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senior couple celebrating valentine's dayWith Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, restaurant reservations are filling up, while flowers and chocolates are on back-order. If you haven’t made plans yet, don’t fret! Here are 4 date ideas that are fun and don’t require much prep. Best of all, you can involve friends or the whole family in celebration of all kinds of love!
  1. Cook and share a sweet treat. Studies have shown that homemade cooking is likely to reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases because it tends to be healthier than restaurants. In line with our Balanced Care Method™, we recommend cooking a healthy meal together that all can enjoy, topped off with a yummy, heart-healthy dessert such as our Berry Crumble à la Mode!
  2. Go for a walk. Pick your favorite spot – perhaps a nature trail or a hub in the city, and go for a stroll. A more active lifestyle is beneficial to brain and heart health and is a fun alternative to an expensive night on the town.
  3. Share memories and laughter. Reminisce about memories by bringing out old photographs, videos or love letters. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spend quality time with your partner or connect the generations by sharing memories with younger family members.
  4. Have a movie night in. Oftentimes, it can be fun to kick up your feet and have a restful night in. Pick out your favorite movie from a local library or rental store, make your dessert and get cozy!
Whether you’re spending Valentine’s day with a partner, friends or family, make the most of it by spreading love and laughter. On behalf of Home Care Assistance, we wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!
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