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Home Care Assistance offers caregiving services in Cardiff by the Sea California

Senior adults usually require specialized attention, similar to how babies do. Regardless of whether it includes what the are eating, how they are moving, where they are going, there should be a qualified person to care for them at all times. Unfortunately, there are many seniors that live by themselves when their children have moved to another country or state. Yet it is possible to ensure your parents are receiving the care that they deserve. Home Care Assistance is one of the best service providers that can help your loved one live a happier and healthier life. All our caregivers are highly experienced when it comes to responsiveness and skills in caregiving. Below is a list of some of the popular services that we provide:

Elderly Care

We offer 24-hour services to seniors which includes several basic activities such as grooming, dressing, assisting with using the toilet and eating. In addition to these services, we also provide advanced care which will depend on the person and the situation, which often includes taking the patient to a hospital or rehab facility.

Home health care

We always try to make sure that each of our clients is able to continue with their usual daily routines with the assistance of a qualified caregiver. All of our helpers are experienced in providing care management that is thorough which assists them with providing the best care for elders.


Home Care Assistance is a company that has a specialty in offering standard care to seniors. This includes helping the elderly person to complete their daily tasks onto other tasks such as ensuring they receive the right medication at the right time. Our experienced caregivers will also ensure that they keep a constant eye on their clients. These caregivers are highly professional, yet still, manage to maintain the right level of compassion and friendliness that seniors often need from a caregiver.

In Home Care

If you have an elderly parent that has just come home from a stay in the hospital, they will most likely require care from home. If the support is lacking after been discharged from the hospital, the condition of a patient can deteriorate. Our company does not take the condition of a patient into consideration before visiting them. Our main objective involves improving their health overall whenever there is caregiver around.

Senior Care

Are you looking for caregivers that are able to provide the same level of care and comfort that you once gave to your parents? Our highly experienced elderly caregivers will provide everything that your parent may need. We understand that members of your family are not always available to provide the support and care that your loved one needs, especially when they happen to be bed-ridden. This is the reason why we have made our services available to provide the very best care possible.

Home health aide

Many families of today are made up of people that have to go to work, which often means that an elderly family member is left alone. Our home health aide’s offer services that make sure medications are administered at the correct time, give them meals at the appropriate times, take them for walks, and so much more.

Dementia Care

It is hard on family members when a senior has been diagnosed with dementia, and many people don’t know how to care for their loved one when this occurs. Home Care Assistance has the right professional caregivers that have a lot of experiences when it comes to caring for patients with dementia. They are able to communicate with these clients at a pace they are comfortable with and help them to feel more at ease when their condition starts to deteriorate.

Cancer Care

Everyone is aware of how terrible cancer can be, and if you have a senior in your family that is currently fighting this disease, give us a call today, we are here to help. We provide different types of services for cancer care. This can include taking your loved one to chemotherapy sessions or providing them with physical support that is needed while they are recovering.

Stroke Care

Strokes often result in various health issues like problems with movement, speech issues, and paralysis. Our caregivers are backed with the right training to offer post-stroke assistance which includes assisting the client with regaining their emotional and physical abilities. We do not take how severe the stroke was into consideration when you contact us. Instead, we focus only on providing the right level of proactive support.

Parkinson’s Care

Home Care Assistance is a partner of the National Parkinson Foundation. You can feel confident about our abilities to care for clients that have Parkinson’s. Our caregivers are trained professionals that can provide the right level of care from your home. They also use a number of different techniques which assists with reducing the effects of this condition, helping the client to live a happier and more content life.

24 hour Home Care

If you are looking for a caregiver that lives in your parents home to provide 24-hour care and companionship for your parent, we will always ensure that we match you up with the right caregiver for your needs. The live-in caregivers will monitor their client’s health at consistent intervals along with providing the right medications when they are needed.

Alzheimer’s Care

People that have Alzheimer’s and dementia often face a number of difficulties. They also start forgetting things and this usually means they need a caregiver that is always around to help them through these experiences. Caregiving for conditions such as Alzheimer’s is a highly time-consuming task, our company does not see it this way. Our main goal revolves around caring for our clients in the best way possible. We forget about the date or the time when caring for elders as we understand that they require specialized care.

Reasons To Choose Us

Senior care is definitely something that you need to think carefully about as it involves trusting a caregiver to provide your grandparent or parents with the correct level of care. We invite you to compare our services with other companies, yet we are confident that you will find it a hard task to find the quality services that we offer. Here are a few reasons why our company is so popular:

• Our services are available 24/7. This includes national holidays and festivities. Our main aim is to provide constant care for our clients.

• Our high caliber of care experts are well trained and have medical knowledge when it comes to the correct way to treat a variety of different clients.

• Home Care Assistance will not force you into a long-term contract. Whenever you feel you no longer require our services we will stop immediately.

• We strive to provide care that is balanced for each one of our clients. This helps to promote both mental and physical health.

If you have an elderly family member that requires special care, contact us today so we can show you how we can help.

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