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national pearl day Today is National Wear Your Pearls Day and a perfect opportunity to do something fun with the senior in your care. It’s a great time to pull out pearls, dress up and create a special day at home or out on the town. We know that it can be difficult to engage and stimulate your loved on a daily basis. A day like this can foster many creative ideas that will bring joy and laughter to seniors and caregivers alike. There is also a serious side to this day. National Wear Your Pearls Day was created by best-selling author and motivational speaker DeAnna Bookert to celebrate life after she emerged from a deep depression. “I wear pearls as a reminder that I have purpose and value,” she said. That is a message that can be conveyed to your loved one to reinforce the fact that he or she is important as an individual and as a member of the family. If you would like to celebrate National Wear Your Pearls Day with your loved one, here are some ideas for different activities: Pearls and tea at home: If mobility is an issue, create an event a tea party at home. Dress up, wear pearls, (and dress gloves if you have them), take out the fine china and have an old fashioned tea party. It will be fun and may stimulate interesting conversation and old memories. Tea, coffee and dessert at a fine restaurant: Even those on a limited budget can afford tea, or coffee and dessert, at a fine restaurant. If the restaurant doesn’t serve the classic English “High Tea” with scones and tea sandwiches, order tea and dessert. The majority of restaurants are handicapped accessible and won’t be busy in the afternoon, making it easy to hear and enjoy one another’s conversation. An afternoon of pearls: If dietary concerns, dementia or other cognitive impairments make an event non-productive, then make pearls the center of an activity. Take out the senior’s pearls and/or your own to look at them, feel their smooth surface and talk about them. It can be a tactile and mentally stimulating activity. If you don’t own pearls, you can find inexpensive strands at thrift shops and dollar stores. Home Care Assistance understands the role that interesting activities play in improving brain health and quality of life for our clients. That is why the scientific division of Home Care Assistance developed our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM). It’s a cognitive stimulation program that uses personalized, one-on-one activities to engage the main cognitive domains in the brain. It’s one the ways in which Home Care Assistance elevates the standard of care for seniors everywhere. Whether it’s celebrating National Pearls Day, going on a shopping excursion, or playing mentally stimulating games at home, Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained to ensure that your loved ones remain engaged and as healthy as possible.
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