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If you’re an adult over age 50, you probably already have a busy schedule. If you struggle to find the time to exercise, it’s time to look at some simple tips and modifications that will help increase your physical activity without sacrificing time that could be spent on hobbies or visiting with friends.

elderly exercise tips

Physical activity is important throughout one’s life, but it’s even more so after the age of 50. Regular exercise can help ward off chronic disease such as diabetes and help reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, and other health crises that are increasingly common among older adults. Follow these tips to start incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine to stay healthy long into your golden years.

Go Running or Swimming During Your Lunch Hour

Running and swimming are beneficial for older adults, particularly when combined with other forms of exercise such as strength training. You may not have the time or the energy to go for a run or a swim after a long day at work, but doing so over your lunch hour might be just what the doctor ordered.

Getting your blood flowing and your heart rate up midday can also leave you feeling more energized, allowing you to get through the afternoon with a clearer mind. Be sure to take adequate rest days and warm up and cool down appropriately to minimize the risk of injury.

Walk or Bike to Work and Take the Stairs

If you live close to your office, you can easily get some exercise in by walking or biking to work instead of driving or taking the train. Doing so may require you to get up a little earlier, but it’s a good way to force yourself to get more exercise both before and after the work day.

You can achieve a similar result by opting for the stairs instead of the elevator or by walking to your co-worker’s desk to discuss a project rather than calling him or her or sending an instant message. Additionally, you can work in an additional few minutes of brisk walking every day by parking at the far end of the parking lot or down the street a few blocks from your destination.

A few easy-to-develop habits might be all it takes to shift your mindset from feeling like you have no time to exercise to a more energized mindset that motivates you to find time wherever you can. By changing a few things throughout your day, such as parking farther away from your office or the grocery store, or even walking or biking to work, you can increase your level of physical activity a great deal. And of course, any amount of activity greater than what you were doing before is sure to benefit your health and longevity.

Author: Caroline James' dedication is to promote senior health and provide valuable information to seniors and their caregivers. She co-founded ElderAction along with her husband

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