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April is Financial Literacy Month and in recognition, we have asked Marguerite Lorenz, CTFA to share her wisdom on estate planning. Read her post below!

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love makes us do things we could not have imagined before being filled with its awesome power.

Love comes in many forms: devoting yourself to your values, sharing yourself when bonding with others, and giving and receiving acts of kindness are just a few. I also believe that with great love comes great responsibility. If you are happily married, and you have children you enjoy, you are indeed fortunate. If you are single, and have good friends, favorite pets or charities, you, too, are among the luckiest of us. How can you continue to love who you love, when you are no longer able to make new decisions due to incapacity? You may be hoping to live in your home, no matter what, for the rest of your days. Hope is not a strategy. Some planning, and getting that plan in writing, must be done to make sure you get what you want. I recommend that you get your Estate Plan done. Now. This written plan, with the help of your attorney and the ones you have chosen to carry out your wishes, is the best way to make sure you have control, and stay in your home, if that is what you desire. Estate Planning doesn't sound so fun, or romantic. Maybe it sounds more like homework to you. Or you are so afraid of death, you can't think at all once the topic has been opened. But here's the thing: this is the heroic moment. This is the action, much like climbing the tower of old, or defeating the fire breathing dragon, to prove our love to the ones we hold dearest and to avoid leaving a mess by having no written plan at all. Scale the mountain, cross the river, call the your loved ones they really matter to you, by doing the challenging thing for the sake of true love. Marguerite Lorenz, CTFA, CLPFMarguerite Lorenz, CTFA, CLPF#319 serves as a trustee/executor in Riverside, San Diego and Orange Counties. Ms. Lorenz was appointed by Governor Brown to serve as an Advisory Committee member for the Department of Consumer Affairs, Professional Fiduciaries Bureau. She is currently the President of the Estate Planning Group Network, and Executive Director of, which is now open for registration for 2016 classes.
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