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Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in Tarzana California

Taking care of aged people is just like taking care of babies. That is because you must assist them with almost everything that they do from moving around to eating and help them meet all their needs. Moreover, you also have to make sure that they are not in any danger since they do not know how to keep themselves safe. unfortunately, most aged people live alone as most of their children either live abroad or work far away. However, with the help of Home Care Assistance, you can make sure that your elderly guardian or parents are well-taken care off at all times. Our team of experts will make sure that all their needs are met. Our facility also delivers the following services:

Elderly Care Services.

Home Care Assistance delivers its services to elderly clients around the clock. Our Services help clients carry out basic activities such as grooming, eating and using the bathroom as well as dressing. We also provide an advance care package which includes accompanying clients to medical appointments or any other medical facility depending on the condition of the elderly patient.

Home Health Care Services.

Our trained and experienced caregivers make sure that elderly clients always attend to their daily routine under their care. Therefore, you can be sure that your aged relative will be well-taken care off by our team specialized in care management.

Caregiving Services.

Home Care Assistance is specialized in offering regular care services to its elderly clients. We help them overcome daily challenges and complete their daily tasks. We also make sure that they take their medical drugs at the right time for those who are under medication. We monitor everything that our elderly client do to ensure their safety.

In-Home Care Assistance.

If you have an elderly person who has just been discharged from the hospital. You need to make sure that they are well-taken care of. Furthermore, you need someone reliable who can attend to their needs and help them relax. With the help of a trained expert, your sick relative will be able to recover within a short period. Home Care Assistance has a team of experts who are experienced in helping clients who are suffering from different health conditions.

Senior Care Services.

Many institutes are established today offering senior care services. But, not all of them can deliver quality services. When it comes to taking of seniors, we offer reliable services with high-quality standards. That means we ensure that our clients are not only well-taken care off, but are relaxed and comfortable. We do our best to offer the kind of care you would give to your parent or anyone close to you.

Home Health Aide Services.

Sometimes it can be stressful to leave elderly people at home alone. Especially when you have to go to work. However, with our special package of Home health aide service, you can leave your elderly relative under our care. For this package, we make sure that all the needs of the elderly clients are met which includes, prepare meals and help them eat, take medicine if under any medication and help them do simple exercises such as taking a walk.

Dementia Care Assistance.

Taking care of an elderly person suffering from dementia is even more challenging. Especially if you do not have the skills required to handle such an elderly patient. That is why you should hire a care provider who is experienced in taking care of elderly patients who are suffering from this condition. At Home Care Assistance, we have a team of care providers who are trained on how to handle elderly patients suffering from dementia.

Cancer Care.

Cancer is considered to be a fatal disease, that is why people suffering from this condition need special care. If someone in your family is suffering from this disease, then you can rely on us to provide the care they need to help them get better. Home Care Assistance offers various care solutions for all cancer patients. Some of these cancer care solutions offer physical support, while others provide daily care assistance including attending to medical appointments for chemotherapy sessions.

Stroke Care Assistance.

Stroke is a condition that is known to cause various health issues such as paralysis, speech impairment, and slow movement. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers are trained on how they can take care of elderly persons suffering from a stroke. The training that they get covers various topics such as how to help stroke patient regain their physical fitness as well as how they can regain their cognitive abilities and heal emotionally. Therefore, you can be sure that your sick relative gets the kind of proactive support that he or she deserves.

Parkinson’s Care Services.

The Home Care Assistance works side by side with the National Parkinson’s Foundation as partners. That means our institute has deep knowledge on how to care of elderly patients who are suffering from this condition. Our trained professionals will be glad to deliver services to your home and take care of your sick relative. These trained professionals have the techniques required to help Parkinson’s patients relax and stay calm for a long time.

Round The Clock Home Care Services.

If you want a home care provider that can offer 24hours home care support, then you can contact the Home Care Assistance. Our team of experts are available at all times. Therefore, you can be sure that there will always be a professional care provider who can attend to your elderly or sick relative.

Alzheimer’s Care Support.

People suffering from dementia and Alzheimer tend to forget things very easily. That is why such patients need someone to stay with them and watch everything they do. That is because you must constantly keep on reminding them things such as take medication and even their identity. Therefore, by hiring our services you can be sure that your elderly sick relative will always have something to watch over them until they are able to recover.

Why Hire Our Services?

When it comes to choosing home care services, it is important that you emphasize more on quality services since you want your guardian or parents to be well taken of. Furthermore, you want a care provider who is experienced in this type of work and is reliable at any time. That is why we recommend Home Care Assistance for quality services. Here are other reasons as to why we are considered to be the best in this sector.

– Our services are open to clients for twenty hours every day of the week. It does not matter whether it a holiday season or not, our services are always available to clients who are in need of home care services.

– We do not force our clients into a long term contract. That means you have the privilege of accessing our services only when you are in need of them.

– Our care providers are well trained and have years of experience in taking care of clients both healthy and the sick.

– We deliver quality services to all our clients and use the experience we have acquired over the years to help elderly clients improve their mental and physical health.

If you have an elderly relative in your family who requires home care services, contact us today and we will be happy to deliver quality services to you at an affordable cost. Serving Tarzana CA.

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