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Family Visits During the holidays our internal homing devices kick in and we want to go home. We look forward to the warmth and tradition of being with parents and family members. The question is what do you do when you discover that Mom, Dad or an aging family member isn’t quite as independent as you believed? It can be a rude awakening to find moldy food in the refrigerator, piles of dirty laundry or unopened mail. The good news is that home services can be brought in quickly to support your senior loved one with Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers help seniors live well at home and we will begin to support you and your loved one the moment you call us. As an adult child you probably haven’t lived with your parents for many years. However, you do know their lifestyle and habits and you will quickly recognize the signs that they need support at home. In addition to finding spoiled food, dirty laundry and piles of unopened mail, some common telltale signs that seniors need support include:
  • Personal grooming habits are declining
  • The house smells unclean
  • Bill collectors are leaving phone messages
  • Lack of nutritious food in the house
  • Obvious weight loss
  • Forgetfulness
  • Changes in habits and daily routines
  • Lack of interest in activities and holiday traditions
  • Expired medications, evidence that medications aren’t being taken
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Evidence that the car has been in an accident, i.e. dents, missing side mirrors, scratches
Many seniors avoid asking for help for fear of losing their independence. When you try to open a conversation about the need for home care, your loved one may deny all evidence to the contrary. We can help you navigate that conversation. We are experienced in assessing the level of home support that is needed and we can discuss it in a way that reassures your loved one. Home Care Assistance practices a concierge care model that delivers highly personalized care on a flexible schedule to meet the evolving needs of your loved one. We provide care on an hourly, daily or temporary respite basis and can include support with basic activities of daily living. Going home for the holidays is supposed to be a happy occasion, not one filled with guilt for suggesting that your parents need help at home. Home Care Assistance understands the fine gradations of aging and we can deliver care that begins during the holidays and extends for months and years to come.
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