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hca-move-4-mindsMove for Minds is a campaign to raise funds to support research on Alzheimer’s disease in order to find a cure. It is also a campaign of hope for those who have loved ones with the devastating disease. Being able to take action gives us a feeling of control over tragic events and Move for Minds provides a modicum of control over the hopelessness that Alzheimer’s disease can create. Home Care Assistance is the Caregiving Partner for Move for Minds, The Women's Alzheimer’s Movement and its founder, Maria Shriver. Alzheimer’s disease disproportionately affects women and Move for Minds aims to invest in research to find out why. The statistics show a startling picture of the societal, familial and economic impact of the disease:
  • Four million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s begins to develop in the brain 20 years before diagnosis
  • Two-thirds of those diagnosed are women — and no one knows why
  • Two-thirds of Alzheimer’s caregivers are also women, many of whom will have to take time off or resign from their jobs
  • A woman in her 60’s is twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s over the course of her lifetime than breast cancer
  • After 60, a woman has a one in six chance of developing Alzheimer’s
  • By 2050, 16 million brains in the US and 135 million worldwide will have fallen victim to this disease, and millions more family members and friends will suffer alongside those diagnosed
We seek to provide care for those suffering from the disease, just as we seek to support those provide these individuals care. Caregiving is a full-time job and tests the resilience and well-being of caregivers who must also balance daily work and family responsibilities. “Understanding caregivers is such an integral part of understanding the impact of Alzheimer’s on families in America,” said Lily Sarafan, CEO of Home Care Assistance. “The most important thing we can do is recognize the impact it has on the 25 percent of American adults who are serving as caregivers in this country. The best thing we can do as a society in caring for the caregiver is recognize the enormous burdens that we’re placing on women as primary caregivers, primary decision makers for health care in their family, and unfortunately, the ones who are suffering from Alzheimer’s in greater numbers.” We also want to support the effort to increase research and find a way to detect and treat Alzheimer’s in the very early stages. Physicians need to know how to detect the disease even before symptoms appear in order to improve treatment. This is the central goal of Move for Minds and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. Alzheimer’s disease is still 100% fatal, and there is no treatment or cure. Of the top 10 causes of death in America, it is the only disease without any effective drug or course of action. As the Caregiving Partner of Move for Minds, we are dedicated to providing trained caregivers to support Alzheimer’s patients and their families, ensuring that they receive expert care as researchers work to find a cure. As the campaign continues, we’re giving away a respite care grant, sign up here.
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