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Nine out of ten seniors prefer to age in the comfort of home, and new technology, such as applications or apps, support the Aging in Place movement. Having a smartphone that you’re able to navigate can make life at home a little easier, which is why we’ve written this post on how to download apps onto an iPhone!

Apps have not only replaced computer programs you may be familiar with – in this digital age, apps extend beyond that to health and wellness apps that can count your steps, track your heart rate or provide medication reminders.

If you have an iPhone (or Apple) smartphone and are ready to begin downloading useful and fun apps, read on for instructions that can allow you to get the most out of your phone!

How to Download an App

The first time you tap on the App Store, you will need to sign in with an Apple ID. Your Apple ID is the account you will use for access to all Apple services, such as iCloud and the Mac App Store (if you have an Apple computer). If you don’t have an Apple ID account, you will need to create one.

  1. Tap your finger on the App Store icon located on the home screen of your phone. It resembles a blue box with a white “A.”
  1. Tap the magnifying glass in the lower right, and then key in the name on the top line of the screen for the app you’re looking for.
  1. If you find and decide against a specific app, re-tap the magnifying glass in the lower right, and key in a different name. You may also search for apps in the categories listed left to right, “Featured,” “Top Charts,” and “Explore.”
  1. Tap the word “Search” in the lower right corner of the popup keyboard. Suggested apps will pop up below the search box as you type, which you can reach directly with another tap.
  1. Once you’ve tapped the app you want, you will see the details for that app, including screenshots, video, a description and reviews from users like you.
  1. Tap the “Get” or the price in the upper right.
  1. Tap the “Install” button in the upper right to begin installing the app. You will be asked to provide device authorization for installation.
  1. Ongoing downloads and installations will be illustrated as a small blue circle showing the progress of the detail in a clockwise motion.
  1. Once the download and installation are complete, you can tap the Open button in the App Store, or tap the icon from your home screen to open your app.
  1. The app will then be available with a finger tap on the Apps icon on the bottom of the main screen if the app icon hasn’t already shown up.

Some of the most popular free apps include Spotify, a music listening service, Skype, a video chat service for free calls with family and friends around the world, and Medisafe, the prescription app reminder that keeps you on track so you don’t miss a single dose.

By following these instructions, your new phone will become more useful, benefiting your health with wellness apps or providing a fun downtime activity with new, engaging games. With just a few apps and some exploration, your Apple phone will open up a whole new world of games, resources and more! If you own an Android smartphone instead, read our recent post on how to install apps here!

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