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Happy Father's DayIn celebration of fatherhood, we have put together a list of gift ideas and recommended activities to make this Father’s Day, and every other day, a special one for your dad.
  1. For the Reader: Give him a large print edition of a book in his favorite genre, or order an audio book for him if he is visually impaired. Another idea is to order a gift subscription of a magazine focused on his favorite hobby or hobbies, or pay for his daily newspaper delivery. Not only is reading and listening to books an enjoyable activity but it also promotes brain health; numerous studies have found that reading is linked to increased cognitive functioning.
  2. For the Hobby Enthusiast: Purchase a gift that is geared toward his specific interest such as gardening tools for the avid gardener or model airplanes for the aviation lover. Take this a step further by enjoying the gifts together–gardening or building model airplanes are activities that both of you can enjoy!
  3. For the Music Junkie: If your dad loves music, an ideal gift would be some of his favorite CD’s. You can also buy an iPod shuffle and load his favorite music onto it, a gift he’ll be able to enjoy while out on walks or relaxing. Lastly, you can plan an evening out to a local jazz club, or take him to a concert with one of his favorite singers or bands. During the summer many towns host free concerts in the park, which would also be a fun excursion that you both will be able to appreciate!
  4. For the Gadget-Lover: Help make dad’s life easier with gadgets such as a magnifier with a light to ease eye strain while reading, a long shoe horn to help him put on his shoes, or a large-button remote with a large-text print-out of channels. These gifts will help him maintain his independence and feel confident going about his daily routine.
  5. For the Dad Who Deserves Help: Certificates for house-cleaning services, haircuts, caregiving or other services are thoughtful ways to show you care about your dad’s wellbeing. Get creative by giving him a certificate to classes to learn how to use computers, phones or tablets so that your dad feels confident using technology.
  6. For the Indoor-Lover: Spending quality time with dad can include playing card games, cooking a meal together, or simply sitting down to talk. If your dad has difficulty communicating, take initiative by talking about how you appreciate him and everything that he has done for you over the years and share some of your favorite memories with him.
  7. For the Outdoor Aficionado: There is a multitude of fun, outdoors activities to enjoy with dad and most can be made into an outing for the whole family! Go fishing, organize a BBQ, play horseshoes or go for a scenic drive. You can also buy tickets to a comedy show or sports game for an enjoyable day or evening out.
  8. For the Techie: If Dad’s computer is too cumbersome or his operating system is in need of a major update, consider instead the intuitive iPad or iPad Mini, a digital tablet that makes surfing the web convenient and portable.
  9. For the Socialite: There are many games that encourage engagement, but Grandparent Talk takes it a step further. The card deck contains questions to liven up conversations and also helps families take a stroll down memory lane. This unique game affords the perfect opportunity to hear dad’s life stories and will even help connect the generations by including grandkids in the fun!
  10. For the Foodie: While grocery stores have had delivery options for years, Postmates goes beyond transporting groceries. Postmates can deliver anything from needed pet food for dad’s dog companion to Dad’s favorite Danish pastry from a downtown bakery. Sit down and set-up an account with your dad, and he’ll have the world at his fingertips.
  11. For Fathers Who Prefer Indoors: Let it be said that there cannot be too many cozy blankets or throws for the couch and armchair. Use to customize blankets with pictures of family members or favorite paintings for an extra touch. Also, take note of a loved one’s slippers as worn slippers could be a potential fall hazard. Are they in need of replacing? There are many comfy pillow throws, slippers and quilted covers available that can bring dad happiness and comfort.
  12. For Those Suffering with Cognitive Decline: Aromatherapy has been found to assist in calming people experiencing agitation due to dementia. If someone you love is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, consider a home diffuser that can provide an ethereal vapor of an essential oil.
Regardless of whether you are celebrating Father’s Day or solely celebrating your Dad, he will appreciate the thought and effort put into whichever gift you choose. Resources
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