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November is Home Care and Hospice Month; a great time to honor the millions of professional caregivers who make a difference in the lives of the clients they serve. Whether you are a professional or family caregiver, we thank you for the central role you play in helping the senior you love to age comfortably and safely in place. You are helping to improve their health and sense of well-being, and the companionship, comfort and compassionate care you provide is priceless.

Caregivers provide a critical role in the healthcare system today, and the need for them is only going to increase. Baby Boomers - the 74.9 million people born between 1946 and 1964, have just begun to turn 65. As they continue to age, their long-term care needs will place enormous pressure on the existing system. Aging in place with highly skilled, trained caregivers is one of the best answers to reducing hospitalizations, easing the pressure on skilled nursing facilities and improving wellness over the long-term.

Home Care and Hospice Month provides a lens through which we can call attention to the caregiving profession and raise awareness about it. It’s an opportunity to talk about training, support and recognition.

In-home caregivers deserve education and a supportive, professional atmosphere in which to work. Home Care Assistance has taken the lead in this regard, providing continuous education for caregivers through our proprietary Home Care Assistance University. Knowledge is power, and we empower our caregivers with the full range of disease-specific, social and senior care skills they need to enhance the lives of seniors in our care.

We also believe that caregivers need support to be successful. Home Care Assistance creates an environment that fosters success by hand-selecting caregivers after rigorous screening, background checks and training and expertly matching them with our clients. We want diversity of backgrounds and personalities to work well together because a great caregiver/client relationship will nurture good health and a sense of security.

Caregivers are professionals and should be compensated as such. We know that family caregivers usually aren’t paid and struggle to balance caring for an aging loved one, work and home life. Home Care Assistance can help to relieve some of that pressure, providing respite care on an hourly or daily basis. We handle all of the salary and benefit details for our caregivers because when they don’t have to worry about a paycheck or protecting their health, they can provide the absolute best care for your loved one(s). We are proud of them and recognize their work with our “Caregiver of the Month” award.

Every caregiver gives their all. If you care for a loved one, you know the commitment and tireless attention it takes to do the job well. Our caregivers believe that the lives of our clients should be enhanced, not just maintained, and we know you share that goal. We think this type of philosophy will change the world, and that’s why we truly believe that together, caregivers can change the way the world ages.

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