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National Parents Day was created in 1994 as a way to honor both mothers and fathers for all they do. Parents are the first people we encounter in life and are the people who teach us everything from the most basic tasks to how to face the world. Whether you are celebrating parents, grandparents or other loved ones, take time this Sunday July 24th to give thanks to the people who have given so much of themselves to their children.

Raising a child to adulthood may arguably be one of the most important jobs in the world, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Countless books have been written on parenting advice, including anecdotes with the essential undertone of “hang in there.” Whether your parents were proponents of Dr. Spock or Dr. Sears, they strived to complete the hardest task possible with love, compassion and perhaps, a little bit of humor.

In honor of Parents Day, Home Care Assistance is releasing an informational magazine called Aging in Place. Given that 90% of senior prefer to age at home, the best thing adult children can do for their parents on Parents Day is to learn more about keeping them in their homes as they age.

The magazine, which covers the benefits of aging in place and practical guidance on how to do so, is a collaborative effort including guest articles by Molly Singer, Executive Director of Capitol Hill Village in Washington D.C., Natalie Galucia, Director of The Village to Village Network, and Lola Amendt of The Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota – North Dakota Chapter, as well as advice from the care experts at Home Care Assistance.

Articles cover an extensive array of topics ranging from home modifications for improved safety for older adults to methods and programs developed to promote brain health while in the comfort of home. Other pieces include information about the Village Movement, which aims to connect volunteers and resources with older adults who choose to age independently within these communities, information on transitioning home after a hospital stay, delicious recipes that are easy to prepare at home and more!

Aging in Place is available online at For more information about Aging in Place, contact your local Client Care Manager today at 1-866-454-8346.

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