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Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own house in El Segundo California

The elderly need special attention, and this is a fact. When a person gets older, they need constant attention and check what they eat, how they move, places they go, and so on. For this reason, there must be someone close (like a family member) to help them where needed and take care of them all the time. However, the sad truth is that many elderly live alone simply because their many members (like kids) live in other cities or states.

Even though this is the case, there is still a way to ensure the elderly receive the care they need. This is where HOME CARE ASSISTANCE come into play. We offer care services which ensure the elderly live a happier and healthier life. Our professional caregivers have the expertise, experience, and responsiveness needed in caregiving. Other services we offer include:

Elderly Care

One of our primary services is elderly care. Through this service, you should expect round the clock support with several activities such as eating, grooming, dressing, and even going to the toilet. You can also receive or request advanced care, which often depends on the person, like someone from the hospital.

Home health care

With this service, our goal is to ensure the client has returned to their daily routine as soon as possible. Our helpers are professionals in care management, which must be helpful to the elderly.


Home Care Assistance is a caregiving company the mainly specialized in providing elderly care services. Our services range from daily work to ensuring the elderly have received the correct medication on time. Our professionals will never take off their eyes from their tasks. They are not only professionals but maintain the friendliness the elderly want in a caregiver.

In Home Care

On the other hand, our experts are fully trained and experienced in taking care of someone for the hospital. If for example, a person involved in an accident or simply had an operation, and they have been discharged from the hospital; such a person will still need care. If a patient is not well taken care of, there is always a higher chance of the condition deteriorating. To avoid this, talk to us today to learn about our services. The main goal of the caregiver is to ensure the patient is feeling well and recovering.

Senior Care

Are you looking for a service provider that delivers the care and comfort that you can give your parents? Look no further; with the help of our experienced personnel, you will get a service that will leave everyone happy. We know the hustle of taking care of a senior, especially when they are bed-ridden. This is why we are here to deliver the best care you deserve.

Home health aide

We are living in an era where things are hard, and everyone must work hard to afford common amenities. As such, many families leave their elderly at home alone. However, with the help of our home health aide, will help the senior take their medicine at the right time, give them food at regular hours, taking them for a walk, and much more.

Dementia Care

It is challenging to take care of a senior suffering from dementia because many family members do not know how and where to begin and the techniques to follow. Home Care Assistance is a company with professional caregivers who have been trained to deal with those with dementia. One of the most effective techniques they use is communicating with clients at their own pace to make the recovery process quickly.

Cancer Care

Cancer is a terrible disease, and it has become a huge problem in many countries. Because cancer is a serious condition, if there is someone in your home with this condition; it is wise to contact us. We offer different cancer care services that range from taking a client for chemotherapy to providing physical support needed. We offer all kind of services to improve the health of that person.

Stroke Care

Stroke is a condition that is serious and known to lead to other problems such as paralysis, speech problems, movement problems, and others. Our caregivers are trained at offering post-stroke assistance, which will help the client regain their physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities. When you call us, we do not consider the severity of the stroke; the only thing in our mind is providing the support you need.

Parkinson’s Care

We are one of the partners of the National Parkinson Foundation. For this reason, you can trust and rely on us to take care of those with Parkinson’s. Our staff is trained in providing the care they need while at home on a regular basis. There are a few techniques that can reduce the problem and make the client feel normal again.

24-hour Home Care

We do also offer 24 hours’ home care services. As such, if you are looking for these services, which provides companionship to patients, then we will appoint the best for this service. The functions of such a caregiver are not only offing companionship, but monitor the health of the client at regular intervals and administering medication when required.

Alzheimer’s Care

The truth is that people with Alzheimer’s and dementia face a lot of problems every day because they often forget something within a few minutes. Such people need patient caregivers who will tolerate everything and continuously remind them of things they keep on forgetting. Well, although this is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating job, we do not take it that way. Our goal is to take care of the patient. It is not our responsibility to think of time and dates when we are with an elder who needs our help. They need us to perform daily tasks.

Why Choose Us?

Elderly care is a subject that should not be taken lightly because they genuinely need it as they get older. You, of course, have the freedom to compare us with others. However, we assure you that you will not find a company that is geared and delivering quality service that we offer. Other reasons we are popular include:

• We are available 24/7 – It does not matter if it is on a weekend or national day, we are always available. To us, taking care of those who need help is our primary goal.

• Highly Trained Staff – The caliber of experts we have working with us, make our services look easy. Furthermore, they are medically trained in different conditions

• No Long-Term Contracts – Home Care Assistance does not tie its client in long-term contracts if they do not want to. The day you feel that you do not need our services, you can get out.

• We offer Balanced care to all – This technique helps promote mental health and physical health.

Give us a call today to know more about our services. Home Care Assistance is there all day and every day to make its clients happy and deliver the help they need in El Segundo CA.

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Home Care Assistance 5 out of 5 stars with 9