the best. I am personally indebted to the caregiver they sent me. She was professional, punctual, empathic, and willing to pitch in with mundane stuff like unloading the dishwasher.  I could not have been happier with Home Care Assistance, and would recommend them in a heartbeat.


A lifesaver.

The people at Home Care Assistance were by far one of the most professional, hard-working groups I have ever worked with. When I was faced with a last-second need for a friend, the Home Care Assistance team immediately responded to my call. Within just a couple of hours, they had secured the unique details of what we needed, sent out a care manager to ensure everything was set up properly for my friend, and had the caregiver ready and waiting when he came home from the hospital. The real test came within 24 hours when they noticed he was having extraordinary distress and called the ambulance. Their prompt, caring attention not only resolved a bad problem for us, but literally was a lifesaver.


Had our best interests in mind.

You never want to find yourself in the awful position of trying to find assistance for your elderly parents who cannot live on their own anymore. Sadly, I found myself in this position when my mom was diagnosed with early onset dementia. I was referred to Home Care Assistance by a social worker to explore potential care options. I was told their team was "the best" and they really were. They were very knowledgeable around caring for those with dementia and discussed all our possible care options, not just using their agency, which was very refreshing as I felt like they had our best interests in mind.


We are living in a time where companies are putting significant emphasis on child care, but not as much on elder care. Billions of dollars are lost in productivity right now due to the challenges women face in providing elder care and keeping up with work. It would be smart business if organizations could reduce turnover and improve retention in women leaders by providing them with progressive and sophisticated elder care benefits.

- Lily Sarafan

CEO of Home Care Assistance

Maria Shriver, Dr. Frank Longo, and our CEO, Lily Sarafan, Bring Awareness to Caregiving and Dementia

Hear from The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement’s Maria Shriver, Stanford’s Dr. Frank Longo and Home Care Assistance CEO, Lily Sarafan, as they discuss the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia caregiving and our Caregiver Recharge Grants.

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