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So far this year, our team members have enjoyed getting to know their clients in so many different ways. We’re bringing you the highlights and providing resources to help you incorporate these activities into the care you provide your loved ones.

Promoting Senior Nutrition: Caregiver Cooking Class

caregivers at cooking class

Supporting and developing our caregivers is at the heart of our company. Our Nashville, Tennessee office recently partnered with Whole Foods to organize a cooking event for caregivers to enjoy! At the event, attendees had cooking stations and prepared a meal with a culinary chef. This served as a great opportunity for caregivers learn more about how to cook nutritious meals for our clients.

Activities like these are examples of ways our caregivers learn how to incorporate our Balanced Care Method into the care they provide seniors in the community. This method emphasizes the importance of nutrition, light exercise, social ties, mental and spiritual health, and how all these things can contribute to longevity and wellbeing for seniors and individuals of all ages. Since nutritional needs for seniors change, caregivers are also trained in knowing what foods are the most beneficial, depending on the client’s health, habits and goals.

Learn more about our caregivers and how we create the best fit for clients by watching this video:

Using Art to Connect with Seniors with Dementia

group of seniors painting
older woman with painting

Our Business Development Manager from our Fort Worth, Texas office, Jennifer DiLorenzo, is a trained facilitator for Alzheimer's Memories in the Making. Classes are held in a group setting to allow discussions and sharing of life experiences. While participants painted and shared their stories, Jennifer documented these memories to help rekindle communications with family, friends and caregivers.

At Home Care Assistance we believe in the power of the arts, especially when it comes to dementia caregiving. Besides painting, music can be a powerful tool in dementia care. Similarly, the rules of improv can be used to improve your communication through dementia. When you find yourself challenged to connect or communicate with a loved one, get creative and see how it changes your relationship!

Promoting Brain Health for Seniors

seniors playing jeopardy

The team from our Montgomery, Alabama office had a blast playing jeopardy with residents of the Harbor Hickery Hill memory center! At Home Care Assistance, we love to make learning fun and interactive. Activities like these are great ways to keep your brain healthy while enjoying the company of friends.

Presentations like this one are part of our Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), a brain health program developed by researchers at Home Care Assistance. The program aims to improve the quality of life in our clients through a holistic approach of incorporating positive lifestyle improvements, as well as personalized, one-on-one activities that engage the main cognitive domains of the brain.

The program’s activities target more than just memory and engage other cognitive functions including the executive functioning, attention, language, and visual-spatial domains. This approach goes hand-in-hand with lifestyle improvements in physical activity, social engagement, diet and more.

Learn more about the Cognitive Therapeutics Method and Balanced Care Method in this video:

Giving Back to Those Fighting Cancer

glassybaby event

We recently hosted a glassybaby pop-up shop at our "Changemakers of La Jolla" event in San Diego, California. Guests mingled, watched a performance from the San Diego Opera and had a chance to donate to glassybaby's White Light Fund, which supports nonprofits that provide hope and healing for those fighting cancer.

Giving back is an important part of our mission at Home Care Assistance. Another way we strive to do this is through our Caregiver Recharge Grant program. In partnership with the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, Home Care Assistance chooses 100 recipients each year to receive 48 hours of free caregiving services so they have time to rest and recharge. Apply to our next round by going to

Promoting Heart Health

heart health team event

Our Cedar Valley, Texas team had a blast at The American Heart Association Battle for the Heart, hosted by the University of Northern Iowa! The team competed against other local organizations in challenges that promote heart health, all while raising money for a great cause.

Learn how you can promote heart health in our blog:

Celebrating Birthdays


Celebrating birthdays is one of our favorite parts of the job! Our Pasadena, California team was honored to celebrate this client’s 92nd birthday. He is filled with so much love and joy and we’re grateful to be a part of his life!

We’re privileged to serve seniors in our community. To see more inspiring stories about seniors we work with, read our blog:

Learn about our senior care services here:

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