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Thanking Caregivers

Caregivers give their precious time, energy and compassion to those in need. For family caregivers it is not a job, it is life. There are no coffee breaks or vacation days, only around-the-clock attention to care and important details that directly impact the health and well-being of a loved one. At times, being a caregiver can be mentally and emotionally draining. Maintaining an encouraging and upbeat appearance, while monitoring your loved one’s health, can be extremely difficult and take a toll on the caregiver. Considering all that caregivers do on a daily basis, how can one even begin to say “thank you”?

The best answer may seem simple, yet it’s often the most effective: begin by saying a deeply sincere, heartfelt “thank you”. A thank you that truly comes from the heart will make the caregiver feel appreciated and recognized.

The second way to show your gratitude is by offering your time and presence. Don’t ask a caregiver what they need; they are too busy. In the midst of meal planning, cooking, cleaning, physically assisting the senior, organizing medications and traveling to doctor’s appointments the caregiver probably can’t articulate what he or she needs. Just give them time. Appear at the door and say you are taking over for an hour. Insist that they go to the local coffee shop. The joy they’ll feel from your spontaneity and consideration will mean the world to them.

Another great way to express your appreciation can be through offering a healthy and nutritious meal. Whether the caregiver lives with the person in their care, or lives elsewhere, food is always a welcome gift. l. Deliver a basket with breakfast muffins and fruit. Drop dinner at their door. Surprise them with take out delivered at dinner time.The caregiver will be overjoyed that you thought of them.

Consider providing caregivers with professional support. Caregivers don’t necessarily want a day at the spa, they want a break from their responsibilities. Home Care Assistance understand the pressures that family caregivers must cope with each day, and has designed a range of caregiving options to support them. We provide hourly care on an as-needed basis to assist seniors with daily activities,. and we provide 24 hour daily care so family members have peace of mind about the safety and well-being of their loved one. Our respite care program is specifically designed to give long-term caregivers the break they deserve. We also provide our clients and their families a complete care team and Client Care Manager to make sure that our caregivers continually meet our own high standards of care and that the needs of the senior and family are met.

It is an understatement to say that mental and emotional exhaustion are occupational hazards for caregivers. When family members care for loved ones, time off rarely factors into the care equation. Home Care Assistance wants to make sure that caregivers remain healthy and that is why we have developed a variety of caregiving models and support materials to help them. You can find out how home care can help you with these free materials.

Our mission is to change the way the world ages, however that can only happen if we all work together to care for seniors and the compassionate family members who give their time, energy and compassion.

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