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Happy New Year everyone. Tomorrow we will enter the year 2017. Does that mean it is also time for new year’s resolutions? Some people feel that they are meaningful goals while others believe they are just promises that are meant to be broken. 2017 might be the year to turn resolutions into personal goals that can be achieved over the long-term rather than broken in the short-term. Here are some examples of how you and your loved one might do that: Resolution: Lose weight Goal: Eat healthier foods. Good nutrition is essential for seniors. As their bodies age and metabolism slows down it is harder to absorb good nutrients. At the same time their need for nutrients increases. Preparing foods high in fiber and protein but low in sugar and salt can help to meet these needs and improve nutrition throughout the year. Resolution: Exercise more Goal: Start walking. It is one of the best exercises, regardless of age. If you and your loved one can walk together everyone wins. Walking increases core strength, leg strength and balance. It brings fresh air into the lungs and clears the mind. Walking inside during winter months is safe and easily accessible. Resolution: Drink less. Goal: Drink more. Hydration is essential to bodily functions and drinking more water is very beneficial to health. Finding ways to drink more water is a good goal for the new year. Explore new drinks with your loved one. Would water with fresh lemon slices work well or is trying flavored seltzer possible? Is drinking juice mixed with sparkling water or seltzer something that seems palatable? These new options will make drinking more water more attractive. Home Care Assistance caregivers can help you and your loved one to meet these goals. Each caregiver is trained in our Home Care Assistance University and is well versed in the needs of aging seniors including chronic conditions that affect seniors, safe transferring and even nutritious culinary training. We want you and your loved one to have a safe, happy and healthy year in 2017 and our skilled caregivers are here to help make that happen. Happy New Year!
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