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When you think about home care, what's the first thing you think of? Probably the caregiver. The person who will be coming into your home or the home of a loved one and working with you on a daily basis. A great caregiver is important, but a great care team is what makes sure the whole care process runs smoothly.

What is a Care Team?

The issues associated with aging are often complex and emotionally charged. At times like these, older adults and their families need a care team with both expertise and empathy to help them consider options and make the best decisions for their unique situations. Home Care Assistance and our Client Care Managers are here to help families navigate the evolving needs of their aging loved one. In addition to top-quality, highly trained, compassionate, bonded and insured caregivers, each of our clients and their families also receives the services of a dedicated Client Care Manager.

What is the Role of a Client Care Manager in Supporting Seniors and Caregivers?

Our Client Care Managers are health and human services professionals. They hold degrees in nursing, social services, economics and other disciplines as well as a specialized body of knowledge and experience in aging and healthy longevity. Client Care Managers are trusted advisors to our clients and their families on a wide range of health, psychological, social, functional, legal and financial issues.

The Care Team in Action: Helping Seniors Thrive and Providing Peace of Mind to Family Caregivers

What better way to learn about how a care team can support you and your loved ones than by hearing about them in action? Client Care Managers assist families by:

1. Providing a real care plan.

Client Care Managers perform a comprehensive assessment of our clients’ needs, develop a detailed Care Plan, help select the most appropriate caregivers and then personally train each caregiver on the client’s individualized plan and needs. A Client Care Manager then stays engaged in each client’s care with regular visits to review and modify the Care Plan as necessary, make certain the highest quality standards are upheld, introduce new caregivers to the client’s team, and provide consistent communication with clients and their families.

"My friend suddenly became seriously ill last year and had no family. We had been close friends for fifteen years but as the days passed and his health rapidly declined, I felt very alone as I struggled to make very large decisions on my own about his care. I desperately turned to Home Care Assistance for support. Our Client Care Manager offered extraordinary levels of help and support. From the moment I met her, I felt that I had a team helping me make the hard decisions that arose. What astonished me was that she would suddenly appear, sometimes twice a day, to check in, offer support and reassurances, and adapt our plan. Each time, she brought great compassion, calm and professional expertise." -M.H, San Francisco, CA

2. Acting as a single point of contact.

A Client Care Manager is the single point of contact for our clients and their families and is ultimately responsible for ensuring they are completely satisfied with the care they receive. If you need to provide feedback to your caregiver, you can talk with your Client Care Manager to make sure it gets incorporated into the Care Plan.

"Home Care Assistance of the Grand Strand in Pawleys Island did a great job, in sometimes very difficult situations, caring for my 82-year-old sister with dementia for 10 months. The Client Care Managers did an amazing job in calming and reassuring my apprehensive sister about bringing in outside caregivers.

They spoke with the caregivers often, reviewed their thorough daily notes, and contacted me whenever they had any concerns or issues. They were very responsive, involved and generous with their time. For example, one attended a very long meeting with my sister’s doctor to discuss her needs and future care and they rushed to my sister’s house whenever there was any concern." - S. G, Grand Strand, SC

3. Promoting independence.

Managing the health and wellness needs of older adults can be complex, confusing and fraught with logistical and emotional challenges. This is particularly true as life becomes busier and families may not be well positioned to provide the time required to assist. Client Care Managers ease the burden and help seniors and their families be able to achieve the independence, dignity, control and peace of mind they desire.

"I appreciate how my Client Care Manager comes to my home to frequently discuss my care plan, ask how my caregivers are doing in meeting my varied needs, and assessing any needed changes. My grown children are finally able to take a deep sigh of relief knowing I am in wonderful care." - D. R., Riverside, CA


4. Finding the support you need.

With the extensive understanding of our clients’ unique situation and needs, our Client Care Managers are well positioned to make recommendations and assist our clients and their families in getting set up with a wide variety of additional services, including:

Coordination of Medical Services

  • Durable medical equipment
  • Home health supplies
  • Home modifications
  • Medication changes

Coordination with Health Care Providers

  • Physician appointments
  • Specialized treatments & test providers
  • Hospital discharge planners
  • Physical & occupational therapy
  • Hospice

“It was a very hard time for my family when my mother was actively dying and on hospice. I needed an around-the-clock caregiver for my mother. From the moment I called, the Client Care Manager put me at ease. Everyone at Home Care Assistance was so caring. The team not only cared for my mother, but they also provided emotional support for us as well. When my mom passed, they even showed up to the wake. Thank you, ladies, you are my angels!" L. P., Bergen County, NJ

Coordination of Nursing Services (Varies Depending on the Region)

  • Medical Advocacy
  • Attending appointments
  • Facilitating communication between providers, client and family
  • Emergency (e.g. hospitalization, ER/clinic visit for illness or injury)

Consultation, Information & Referrals

  • Legal and financial resources
  • Supporting insurance claims
  • Residential options
  • Household services (e.g. lawn care, maintenance)

When you decide you need support for an aging loved one, it’s important to consider more than just a caregiver. Make sure you have a whole care team by your side and that they are well-connected in the community in order to assist you when you need support beyond home care.

Hear from our Regional Directors, Jesse Walters:

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