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social work month memeIn celebration of Social Work Month, we are recognizing social workers for their drive, dedication and contributions. The theme of this year’s Social Work Month celebration is “Forging Solutions out of Challenges”, a theme that embodies the amazing ability social workers have to go above and beyond in identifying solutions and helping families, and the greater community, thrive. Social work is a giving profession. Over half a million social workers are currently working in the United States to create solutions to problems individuals and families are facing in their everyday lives, and numbers are expected to increase by 25% by the year 2020. They work tirelessly to address some of society’s most difficult challenges by examining individual’s internal struggles as well as external relationships with family members and the community. One of the pivotal processes social workers are involved in is the transition from hospital to home. After a hospitalization, the first 72 hours home are critical for recovery. As a leader in post-hospitalization care and author of “From Hospital to Home Care”, we appreciate the time and effort that social workers put into assisting patients with a smooth and successful recovery. This process can be gradual and tedious, but with a complete team of social workers and home care managers, the 6 steps to post-hospitalization recovery can be achieved. Social workers identify people’s strengths as a starting point and develop solutions from there. This method of thinking is very much in line with our mission to change the way the world ages, as we identify what aging adults can succeed at as opposed to what may have become a difficulty for them. In this way, we are able to work together to shed a positive light on aging. If you or a loved one knows a social worker, celebrate all that they do in recognition of Social Work Month. We know we will be! Sources
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