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awards-group-2 Home Care Assistance is proud that our client Marilyn Matia from Cleveland, Ohio recently received a “2016 Central Florida Growing Bolder Award” that honors the power and possibility of aging. Marilyn received the International Growing Bolder Inspiration Award in recognition of the vibrant life she pursues and the example she sets in living a life of purpose. We sponsored the ceremony to help further the philosophy of the awards dedicated to “smashing the negative, ageist stereotypes that many people have about seniors.” At 88 years old, Marilyn is a lifelong political activist and a regular speaker at schools and civic groups where she encourages participation in the political process. Marilyn serves on the Planning Commission in her hometown of Solon, Ohio and is active in the local Republican party. She campaigns regularly for Republican candidates at the local, state and national level and has been active in every presidential campaign, including that of Richard Nixon. Marilyn has been a Cleveland resident since 1952 and has been contributing to the community for most of that time. She was part of a group of Solon residents who funded a program for troubled youth and is an avid supporter of intercity programs. In the most recent presidential campaign, she volunteered her time and services for inner-city Cleveland residents. Marilyn also hosts gatherings in her home to discuss current events and is an accomplished competitive bridge player. In nominating her for the award, Scott Michaels of our Home Care Assistance office in Ohio said, “Marilyn is the role model for staying active, staying involved, demonstrating a passion for life - and just plain aging well.” Marilyn’s experience using home care services began in 1989 when her mother needed care and sought it once again when her husband fell ill. Now she uses Home Care Assistance to help her with activities of daily living and to support here active involved lifestyle. We celebrate Marilyn’s passion for life, and we are pleased that we can be part of her life that inspires others to grow bolder.
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