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Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in Rancho Palos Verdes California

Home Care Assistance from the Best in the Industry

Babies need special care but so do elderly people. Older people need someone to care for them at every moment whether it is time to eat, time to go somewhere or time to get ready for bed. Sadly, many old people live by themselves. Their children live far away in another state or another country. If this is your situation, you can get your parents the care they need. Home Care Assistance is a service that provides older people with all the care necessary to live a happy and healthy life. We have responsive, expert caregivers who offer total attention to your loved one. Some of the services Home Care Assistance offers include:

Elder Care

We give 24 hour-a-day service to elderly individuals which includes total support for basic living activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and toileting. If the individual needs additional help going to doctor’s appointments or rehab, we accompany them and offer advanced care.

Home Health Care

Caregivers are trained to make certain that all our clients are able to resume daily routines with their help. We hire experts who are dedicated to offering thorough care. Every elder is served in the best manner possible.


Home Care Assistance is devoted to providing specialized care to each elder. Caregivers help with daily tasks such as making sure they take the right medication on time. Caregivers also keep an eye on each client every moment of the day. Each caregiver is a complete professional, but they always extend a warm friendliness that seniors appreciate.

In-Home Care

Patients who have returned from extended hospital stays need extra attention. They need a caregiver to take care of their needs on every level. After someone leaves the hospital they need constant support to make sure discharge orders are met. If they are not, the patient’s condition could deteriorate. We are ready to give each patient 100 percent attentive care. Our objective is to make sure their condition continues to improve.

Senior Care

We are here to give your parents the comfort and care you would give them yourself. With our caregivers, you never have to worry about your senior parent’s happiness or health. We understand that family members cannot always be there to care for their loved ones. We are here to help them for you especially when they are bedridden. We will give them the best care they can get.

Home Health Aide

Elders are often left home while family members leave the house to go to work. With our home health aides, your senior will get complete attention during your work day. They will eat healthy meals, take their medicine on time, and go out for walks or other outings.

Dementia Care

Dementia is difficult for family members. No one is trained to do what is best for the person at each level of this condition. We have professional, knowledgeable caregivers at Home Care Assistance who have the training needed to care for dementia patients. Caregivers understand how to communicate with them effectively and assist with daily tasks as needed.

Cancer Care

Everyone knows that cancer is a devastating disease. If someone you love is going through treatments for cancer, call us. We have a variety of cancer care services available to them. We can transport them to and from chemotherapy sessions. We can give them emotional and physical support for coping with the disease. Overall, we give all that we can to help improve your loved one’s condition.

Stroke Care

Strokes often lead to many other health problems. Patients suffer from paralysis, speech problems, and difficulty with mobility. We have specially trained caregivers who help stroke patients regain their physical and emotional abilities. Our caregivers work one-on-one with them to help them improve their cognitive abilities as well. Call us. We work with patients no matter how severe their stroke was.

Parkinson’s Disease Care

Home Care Assistance is a partner of the National Parkinson Foundation. Our caregivers are trained to provide dependable care to patients. They have the rights skills to help Parkinson’s patients resume a normal life.

24-hour Home Care

Do you need a caregiver to remain in your house for 24-hours every day to take total care of your parents? If so, we make sure to send the most qualified individual to your home. Daily caregivers provide companionship and medication reminders. They offer total care, including monitoring our clients’ health at regular intervals.

Alzheimer’s Care

Patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease progressively lose their memory. This is a frustrating and emotionally difficult condition. It can be extremely helpful to have a patient, supportive caregiver to assist with medication and other reminders. We understand how time-consuming this level of care can be, but we are here to give your loved one the highest level of care as they struggle with this debilitating condition. We want to give Alzheimer patients a specialized form of care. We offer all the reassurance that we can, and we succeed in doing this for every patient.

Why choose Home Care Assistance?

When it comes to elder care, you need to be picky about who you hire. You want what is best for your parents or grandparents. Compare our service with all the others. You will see that we offer a level of quality you won’t find anywhere else. We are popular in this business for several reasons including:

• We are on call 24/7. We work during holidays and weekends. We are dedicated to taking care of clients every moment of every day.
• The daily care we offer is from the most qualified caregivers out there. Each caregiver has the appropriate level of knowledge for treating different clients and their specific needs.
• Home Care Assistance works free of long-term contracts. You can stop working with us any time you choose.
• We aim to provide balanced care to every one of our clients. We promote their physical health as well as their mental health.

If anyone in your family needs special home care, contact us today. We look forward to helping all of you with our expert caregiving services.

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