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The Home Care Assistance Difference

Specialized COVID-19 Response Efforts

Our Rapid Response Team is constantly updating protocols and communicating best practices to our caregivers, often through our caregiver app, to help keep our senior clients safe at home.

A Care Team Dedicated to You - Virtually

More than just a caregiver, we assign each client a care team. Our thousands of thoroughly-vetted and qualified caregivers are there to provide care to clients, with the support of a remote Care Team led by a Client Care Manager.

Social Distancing at Home
Thanks to a Personalized Care Plan

In addition to essential daily life activities, our care plans often include basic house cleaning, grocery shopping, and medication pickups, which promote successful social distancing. Our trained caregivers also help keep seniors physically and mentally engaged while staying safe at home.

Home Care Assistance of Broward County

North Broward County’s First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

Welcome to Home Care Assistance serving North Broward County, where our focus is QUALITY OF LIFE for your loved ones and for you. If your senior parent, partner, or relative is in need of trusted, comprehensive elderly care in the North Broward area, we can help. Our Care Managers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We understand firsthand the rewards and challenges that come with caring for an aging loved one who may not be able to take care of their own needs due to any number of conditions, including frailty, memory loss caused by Alzheimer's/Dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, a fall, or due to a recent stay at a hospital or rehabilitation center.

While finding the right care for your loved one may be difficult or confusing, you are not alone. We are here to answer any questions and to help you find the best care option for you or your loved one. Our caregivers are trained to improve quality of life no matter what the situation, via our Balanced Care program.

Our 24/7 Guarantee means that we will be there when you need us – days, nights and weekends. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in North Broward County. -James R. Buscemi, Owner of Home Care Assistance of North Broward County

How a Customized Long-Term Care Plan from Home Care Assistance Works

Home Care Assistance has developed a specific plan to address this pandemic and take care of seniors in their homes, now and in the long-term.

  1. Call us and we will determine your needs to craft a personalized care plan remotely

    Given the CDC recommendation for social distancing, we've developed a process for conducting virtual assessments either online, or by phone, so our team can create a care plan tailored to your loved one's evolving needs.

  2. Caregivers are expertly matched and adhere to special protocols

    Home Care Assistance has one of the largest caregiver networks in America. We hire dedicated caregivers and expertly match them to clients in a manner that helps minimize the risk of infection. Our caregiver app, among other means, allows for ongoing screening.

  3. We assign a virtual care team that's accessible 24/7

    When you hire us, you receive a full-time care team to assist you remotely. Your Client Care Manager develops a specialized care plan and provides quality assurance throughout the length of service. Your Staffing Manager selects the caregiver who is the best fit for your loved one's needs and personality, and your Home Care Liaison provides access to vital community resources.

  4. Our Balanced Care Method™ promotes emotional and physical wellbeing for seniors

    Our proprietary Balanced Care Method™, a training program for caregivers, promotes cognitive stimulation, nutrition, physical activity, a sense of calm, and social engagement. This program supports our client's mental as well as physical health, reducing the potentially negative side effects of isolation.

**Policies vary by location and may be revised from time to time without notice. Exclusions may apply. Consult your local office for information regarding the products, programs and services that may be available to you.

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Our Care Advisors are available to answer your questions. Should you wish to start care, we will connect you with a Client Care Manager to determine your needs and develop a care plan that's right for you.

Our Care Advisors are ready to learn how we can support your needs.

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Trusted by thousands for a reason.

What Our Clients Are Saying

James and his staff at Home Care Assistance of North Broward have gone the extra mile to meet the complicated staffing needs for my mother. Our family would recommend this company to anyone who requires home health aides.


The staff at Home Care Assistance of North Broward is great! They are the finest bunch of people I have ever met and are very attentive to my needs. I would recommend their services.


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The Best In Home Care Service in North Broward County Florida

People need more help when they age and we provide that for them. We are caring and kind when we are helping them so that they feel that they can carry on with their lives in a wonderful way. Since we are experts at what we do, we always offer our patients the satisfaction that they are looking for.

Elder care in Parkland FL

We provide round the clock service to elders that include support with various basic activities like dressing, grooming, eating, and going to the toilet. Apart from that, we also offer advanced care depending on the person, such as taking them to a rehab facility or the hospital. If a patient needs assistance with eating, dressing, grooming, etc., we offer them our services on a 24-hour basis. Since this is very important to our clients, we do this with exceptional ability. We will also provide them with the care that they need at rehabs or hospital facilities by offering them transportation to and fro.

Home Health Care in Plantation FL

Our caregivers are experts at what they do. They are trained professionals that are able to give older people the care that they need at any given time.

About Our Caregiving Agency

Medications that are needed by the patient will be given at the exact time that they need them. Home Care Assistance provides the client with a bedside manner that they require all of the time. They are pleased to take care of the patients in a wonderful way. Some elderly people may require a hospital visit. They may be sent home without further help. Our caregivers will make sure that they receive the attention that they need even when they return from the hospital. They will get the support that they have been searching for and we are proud to be there to help them in many ways.

Senior Care Sunrise

People that love their parents are always worried about their care. We provide the best in the industry and we want people to know that their parents will be cared for in the best way possible. Since this is a huge relief for many people that have elderly people, we can offer them the peace of mind that they deserve to have at all times.

Home Health Aide

With our home health aides, people can go to work knowing that their loved ones will be cared for at all times. They can feel confident with our services because our home health aides are thoroughly trained to care for elderly people all of the time.

Dementia Care

At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers know how to deal with patients with dementia. They are experts at what they do and they will care for the need of the patient in a fantastic way.

Cancer Care

Patients needing cancer care will be looked after completely. If they need to be taken to their chemo appointments, we will schedule this for them and take them to and back from them. With the friendly support that we have to offer, our patients have a positive attitude to help them get through the toughest times.

Stroke Care

Dealing with stroke victims takes exceptional abilities. Our caregivers are adept at meeting the needs of these patients because strokes can affect both their mind and their physical abilities. We are there for the support that they need on a regular basis and we are able to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible at all times.

Parkinson's Care

We are also experts at Parkinson's care. People with Parkinson's may need our help with eating and other personal matters. We will be there to give them the assistance that they need at any given time. Our patients are always happy with the care that we are able to provide for them.

24-hour Home Care

If a patient would like us to stay in the home with them, 24-hours at a time, we will be glad to provide this for them. They will be able to feel comfortable knowing that someone will always be there to care for them whenever they need assistance. Our 24-hour help is excellent and the best in the industry at all times.

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer's is very difficult to deal with. We are experts at this type of care. Knowing that dementia can be very difficult for the both the person and their loved ones, we take special note in providing the comfort that is necessary during this difficult time.

Elderly Care

For people that are looking for the best elderly care, we can provide it for them. We offer the very best care. Here are some of the reasons that we are a popular choice for elderly care: Elderly care is something that you should always be fussy about because it involves taking care of your parents or grandparents. You can always compare us with others, but we assure you that you won’t find the quality of service that we provide. Some of the reasons why we are so popular in this business are: 1. Hours We are available for patients around the clock. Our 24-hour services operate all year long too. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, we are there for our patients. 2. Qualified Our caretakers are qualified. They are specially trained and have the knowledge that is necessary to get the job done for the people. 3. No Contracts We don't have contracts that are long-term. Our people receive the care that they need when they need it. 4. Balanced Care Offering balanced care helps our patients in many ways. We know that this allows them to feel great physically as well as mentally.

Live-In Care

Please let us know when you or someone you love needs our service. We will be there to provide all of the best care on a continual basis. You will be pleased with all that we have to offer and we look forward to helping you in the future. Contact us at Home Care Assistance for the information that you require for the care that is needed.
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Post Traumatic Brain Injury Care (TBI)

Memory Care

Home Care Assistance Provides Short And Long Term Care For Seniors

No One Can Match Home Care Assistance In Providing Elder Home Care

Family members have to go to work and school, and while they do, seniors are usually left at home with no one to interact with or to care for their needs. The limited mobility that seniors often face prevents them from leaving their homes, especially now, given the impact that Covid-19 has had on society. Seniors may have trouble washing, cleaning, getting dressed, taking medicine, and looking after themselves in general, and may need the help of someone who is willing to care for them in order to do these regular tasks.

You can live your life while making sure that the senior members of your family are properly taken care of by visiting The safest place for a senior to live is in their own home with someone who can dedicate time to caring for them. Home Care Assistance has caregivers who can dedicate that time while practicing the most up to date techniques in senior care. Seniors can be given long term care plans by their families with the help of these caregivers.

If you're in need of short term care plans, such as when an elderly family member is recovering, you can also utilize the company's services. Home Care Assistance provides senior home care at all hours of the day.

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