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Home care services go above and beyond assistance with daily activities and can help your senior loved one thrive, even with a chronic disease or medical issue, all while providing you peace of mind. Utilizing care services in the home can offer an alternative to an institutional setting. Once it’s been determined that a loved one needs assistance at home, there will be questions about the process of hiring a caregiver. Referrals for home care agencies and individual caregivers may come from doctors, friends, senior centers, or other sources that may be useful in the search for a home care agency. The best approach is to collect a list of potential caregivers and agencies to interview and find the one that best meets your loved one’s needs. Referrals for caregivers typically fall in one of two categories: private hire or home care agency. Take at the look at the pros and cons for both services below: Private Hire Private hire caregivers may have extensive experience and credentials in nursing or other healthcare work, though this is not guaranteed. Typically, private caregivers are less expensive. If the person is someone who was referred to you by a friend or close colleague, this may make them seem reliable since we often rely on word-of-mouth references. However, the client is required to become an employer when he or she hires a private caregiver. The hiring person must take on the responsibility of conducting background checks, confirming the caregiver is permitted to work by law, and performing bookkeeping functions by dispensing wages and paying taxes. The caregiver must also be added as an insured person on appropriate insurance policies. Although the perceived savings are of significance, it is important to consider whether or not the gamble is worth the savings. For example, what happens if the caregiver is unavailable or injures themselves in the home? Further concerns to take into account are the unskilled, even incompetent, caregivers that families have entrusted. Sadly, there are stories where loved ones are left alone while the caregiver is preoccupied on the cell phone or with a friend or family member in the home. While there is technology that allows the monitoring of caregivers in the home, the client’s time again is spent managing the caregiver rather than performing other productive tasks. And unless the caregiver and your loved one are monitored daily, you’re never certain that the caregiver is providing appropriate care. Home Care Assistance Founder, Kathy Johnson, had a similar experience with an unreliable caregiver. One day, the caregiver had the TV turned up so loud that she could not hear Kathy’s parents calling for help. This is especially stressful when adult children live far away from their loved ones and is important to take into consideration when considering a private hire. Home Care Agencies Home care agencies like Home Care Assistance take on the leg work for you when you’re looking for a caregiver by ensuring that each caregiver is well-trained, screened, insured and more! Some of the services provided by Home Care Assistance include:
  • Running comprehensive background checks of all employees to clear any with criminal backgrounds, routine DMV checks, and legal work permission
  • Confirming numerous previous position referrals and prior work experience
  • Supplying worker's compensation insurance
  • Maintaining appropriate liability insurance policies
  • Managing the collection and reporting of any necessary payroll taxes
  • Providing ongoing training and continuing education
  • Processing Long Term Insurance claims
In addition, a reputable home care agency will perform surprise visits, provide ongoing supervision and the continual preparation and review of a care plan. The continuous development and implementation of a coherent care plan by agency staff assures your loved one is receiving exceptional and dependable care. Home care agencies provide caregivers who fulfill exactly what your loved one needs. While some people may feel shopping for the best price is the best option, ask yourself if saving a little bit of money is worth the price of a potential headache down the line. Home care agencies provide caregivers who are prescreened, experienced, and capable, but more than that, they are compassionate, dependable and friendly. Home care agency caregivers are able to provide a safe and healthy environment for your loved one, which can give you and the rest of your family peace of mind.
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