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Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in Manhattan Beach California

Elderly people have special needs and that is why they need special attention. Special attention means you have to assist them in almost everything that they do from eating to taking a walk and even helping them move. Unfortunately, most of the aged group people do not have someone who can help them with such activities and as a result, they end up suffering.

However, you can make sure that your elderly parents or guardian get the assistance they need by hiring a home care assistance provider. Our home care assistance team will make sure that your elderly person gets all the help he or she needs to live a longer and healthier life. Our trained and experienced caregivers are well known for their great and reliable services which include the following.

Elderly Care Services

One of the major benefits of working with us is that our services are available for 24hours. That means you can reach out to us for assistance at any time of day or night. During this period, we support the elderly client to complete basic tasks that are done around the house such as grooming, using the bathroom, and dressing.


Home Care Assistance also trains their staff on how to administer medicine to elderly people who are under medication. Furthermore, they also play the role of monitoring the elderly clients around the clock to make sure that they are safe.

Health Care Services

Each day we make sure that the elderly clients have someone to help them go through their daily activities. Therefore, you can be sure that they are always safe and never alone during the day or at night.

In-Home Care

If you have an elderly person who has been discharged from the hospital, then it is important that you get them the in-home care services that they need. Lack of support can cause the elderly patient to take longer to recover, that is why our staff members are trained on how to take care of sick elderly people. We always consider the condition of the client after paying him or her a visit. This helps us understand the needs of the elderly sick client in advance.

Senior Care

Are you looking for a home care provider who can offer your elderly parents the best care services? Then, you might want to hire our brand. by hiring our team, you can be sure that your elderly parent will be well taken care of.

Health Aide Services

Out health aide package is perfect for the elderly people who have no one to take care of them during the day. Especially in a family where everyone has to work and no one has enough time to take care of their elderly relatives. However, with our health aide package, we help seniors with various activities such as taking medication, serving food and taking a walk.

Dementia Care

It is not easy to take care of an elderly person suffering from dementia. Especially if you do not have the skills and knowledge of how to handle such a victim. Family members are advised to leave this kind of work to professionals. That is why our staff members at home care assistance are trained on how to deal with such cases and help boost the recovery process.

Cancer Care

Cancer is considered to be a fatal disease and patients require special care to support them not only physically but mentally as well. That is why it is advisable that you contact us so that we can offer your elderly patient the best care services to help cope with his or her condition. Besides providing physical support we also accompany our clients for chemotherapy and see them back home safely as soon as possible.

Stroke Care

Stroke is a disease that causes various health issues such as lack of frequent speech, paralysis and lack of ability to move freely. Our trained staff possesses post-stroke assistance skills which include helping such elderly patient regain their cognitive ability as well as their physical ability. Call us today and we will be happy to assist you no matter how bad you think the condition is.

Parkinson’s Care

National Parkinson Foundation was established by several partners to help fight Parkinson’s disease and Home care assistance is one of these partners. That is why you should rely on us in taking care of your elderly relative who is suffering from this condition. Moreover, our team has effective techniques that they can use to reduce the symptoms caused by this disease and help the patient to full recovery.

Round The Clock 24 Hour Home Care Assistance

Sometimes it is not advisable to leave an elderly person alone around the house, that is why our caregivers are available for 24hours. Instead of leaving your old parent or guardian home alone, call us and we will be willing to stay with them for as long as you want.

Alzheimer’s Care

Elderly people suffering from Alzheimer and dementia have problem with memory loss. This makes it easy for them to forget things and that is why such patients are monitored around the clock. Our staff also plays the role of reminding such client things that are important such as taking medication and engaging in simple yet effective physical exercise.

Why Hire Home Care Assistance?

There are many home care service providers available today, but the difference between us and the rest is that we are reliable for quality services. Here are other reasons as to why we would be the best home caregivers for your elderly parents or relatives.

• Our services are available around the clock for seven days a week.

• Our staff has the medical knowledge needed to administer drugs and other health care services to clients.

• Our services are easy to start and easy to end since we do not issue long term contracts to clients. This gives you the freedom to seize our services as soon as the patient recovers.

• We do our best to provide balanced care services to our clients to promote both physical and mental health.

If you are having problems taking care of an elderly person, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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