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In a recent study published by JAMA Neurology, researchers found a link between certain heartburn drugs and an increased risk of dementia. The research team studied the effects of popular heartburn medications such as Prilosec, Protonix and Nexium in a group of 73,679 participants aged 75 and older. All participants were dementia-free at the start of the trial, and 2,950 participants used heartburn medication throughout the study. At the end of the study, 29,510 participants had developed dementia. The team found that participants who regularly used heartburn medication had a 44 percent increased risk of dementia compared to non-users. And of the three most popular heartburn medications used among participants (Prilosec, Protonix and Nexium), Nexium was associated with the highest risk of dementia. To learn more about the study, visit “Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked to Risk of Dementia” on the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ blog. To stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in brain health, sign up for the Cognitive Therapeutics monthly newsletter at
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