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In the United States, it is estimated that 16 million seniors live by themselves. As spouses pass away and social circles grow smaller, Valentine's Day can become an increasingly difficult holiday for seniors to celebrate. We're joining in the #CupidCrew movement to change that. Across the nation, our teams plan to distribute roses and interact with seniors living in senior living facilities. Our goal is to ensure that seniors feel loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day.

How to Spread Love with the Cupid Crew this Valentine's Day

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The #CupidCrew was created by the Colorado-based non-profit, Wish of a Lifetime, in 2014. This nationwide volunteer movement hands out roses to seniors each year on Valentine's Day. Since 2014, the #CupidCrew has delivered almost 30,000 roses to seniors across the county. Thanks to our partnership, our #CupidCrew team members will deliver around 3,000 roses this year.

If you want to join the movement, you can give a rose to a senior by donating $1 to the movement through Wish of a Lifetime’s website on or before February 14, 2019. 100% of your donation contributes to reducing isolation among seniors. Better yet, deliver roses in your local community and post a photo on social media tagged with #CupidCrew. If your loved one lives in a retirement or group home, bring extra roses to hand out to their friends and other residents.

Love and aging are universal, so we encourage you to join us in fighting senior isolation by making connections with seniors throughout your communities!

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10 Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Seniors

If you're looking for activities to do with a senior loved one this Valentine's Day, look no further. Whether you're spending the day with a spouse, parent, or friend, these activities are sure to warm your hearts.

  1. Cook and share a sweet treat. Studies have shown that homemade cooking is likely to reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases because it tends to be healthier than restaurants. We recommend cooking a heart-healthy dessert like our Berry Crumble à la Mode recipe!
  2. Go for a walk. Pick your favorite spot – perhaps a nature trail or a hub in the city – and go for a stroll. A more active lifestyle is beneficial to brain and heart health and is a fun alternative to an expensive night on the town.
  3. Share memories and laughter. Reminisce about memories by bringing out old photographs, videos or love letters. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spend quality time with your partner or enjoy the benefits of intergenerational connection by helping the senior in your life share memories with younger family members.
  4. Have a movie night in. It can be fun to kick up your feet and have a restful night in. Pick out your favorite movie from a local library or online streaming service, make your dessert and get cozy!
  5. Perform a puppet show. Puppets can be a great way to engage with someone with dementia. Puppets can stimulate memories, enhance communication, and bring a joyful mood to your evening.
  6. Go to a museum. Spend the afternoon enjoying art together and picking out your favorite pieces. Head to the gift shop and pick up a postcard or print of your favorite piece to help you remember the afternoon in the future.
  7. Play a card game. Card games are a great way to keep your brain healthy. From Go-Fish to Bridge, there's something for every interest and ability level.
  8. Paint with watercolors. There are many benefits of art therapy. Painting or drawing encourages interaction, sharing and trust.
  9. Make a puzzle. Send the day inside with your loved one and put together a puzzle of one of their favorite scenes.
  10. Listen to music. People who have lost other memories can often still remember the lyrics to their favorite song. So break out tunes form your loved one's hay-day and hum, sing or dance along.

No matter how you choose to spend the day, enjoying Valentine's Day with your loved one is sure to strengthen the bond you share. Tear open your box of Sweethearts and use some of these ideas to send the message that you care this Valentine's Day.

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